The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Muslims And The TSA

July 17, 2012

Quick question. When did the USA become some a bunch of scaredy cat pussies? Honestly, it’s been over 10 years since 9/11 and we still spend a BILLION dollars a week on Afghanistan. On top of that, we are scared to death of Muslims and have given carte blanche to the government (and, specifically, the TSA) to do whatever the hell that want to keep us “safe”. Guess what? I am safe. (Until Barry Obama decided that a US CITIZEN could be held without legal representation, and no one said a word, I knew it was all over).

Here’s the thing. About 115 people will die in a car crash today. Also today. not one person will die in a bumper car accident. Lesson learned? Turn regular cars into bumper cars and everyone driving will live to see another day! TL, that’s just silly. Is it? You are willing to let the TSA fondle your junk to get on a plane. Not too long ago, such a thought would be preposterous.

Speaking of the Touch Sacs Aggressively (TSA), a reader provided the follow infograph.

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Pretty depressing, eh? The infograph for the Dept of Homeland Security (the parent dept of TSA) would be even worse. Billions and billions of dollars spent, loss of privacy, constant fear mongering, and for what? Yesterday, 6 passengers found needles in their airline food. How long before DHS creates a department for this? it is beyond ridiculous but there doesn’t seem to be any effort to slow it down.

Why? It’s all about the false sense of patriotism that politicians love to beat the drum to but, more importantly, it’s about the money, money, money. The endless hall pass on spending since 9/11 has shown no signs of slowing down. Politicians love it because they can funnel copious amounts of money to their constituents without being second guessed. Only socialists would be against saving American lives. Hence war and fear have always been big money winners.

These trillions of dollars spent the last 10 years have saved us from what exactly? A guy with a bomb in his shoe or in his underwear? No, proponents would say. Think of all the things that didn’t happen. It’s the Jesus argument. Yes, you can’t see him or know what he is up to, but how bad would it be without him? As it relates to Jesus and the TSA, I am willing to take that risk.