I Can’t Stand Republicans And Democrats

February 23, 2009

And the same probably goes for Whigs and Tories and whatever other stupid political parties exist out there. Do you want to know why? Too bad, I am going to tell you anyway.

I can’t stand them because they hold their political interests higher than the human interests of their fellow man. Regardless of the pain inflicted, republicans and democrats take joy in the suffering of the other side. This, apparently, soothes their egos and makes them feel better about themselves.

For instance, when the war in Iraq dragged on, many democrats actually wanted the war to fail. In war, failing means the death of young men and women. What a disgusting attitude to have. I am by no means a supporter of this war, or any war, but once we were in, I hoped for the greatest success we could possibly have. To want any different outcome is inexcusable.

The republicans are just as bad. They are praying to God that the various bailouts fail miserably. Why in the world would you want that to happen to your fellow man? Wouldn’t you hope that it went miraculously well? You can always go back to fighting about stem cell research and abortion.

True to form, republican governors have spent the last week carping about how terrible the stimulus package is. In fact, some have gone as far as to say they won’t accept the stimulus money for their state. Here’s a newsflash…any governor that refuses to accept aid for his or her state needs to be immediately impeached. You were chosen to represent the people, not yourself. They want the money; believe it.

Christ, these guys are like a homeless dude that you try to give a Big Mac. “Sorry dude, I only eat healthy food. Can you get me a nice salad?” How about I ram this Big Mac up your pompous, stupid a**, homeless dude. Are you feeling me now?

The democrats love to keep blaming Dubya for all of the economic ills of our times. Only the dumbest of the dumb believe it is as simple as that. We can trace back many of these problems as long ago as the Carter administration. There is plenty of blame to go around. The point is, even though I personally hate the stimulus and bailout plans, I hope like hell that they work and work fast.

I also still hope that Iraq gets its stuff together and becomes the democracy that republicans claimed they could be. I would take that in a minute. I hope that the actions of the Bush administration helped stave off terrorist activity. I doubt it did but I hope I am wrong. I would rather be wrong than to see more innocent people killed.

So my dear republican and democratic friends…please shut your pie holes. Act like the worlds problems our yours; because they are. Whether Boehner or Barry come up with a plan, pray like crazy that it works. Be a good human for once in your ridiculous lives.