A Tip Of My Gin And Juice To Fred

Sadly, Freddie is burning in hell due to his gay lifestyle. Why? Because Jesus said so. Still, he left some great music behind. One of my favs.

11 Responses to A Tip Of My Gin And Juice To Fred

  1. Jesus loves all his little children. Freddie’s voice is worthy. Great video and one I’ve never seen.. many thanks..

    • tannerleah says:

      Jesus loves all of his little children except the gay ones. Copernicus 2:16 “A man shall not layeth with another man lest their thingys bump into each other”.

      Am I the only one that reads the good book?

  2. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Does this mean Adam Lambert is heading there too? If so, fu** first class, I’m booking a suite on Singapore Airlines.

  3. Craig says:

    What you say may be true (although I doubt the shizzle out of it), but nonetheless, burn in hell as they may, you have got to admit, on talent night in hell, there is going to be a barn-burner (I know, redundant) of a show. I am only sorry I did not come to appreciate Queen until after his death.

    • tannerleah says:

      Welcome Craig. Personally, I am looking forward to seeing Liberace be interviewed by Anderson Cooper.

      It’s a shame about not listening to Queen. If only someone had told you about them. Say, in the early 80’s, for instance. What a pity.

  4. Looking to stir up another flaming flame war, TL?

    Always been partial to “Headlong” and “Under Pressure.” They did put out some damn fine music.

  5. I’d say to Craig that he may end up hearing Freddie eventually? Aren’t we all going to hell? I know I sin.. on a regular basis.

    TL: Copernicus? isn’t that asking for a thunderbolt?

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