What Part Of George Zimmerman’s Story Am I Missing?

I have been thinking about this a lot, and, as near as I can tell, George Zimmerman followed a kid after the police told him to stop. He engaged the kid and said kid is now dead. What am I missing? Under what circumstance is Zimmerman not guilty? If you initiate contact unwillingly with someone else, and it goes bad, how is that not your fault? If he would have left Trayvon Martin alone, there is no scenario where either party would have been injured, correct?

To me, that’s the end of the story. Well, the kid was a criminal. OK, that’s what police are for. Well, Zimmerman was just trying to keep his neighborhood safe. Good job Zim! You did the right thing in calling the cops. But when they told you to leave him alone, you blew it. Yeah but Trayvon beat the crap out of Zimmerman. 3 things. Again, don’t follow him and he doesn’t beat you. Two, if you are going to confront someone, you should have at least some basic skills in handling yourself. Three, if you have a gun, or are attacking me, I will do everything in my power to hurt you. It’s human survival.

Well TL, this kid Martin was a druggie, thieving, scumbag and Zimmerman just made the streets safer. This is probably the most ridiculous of all of the arguments. Zimmerman had no idea who Martin was on that day and his own bias and prejudice initiated the entire mess. This leads directly to the “I hate ni**ers” line of thinking. While that line of thinking is alive and well in some people, it does not help ion a situation like this. Is Zimmerman a racist? Who cares? Just like I don’t care about what type of person Martin was as it relates to this crime.

In the end, these paths should have never crossed. Only one person is responsible for the interaction, (again, against police advice), and that is Zimmerman. While I much better understand an argument being made for the degree of the penalty, this guy is no doubt guilty. What’s a human life worth? Is it worth less in a hoody or if the person is young? Or black?

Help me understand why Zimmerman should walk in this case. I really don’t see it.


10 Responses to What Part Of George Zimmerman’s Story Am I Missing?

  1. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Columnist Richard Cohen referencing New York City’s ‘stop and frisk’ debate:

    “Mayor Bloomberg has a new kind of crime statistic. It is not the astoundingly low number of murders committed in his fair city — 471 in 2009 versus about 2,000 per year in the 1980s — but murders not committed in the last decade: 5,600.

    Those people are alive today by the grace of God and the policing policies of the Bloomberg administration, particularly what is known as stop-and-frisk. New York City is heaven on Earth, possibly because it is a certain kind of hell for young black and Hispanic men.”

    Zimmerman was doing his job. Doing his job on Adderall. If he takes Adderall he may possibly have impulse control issues. Doing his job while ‘profiling.’ Why do we profile? Why does NYC profile?

    Cohen closes with:

    ”Inevitably, there is a racial aspect to all this. Young black and Hispanic men constitute only 4.7% of the city’s population, yet in 2011 they represented about 42% of all stops. For some critics of the program, this statistic is both damning and, as they say, dispositive: The program is racist on its face. But as Bloomberg — but not his critics — notes, blacks and Hispanics comprise 90% of all murder victims. The only people who don’t seem to know this are certain politicians pandering for votes and The New York Times, whose recent editorial on this issue omitted awkward statistics regarding the ethnicity of both killers and their victims.”

    Making someone ‘uncomfortable’ doesn’t give you the right to wrestle a man to the ground and ‘go off’ on him. If I were assaulted and feared for my life, I suppose I could envision myself shooting the assailant to get him off of me (especially on Addy). The press did a horrifically irresponsible job depicting Zimmerman, from old orange jumpsuit photos to allegations of racism (bullhonk). If I am on the jury, Zimmerman walks. There are much larger social issues at hand, but they are not as sexy.

    Two more outstanding articles written on this issue (both by distinguished black gents who have lived long enough to fully appreciate ALL aspects of racism):



    • tannerleah says:

      Can’t agree on this. No doubt profiling works or else no one would do it. Even whitey gets profiled by the TSA. There comes a tipping point to freedom, however, and I am sad to see us teetering ever so closely to the edge. We start wars…just because. We waterboard…because we can. We torture…because we think we need to. There was a time when the Patriot Act would have sounded like something Hitler or Stalin wrote. Now, along with the relentless pressure to “profile” the Internet, the cage we live in is getting smaller. Is it safer? Maybe. Is it worth the cost to society? I say no.

      If our old friend Tim were still around, he would set you straight on this subject.

      • elizabeth3hersh says:

        The following link is ungodly long, but fascinating! Neuroscientist and author Sam Harris (Project Reason) goes head-to-head with a security expert on the topic of profiling:


        Both have compelling arguments and this is one of the best debates I have read in a long time.

        The ‘good news’ is that technology will solve many of our social ills today (not in our lifetime, but perhaps in a few hundred years).

        • tannerleah says:

          Sam Harris is wrong about the TSA. Of all people, he should understand that unfounded fear is destructive to society. Should I fear Sam because he doesn’t believe in God? (or Allah)? Of course not. This fear that people live under everyday has got to stop. Stop watching CSI or NCIS or whatever the heck is scaring you. Are there bad people in the world? Of course…and in spite of ALL of the preventions taking place, bad things will continue to happen.

          The number of people that kill themselves each year FAR outnumber terrorists murders on US soil. Where is the outrage? For Christ’s sake, peanuts kill people every year. When will they finally be banned!?!?!?! Oh, the madness.

        • GP says:

          I’m a big fan of Sam Harris, but in this case I have to agree with Bruce Schneier. There is little benefit in terms of security in instituting a two-tiered security system. You also end up relying on the subjective intuitions, feelings and beliefs of individual TSA agents instead of having a well defined system that subjects everyone to potential screening. Intuitions, feelings and beliefs definitely have their place in specific, limited circumstances but should not be used to make broad generalizations as they are often incorrect.

    • GP says:

      I’ve got to agree with TL on this one. You’re making the assumption that Trayvon responded to Zimmerman by attacking him which hasn’t, and most likely can’t, really be determined. Even if Trayvon did attack Zimmerman, Zimmerman would not have been in the position to be assaulted if he had left it to the police. Regarding the irresponsible job the press did on Zimmerman, there were equally irresponsible representations of Trayvon. The two “distinguished black gents” you link to represent very conservative viewpoints (one works for the Hoover Institute for christ sake). Their points of view are no more authoritative or representative of “black Americans” than those of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

      • tannerleah says:

        Agreed, GP. The way people use the murder of someone to support their personal or political agenda is disgusting. In fact, if I could think of any two black people NOT to look to for honest and critical thinking in these matters, it’s JJ and The Rev. Now if you had said Farrahkhan, I might have been on board.

  2. i’m all late and wrong, but well said!

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