Judge William Adams: Douchebag Of The Year

Came across this video in the Interweb and it just makes me sick to my stomach. It has already gone viral and I hope it opens the eyes of people everywhere. This crap is going on everyday.

As I understand it, the daughter has held onto this video for 7 years and just a few days ago, after a phone argument with her father, released it on-line. The video speaks for itself.

Personally, spanking a child is, in my mind, a parents choice. However, this was nothing less than a brutal beating. Judge Adams loses all control and intends to inflict as much physical and emotional pain as possible. From my point of view, this is clearly a criminal assault. Since he is a judge and it has been 7 years, I doubt there will be any criminal charges brought against him. However, I certainly hope that his days as a family court judge (oh, the irony), will come to an immediate end.

That’s the end of my “nice” reporting. The truth is if I ever had a chance to get my hands on that co**smoker, I would beat him to within an inch of his life. He is a disgrace to every group he is associated with. Man, husband, father, judge…you name it. To beat someone because you are physically able to is the worst kind of cowardice. I don’t doubt for a moment that his wife was, at the least, mentally abused. Apparently, since this video was taken, she has left him for that very reason.

It distresses me that this happens all of the time and most of us are oblivious to it. When something like this does come to the public forefront, two things should happen. First, the perpetrator should face the full wrath of the legal system and court of public opinion. Beyond that, I hope it empowers other children to come out and seek help from their abusers. Should people who spank their children be treated as criminals? I don’t think so. But if anyone in their right mind thinks that this video reflects anything close to good parenting, they should have their tubes tied or nuts cut.

Sorry for the depressing post but I am just disgusted.

PS: I just realized that in my angered state I called the judge a “co**smoker”. This, of course, is completely inappropriate as it could be construed that I am equating the judge to a man or woman that provides oral sex. I would never insult oral givers in such a horrible way. So, I will let Chevy Chase try to express my feelings.


10 Responses to Judge William Adams: Douchebag Of The Year

  1. elizabeth3hersh says:

    I can’t watch the video TL. Too close to home. As you know, I was savagely beaten at age 13 by my (our) father and thought I was going to lose my life. That beating forever changed me. Although I have moved on emotionally, I know I could tap into those deep feelings by viewing the video and I just don’t want to go there. That beating (actually, there were many precursor beatings leading up to the mother of beatings) changed me. It instilled a rage whereby I think I could kill, that is, if I saw a child, man, woman or animal being horrifically abused. And it has greatly influenced my politics and world view. I see the likes of Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad, Jong-il, et al differently. I can see, smell, taste and imagine torture. That smoldering rage will only be extinguished when I am six feet under. It’s always there, but I have learned to compartmentalize it and instead allow free reign to humor, awe, learning and a deep appreciation of life for which I am deeply grateful.

    • tannerleah says:

      I know. In thinking about you, I almost didn’t post it. But then I thought that, as horrible as it is, ugliness like this needs to see the light of day as much as possible. How else will it ever stop?

  2. bschooled says:

    I saw this earlier, but after reading the article I couldn’t bring myself to look at the video. Especially in my current PMS-like state.

    Thank-you for clarifying, TL. The thought of smoking co**s being frowned upon, would probably put me over the edge given my fragile state.

  3. What has this world come to? I could only watch a bit of this terrible scene before I had to flick it off. This judge is a complete moron as evidenced by his reaction to his daughters downloading music and to top it off hi daughter has cerebral palsy. It is unfathomable that an educated judge would partake in such a thing. Now I understand and partly agree that reprimanding kids is sometimes acceptable and even necessary and I don’t want to interfere with other peoples homes lives and choices but there is no excuse for what he did. Unfortunately given the laws and rules that govern this sort of thing may make it very hard to prosecute Judge Adams. The statue of limitations is long past so there will likely be no legal action again judge William Adams but what I can tell you is that I will not rest until i’m sure a person such as this is at least not acting as a family court judge. Can you imagine this guy deciding day in and day out who should actually be imprisoned for abuse all the while hes coming home and beating his own daughter, its just deplorable.

  4. Mike Payne says:

    NOT ONLY is it a criminal assault, it has overtones of being some kind of non-consensual psycho-sado-sexual incestuous power-rape type assault against a minor (whether it was his daughter or not).

    I’m sure Charles Manson or Jeffrey Dahmer would make a good Judge too – just like him.

    • tannerleah says:

      That’s what I took from it…sheer submission was his goal. I imagine the rest of his world is seen through the exact same prism. Who knows how this mindset has colored his court opinions. How can he not be a sociopath?

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