Women Defend Mel Gibson?

I was speaking with some women about the latest Mel Gibson dust up. His latest quote, which was secretly recorded by his girlfriend, reads as follows:

“You look like a fu**ing pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of ni**ers, it will be your fault.” 

He goes on to call her a bunch of other names and makes various threats. She has also accused him of hitting her and being violent in the past.

What struck me about this was how the women I spoke with defended Mel on several counts. First, they felt that since he thought he was speaking these words in private, he has the right to say whatever he wants. Second, they seem to have already decided that his girlfriend is a gold digger so she deserves whatever she gets. Third, even if she was being verbally or physically abused by the Mel-ster, she could get out of it by just picking up and leaving. Hmm…ok.

Then the conversation took an even odder turn. Before long, Mike Tyson and Kobe Bryant’s names came up. In both cases, the women stated that the women that were raped (or “allegedly” raped as in Kobe’s case), knew what they were getting into. Basically, by going to a hotel room with any guy, you basically are obligated to have sex with the guy.

When did women become so hard? Why would you turn on your sisters like that? Do women really believe that when a woman goes to the hotel or apartment of a man, they get whatever is coming to them? When the young women that went with the Notre Dame football players to a “party” after being at a bar was gang raped, was she to blame for putting herself in that position?

I guess I always thought that women would protect each other because most of them have been in a similar situation at one point or another in their lives. But maybe this is precisely why they feel the way they do. Maybe they feel guilty for their own behaviors and have a hard time being empathetic to another woman who has made similar decisions.

I am really having a hard time wrapping my head around this. I have no sympathy for Mel, Tiger, Kobe, Mike, etc. If a beautiful naked woman comes knocking on my front door (and yes, I am strongly encouraging this behavior), I don’t have the right to do with her as I see fit. Just because she has put herself in a compromising position, it does not give me the right to take advantage of her. I kind of thought this was how most people thought but maybe I am more the exception than the rule. If so, this world is even more frighteningly fu**ed up than I ever suspected it was. (And, as you know, I hold humans to an awfully low standard already).

Ladies, get your shit together.

(Mike, next time, go for an all female jury.)

22 Responses to Women Defend Mel Gibson?

  1. Bearman says:

    But if a naked woman comes to my door she can do whatever she wants to me…unless of course it is Roseanne.

  2. Bilroni says:

    Seriously though, who hasn’t said that to their Girlfriend?

    Also, I think Mike is just misunderstood. You can’t look at that picture and tell me he’s not just a big teddy bear, can you?

  3. Jill says:

    I can’t stand Mel Gibson…he can go f himself. He’s a scumbag. Although I do believe many women are a bit too trusting and do put themselves in compromising positions, I agree with you that a man has no right to take advantage of them, no matter what. Verbal abuse is not much better than physical abuse and Mel is a scumbag…oops…did I already say that?

    • elizabeth3hersh says:

      I’m with Jill. She sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders. Actually, she sounds a lot like me so from here on out, I appoint Jill as my proxy commenter.

    • Jillsy says:

      Thank you both…I’ll try my best to do a good job, at least when the name Mel G. is mentioned. And, yes, maybe one day I’ll get all my blog personas to match.

  4. nonnie9999 says:

    while it makes me sick that women would side with pieces of shit like mel gibson, it doesn’t really surprise me. there are women like sharron angle out there who think it’s some kind of divine plan when women are impregnated when they are raped or victims of incest.

    abuse is abuse, whether it be verbal, physical, or sexual, and any woman–make that any person who defends it is lacking something in his or her soul.

  5. RubyTwoShoes says:

    Wow, those women you were talking to about this sound like a pack of fucked up bitches. What is their problem anyway?!

    Oh, sorry, was I just stabbing my ‘sisters’ in the back? Whoops. Point taken.

    Seriously though, this was an interesting, and refreshing read from a male. (esp refreshing as I am an Australian and we recently had a gang rape scandal break out here in our National Rugby League that incredibly elicited these very same ‘they were asking for it’ responses from huge parts of the public…)

    On the other hand, it was kind of depressing, because you, the bearer of all things fucked up in our world, said the world may even be more frighteningly fucked up than even you thought it was. Scary.

  6. Walker says:

    I’ve worked in the field of sexual violence for a number of years, starting in the mid 90’s. It is amazing how many people believe ‘she asked for it’ and women are frequently right in doing this. We call it “victim blaming”.
    Mel is an ass and it pains me to say that as I’ve always enjoyed his movies but no more. I won’t support or watch/listen to men with histories of abusing women.

    I’ve never really understood why women do this; I do think it’s partly a way to make themselves feel safer. If the victim is a whore/slut/golddigger she brought it on herself, I’m none of those so no one will hurt me. Twisted thinking.

    Through my life I’ve had close female friends but I’ve also experienced women battling against women. It’s amazing. You guys don’t do that, you support and help each other, women do not do that.

    And, btw, thank you for such a sensitive take on this subject.

  7. bschooled says:

    This post alone is why I would vote you President.

    Mel Gibson is a waste of alcohol-emanating epidermis, that’s already been established. What’s really worrisome is the fact that some women are drawn to that kind of thing. And what about Joran Van Der Sloot? The guy is a monster who’s killed at least two women (probably more), and yet he’s still getting love letters and marriage proposals in the mail.

    Really, this isn’t normal behavior, and for another woman to say “Oh, well she was asking for it,” well, it just shows how ignorant and judgemental some people can be. I wonder if they’d feel the same way if it were their sister…or mother?

    Sorry, TL…rant over.

  8. Mama Cakes says:

    Per Tanner: If a beautiful naked woman comes knocking on my front door — WOW if it was Sarah you would jump her in a heart beat & you know it !!

  9. I’m with bschooled. You have my vote. (I’ll let bschooled vote first. Canada really could use a president.)

    Normally, men would love women who think like they do. These reactions all seem to be the sort that would normally be attributed to men, usually in a careless fashion that implicates all men when it’s really just a few misanthropic a-holes.

    To hear women thinking this way is utterly amazing. You’d think that the proverbial guy would then be able to get away with murder, relationship-wise, if the women were willing to cut him that much slack. Perhaps even murder itself, if need be.

    It’s incredibly disheartening to see this happening. The people who operate as a society in this day and age are swiftly losing their humanity.

  10. Ashley says:

    Great post. Blaming the victim, that’s what it is. These women you spoke too may as well have said “She asked for it.”

    I’m SO sick of rapists and other abusers being excused from their actions (or the severity of their actions minimized) by people implying or saying that the violent behaviour is in the men’s nature or the women they abused deserved it.

    Like you, I am surprised that these are women who basically sided with Mel.

  11. womaninblack says:

    Mel Gibson and the men you name-check are fey twankholes who need to be bricked up in a windowless room before killer bees are fed through the air vent. Although I will always thank Gibson for his expression: ‘sugar tits’. I’ll grant him that one.

  12. thatchick says:

    its not that women deserve it. its that they should know better. here in ny, there have been several rapes in an uptown park. you would think women would stop jogging with their headphones on when there is a rapist on the lose but no. what about that peruvian girl who was murdered by Joran van der Sloot. She met him and the first few hours she went to his room. i doubt they were going there to play checkers. and kobe…i don’t believe he raped that girl because she went to the emergency room with another guys jizz in her panties. can you say whore?
    as far as mel goes – he has emotional problems and needs help. he seems hurt by her behavior. doesn’t make hitting her right but doesn’t make him a total monster. jeez people. empathy.

    in conclusion, some women just make bad decisions and thats why bad shit happens to them.

  13. Listen, I’ve got my shit together ok, and I still hope you get f***ing jumped by a pack of albino spider monkeys high on meth and then kicked in your q**ee**hi**!!! (balls) by a foster child on the run.

    Wait. This is a private space for just you and me to talk right? You won’t sell this to radaronline?


    • V&GB…I was wondering who posted that as Anonymous on Radaronline. You need to f***ing jump and kick him in the q**eehi** (balls) until you get part of the radaronline payout!

      BTW..I’ve had a little too much G&P…WTF is

  14. Walker says:

    Hey… moving on as Mel is so passe… I’ve got a hot video of your favorite babe over at Delicacies!!!

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