Should Facebook Comments Get You Fired?

The most recent ex-employee to learn one of the hazards of Facebook is 22 year old Ashley Johnson of Charlotte, NC. Ashley was a waitress at the Brixx pizza joint. (A company that clearly did not have access to spell check when its name was created). 

One day, our heroine was waiting for a couple that sat around for 3 hours. As near as I can tell, this is not a buffet so it is not like a pair of 350 pounders sat down for a 3 hour “snack”. These were obviously people with nothing else to do and no place to do it. Evidently, Brixx has a “sit here as long as you want” policy…always a good plan if you want to run a profitable restaurant. I guess the owners have never seen Gordon Ramsey in action. “You donkey!!!”

Anyway, Ashley was ticked off by the $5 tip she received for attending to these sloths for 3 hours. I realize for those of you in Arkansas, you are saying to yourselves, “Wow, that’s a sweet deal!” Not really, Slingblade. Time is money; even for wait staff. So, when she returned home, she wrote, “Thanks for eating at Brixx, you cheap piece of shit camper.” (I guess that is some sort of homespun colloquialism).

Somehow, the management of Brixx found out about this posting and fired Ashley. (I think in the termination letter they spelled “fired” with 2 r’s to stay consistent with the festive theme of the company name). She broke the company policy for disparaging customers and shedding negative light on the company. While this may be true, where is the common sense here? If the customers were douche nozzles, as they obviously were, how is that disparaging? That is just stating the facts. Also, why would you want said douche nozzles as your patrons? They are sitting in your restaurant bleeding you of money and pissing off your employees. Why would you, even indirectly, support them?

You should have banned these idiots and given Ashley a raise for having a spine and not being afraid to call a spade a spade. (Although, I still don’t think calling a spade a shovel is really worth making a big deal out of). She said nothing negative about Brixx. She pointed out what all of us already know…the world is full of inconsiderate and cheap asshats. They are everywhere. They need to be called out, not protected.

This thing that some people do in restaurants to demean the employees is ridiculous. The desire to “show” someone your displeasure by leaving a small tip is pretentious and small minded. Imagine if the same fu**stick that doesn’t tip was approached by his boss on Friday and told, “Gee Bob, not such a great week for you. I am going to withhold 20% of your check”. Do you think he would be ok with that? Didn’t think so.

Corporations need to stop being so hyper sensitive to every little comment made on the Interweb. Pull up your big girl panties and realize people are going to say snide things…it’s what a free thinking public tends to do. I realize that thinking is counter productive to what most corporations want but learn to give a little in this area.

Also, you cheap people that don’t tip when you should need to stay home. There is no room for you in the real world. Sit home and vent about how broke you are and how you live in a socialized country. Oh, by the way, you know where they don’t tip? Socialist countries. I hate cheap people and I especially hate cheap people that feel like they are empowered to be cheap because they are a consumer. Dial down that ego, Sparky. You are nothing more than a soulless, cheap, comb over wearing, “freebie” loving, tick on the ball sac of society. (By the way, I also work for Brixx and you bastards better not rat me out and get me fired).


19 Responses to Should Facebook Comments Get You Fired?

  1. Yo' Momma says:

    I totally agree with you. Companies are being so anal about this. They should want an employee with a life for Christlike. Just because I photoshopped myself in nipple tassels next to President Obama at his inauguration shouldn’t mean I’m unhirable.

    • tannerleah says:

      I was trying to come up with a response but the words “vodka, ground beef, anal, and nipple” caused me to pitch a tent in my pants and become distracted. If you had also used the words “banana” and “duct tape”, I would have asked you to marry me. (My wife is very cool about such things).

  2. Bearman says:

    It was a PIZZA joint. $5 was probably a 20% tip. Woopdy doo if they stayed for 3 hours. They probably weren’t asking much of her except to fill their drinks every once in a while.

    Do I get to pay less when your kitchen or you are slow and I have to wait for my food. Or you get it wrong…


    haha..see you can take the other side.

    Brixx should give her a break.

  3. nonnie9999 says:

    it was really kinda dumb for her to put the name of the restaurant in a facebook post. if she was just letting off steam, she could have called the customers whatever she wanted without saying where she works. after all, did she really think the cheap lazy asses were going to rush to her facebook page to see what she thought of them? they won’t recognize themselves as the cheap lazy asses, so what would she have accomplished even if she didn’t get fired? of course, the restaurant is stupid for making a big deal out of it, because now they look mean for firing her. they should have just given her a warning and asked her to delete the entry.

  4. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Not sure how I feel about this. I still feel guilty four years after stiffing a waiter at the Marrakech Restaurant in Las Vegas. The service started out great with the waiter washing our hands with rose water after we were seated on pillows in our ‘tent.’ As I recall, the food was authentic, tasty and served piping hot. Belly dancers in full regalia provided the entertainment. However, the last 15 minutes were spent on eye darting and increasingly animated gesticulation in a feeble attempt to gain our waiters attention. I finally walked up to the kitchen and gave a firm rap on the door. I stiffed him the entire tip which was fairly substantial as the bill came to around $135. I walked out peeved-and-pissed. Still, I feel a twinge of guilt every time I pass the restaurant as it is my nature to be generous. (This is one of the ‘downsides’ to being sober, TL…in my drinking days, I would have been attempting to stuff dollar bills in the belly dancers harem pants and 15 minutes would have flown by). Interesting story, TL. I enjoy reading these little nuggets gleaned from the marriage of the Internet and ‘real life’ and particularly your analysis of said events.

    The restaurant could change its name to Goldbrixxers (‘goldbricker’…get it?)

  5. nursemyra says:

    I didn’t realise you were back blogging TL, I’m really out of the loop aren’t I?

    “Dial down that ego, Sparky. You are nothing more than a soulless, cheap, comb over wearing, “freebie” loving, tick on the ball sac of society.”

    Not just back and blogging but on a really great roll…. I’m off to catch up on the posts I missed

  6. This, TL, is what we in the business of handing out used-up names to stuff call an “instant classic.”

    Where to start:

    “Not really, Slingblade.”

    “…spelled ‘fired’ with two R’s…”

    “Gee Bob, not such a great week for you. I am going to withhold 20% of your check…”


    (I put your missing letters back in for you. I had to reclaim them from the dumpster behind Fukkstixxs.)

    Screw lousy tippers and screw insecure companies who can’t seem to realize that not every employee or customer believes they shit rainbows made out of puppies and blowjobs.

    GTFU. (The first word is “grow.”)

    This is the age of the internet and every asshole has an opinion. Get used to it. It’s not like they’re handing out some sort of proprietary technology or leaving their iPhone prototype behind in their booth.

    Some people just suck.

    Worse, many management types suck even more.

    Great post, TL. Great to have you back among the bitter living.

  7. jill says:

    hey there handsome…it’s been awhile. i agree…why would an establishment even want them back, but then again, they paid their food bill, so do they even care about their waitstaff? nah…next!

    • tannerleah says:

      Ahh…one of my favorite two photographers. (The other being FJ, of course). Always good to see your one eye.

      Businesses are terrified of their customers. How did that ever happen?

  8. RubyTwoShoes says:

    “somehow they found out about it” – haven’t you read 1984?! – big brother is always watching people, always watching….

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  10. Janna Madden says:

    If only I had a quarter for each time I came here! Superb read!

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