Why Do Churches Kick Their Own People Out?

As many of you know, I am not a big fan of religion. The whole, “My God is better than your God” mantra is beyond silly. Every group seems to be the “chosen people”. If there is a God, I just don’t see why he would establish a bunch of teams to compete against each other. Seems counter productive to me.

Anyway, a family member recently told me a story about a young woman who belonged to her church. She told me the story because she felt what happened was wrong but also felt powerless to confront the church’s hierarchy. (And really, who wants to go to a church where you are actually allowed to dissent?)

In a nutshell, the young woman had no job and was on welfare. At some point, she stopped tithing 10% of her welfare check to the church. First of all, are you even supposed to tithe welfare money? It’s not like you worked for it. It feels like you are involving God in some kind of money laundering scheme. In the eyes of the church, she absolutely was still required to give the 10%. In fact, they told her if she did not, she would be excommunicated from the church. She said she simply couldn’t afford it and they kicked her out. She is now, I suppose, just a regular old heathen like me.

I must admit that I was surprised to hear this story. I thought Jesus loved poor people, hookers, and sick leopards. I can’t imagine a scenario where Jesus would kick one of his followers out for not ponying up some cash. Just doesn’t seem like a very Christian thing to do, does it? But, since this was just a one-off story, I didn’t think too much more about it.

Then I came across this letter on-line:

This person got kicked out of church for poor attendance! Again, I didn’t even know such a thing was possible. The best part, however, is not only is this person being thrown out, they are being sent directly to Satan! I don’t know all of the rules of religion but this seems like a slightly harsh sentence, no? If this is truly a rule, Hell must be overrun with people. Who has perfect attendance at church except your Auntie and Grandma?

I also enjoyed the caveat at the end of the letter. If you choose to give up your whoring life, contact us and we will call Jesus to get things straightened out. Jesus, Pastor Shady, your just a bit of a control freak, aren’t you? I am pretty sure that there is more than one way to find God than through the Cornerstone Church.

Church people of the world, please stop turning on your own peeps. When they are down, that’s when they need you most. Not to lecture them or give them to Satan but to help them through whatever troubles they are enduring. If Jesus was willing to help the poor, the hookers, and the sick leopards, I am sure you can see your way to forgiving a late payer or someone with poor attendance. At least give it a shot. Amen.


11 Responses to Why Do Churches Kick Their Own People Out?

  1. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Will that snaggle-toothed, sick leopard Coach Sandusky (or for that matter, his enablers) be receiving ‘the letter’ or has he/they tithed too much for banishment?

  2. nonnie9999 says:

    i didn’t know you were back, tannerleah! color me happy! 😀

    funny how you can get thrown out of a church for not tithing or for non-attendance, but molesting children will only get you transferred to another diocese.

  3. NobblySan says:

    10%? Really?

    Stuff this working-for-a-living mallakey – I’m off to discover this Christ bloke and open my own church.

  4. why is it that when I go to church I am not allowed to worship the way that I want I like to show my worship by dancing and the people kicked me out just for dancing so what if I flipped out I should still be able to dance the way that I want to. In my perspective I am not “distracting others from worshiping” as the leader says I am just doing my thing which is dancing which the lord asks of me. People want to “talk” to me about my dancing which is b.s because what they want me to do is basically stand in a corner and dance like how ridiculous is that…

  5. it is a hip contemporary church as well….

  6. Jack Wilson says:

    First, I do appreciate the fact that 1- you acknowledge Jesus and 2- you do have a sense for right and wrong.
    You started out by saying…”If there is a God, I just don’t see why he would establish a bunch of teams to compete against each other. Seems counter productive to me.” You are correct. It is counter productive but look at it the correct way, God did not establish religion. He established a faith and followers. It has been man who has reduced it to a religion as they deem it should be. Like you, God doesn’t want that either.

    I do believe in tithing but I do not collect and every opportunity. We have one collection Sunday morning and that’s it. Additionally, I tell my people, unless you need it for tax purposes, I do not want to know what you give. Deal with God on the subject. I will teach about tithing and I believe many are poor because they don’t tithe but that is for another time. As for giving welfare tithes, I don’t think so.

    Now for the Reformed Church’s letter, excommunicating a member for not showing up. This is another story altogether. Kids get expelled for playing hookey and adults get fired for not showing up for their jobs. The Church has a covenant which a new member has to sign to became a member and it says as part of this local congregation you need to support it physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. I have no problem throwing someone out who refuses to be faithful. On the other hand, the Church can not send you to hell or unsave you. That part about turning over the person to Satan just means if they choose to stay away from God then they can stay in the world with the devil. If the person was saved, no one can take that away. As for enforcing the rules of the Church, any good Pastor will give chances and leniency but if he is really good, he will enforce the rules so the rest will not sin.

    I took the time to respond to this because most everything you said was true. I wanted to put it in a more realistic light. Thanks for the ear.

  7. Jane says:

    I ran across this blog and feel compelled to comment because I am a member of said church. “Member” meaning, I took a vow to submit to the authority of the leadership (elders) and support the church by my attendance as commanded in Scripture. This member was held to the same standard. There has to be order in Christ’s body as in any organization. It’s not a free for all. Pastor Shade is a good and loving shepherd. Does he show tough love when needed? Absolutely, just as any GOOD father would do! LOVE + DISCIPLINE. In my church, it is RARE when an excommunication occurs. It only happens after a year or more of a member BREAKING THEIR VOWS and REFUSING to respond to the elders, to meet with them, to listen to wise counsel, and REFUSING to come to worship. Think about it. If you decided to disobey your boss repeatedly, you’d get fired immediately! When you drive 70 in a 40, you’re most likely going to get a ticket and pay a fine. If you murder someone, you’re going to jail. Get the picture? While the church of Jesus Christ is a place of love and peace, it is also a place where the truth and justice of God is proclaimed and upheld. If a member PERSISTS in their sin, and becomes DEFIANT toward loving and patient leadership (again after a year or longer of the elders trying to work with them), there can be severe consequences. It is the right thing to do. It is the same with God toward His people. If one refuses to obey His word, and live a life of pride and defiance toward Him, there are eternal consequences, yes, eternal damnation in hell. God set the standard, not me.

  8. Lynn says:

    I was turned out of my church for non attendance. I would go about once every three months. I used to play piano for the church…however, another lady came in that gave more than I had, and was promoted to piano player, and the church asked me to show her how to play the songs. After a couple of times, I told them it was time for her to learn them herself. I had been playing for years!

    Anyway, the new pastor told the church that he had been and visited with me about not attending…which I do not remember that conversation at all. The next thing I know, I got a “love letter” telling me I was turned out. I was devastated. There are people that are on the church roll there that haven’t been there in years and years…and at least I did go several times a year.

    In the 70’s I was turned away from playing the piano for the youth choir because I was divorced and it set a bad example for the youth. Today, 2017, that same person is divorced and a well known Gospel singer…I don’t know if I could find another church. I just totally gave up..

    • Lynn says:

      I was going to this church regularly…raising my 3 grandchildren…they were small and of course, it was hard to play the piano with the kids running around in the church. They were a distraction at times for everyone. I helped in the youth ministry…but started getting left out of events. This was the reason that I started missing a lot of church.

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