Obama May Be American But He Is Still Black

And, after all, isn’t that the real problem here? Let’s say for a moment that I think that Hawaii is really part of America (which it isn’t). And let’s say that I honestly believe that Obama was born in Hawaii (he wasn’t). None of this changes the fact that a black man is POTUS.

As an occasional black man, I cannot be racist. However, the white side of me is in no way willing to accept that the black part of me is equal. I have not said anything to my black side as over the years my fellow blacks have taken over the sports and entertainment world. In fact, the greatest athletes /entertainers of all time are now virtually all black. Jordan, OJ Simpson (innocent!), Tiger, Mays, Oprah, L’il Wayne, anyone whose name starts with Ice, etc.

All I had to hold onto was Nascar, pro wrestling, monster trucks, country music, hockey, religion, and politics. These are all things I could enjoy exclusively with my fellow white peeps and not worry about “non-Americans” getting involved. I don’t bring my white side to black events (rap music, gang banging, drinking 40’s, tappin that ass, etc) so it’s only reasonable that my white interests remain exclusive.

Then, along comes Barry and his white man sounding black self. Saying all the things that people wanted to hear and, most notably, being able to correctly enunciate the word “nuclear”. Sure, his wife looks like Godzilla but his family is very likeable. Long story short, he is now the top dog. Great. Soon, the biggest country star will be a black guy named L’il Billy Bob, Nascar will be dominated by Mohammed something or another, and black people will be allowed in all white churches. (Ok, that last thing isn’t going to happen but you get my point).

And it won’t stop with Obama. Oh no. Soon the Mexicans will have a presidential candidate as well as the Chinese. Us white people will have nothing left to call our own. I guess we could take over Canada but who would want to? No, it will be just like Planet of the Apes. Yes, some of the female apes were hot and it would be fun to have monkey sex but that’s not the point. White people will become obsolete and irrelevant. Let’s face it…we’re just not very good at being second class citizens like minorities are. They have had hundreds of years to learn to put up with bigotry and hatred, we haven’t.   

So, pat yourselves on the back, Obama lovers. Keep telling yourselves he is American and that’s all that matters. My God, next people will be saying that women should also have an opportunity to be POTUS. WTF is going on in MY AMERICA!!!


9 Responses to Obama May Be American But He Is Still Black

  1. You’re wrong about country music belonging solely to Mighty Whitey:


    You’re right about everything else. Your best bet is to move to Arizona and help them finally close the borders forever. Everything we’ve tried has worked so far, so we just need to do more of it, harder and faster.

    I think the key is Arizona’s new “You Don’t Look Like Yer from Around Here” warrantless search/seize/detain/deport initiative. If this sort of federalism is encouraged, its repercussions could reach all the way to the White House which, if I’m not mistaken, is still called the White House for a reason.

    Peace out, TL. Keep fighting the good, and often unwinnable, fight.

    • tannerleah says:

      Darius is as black as Carleton the dancing, non-black guy.

      I’m not sure if I could sneak into Arizona or not. I’m rockin’ a pretty good tan and I don’t own a pick up truck or have tats all over my sexy body. I also don’t drink beer very often and that will send up all kinds of red flags. Luckily, I have a rainbow decal on my Prius so that should fool them for awhile.

  2. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Trump’s wife does not look like Godzilla.

    Trump 2012

  3. nonnie9999 says:

    would you like some tea, tl? perhaps just some teabags to hang from your hat?

    • elizabeth3hersh says:

      I thought we were going to share a cup of tea nonnie.

    • tannerleah says:

      You know, except for the crazy stuff (which is mostly what the tea baggers do), I fully support reduced spending and an overhaul of the tax code. However, I also like Death Squads and gay people so they won’t let me in the club.

  4. Valerie Atkinson says:

    Interesting take… very entertaining I must say..yes I suppose if an american president isnt white; he won’t be right? I suppose the “right”-wings will now call for Hawaii to be ‘dis-considered'(if you will) as part of the so-called United States JUST because the 44th president produced an official Hawaiian birth certficate?SMDH
    However I came across a photo online that cited your site: a picture of a cult leader Wayne Bent(wayne-bent.jpg) If you are able to grant permission, the photo would be used for a Cult Leader collage for the cover of my book.

    Kindly awaiting your response


    • tannerleah says:

      Hi Valerie. You say “official”. I say poor Photoshop. (At least that’s what my buddy Donald told me).

      As to the honorable pastor Bent, hardly a cult leader, I have no idea where I got that photo from. Most of them come from the AP or a wire service. (I figure they are too busy to track me down and tell me to cut it out).

      Sorry but good luck with the book. I look forward to reading the chapters on Reagan and Jimmy Swaggart. TL

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