Please Stop Bashing Carrie Prejean

The dirty, liberal media is up to its old tricks again. This time, instead of attacking Sarah Palin, they have set their crosshairs on Carrie. (Although I am sure that once Sarah’s bestselling book hits the shelves, the hate will start flying her way again).

For those of you unfamiliar with Carrie, here is a quick recap. She was in the Miss America pageant and, seemingly, well on her way to winning it. In the Q&A portion of the contest, she was asked her thoughts on gay marriage. Like most of us good Christian Americans, she answered that marriage is strictly for men and women. Makes perfect sense. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, yes?

Well, unfortunately for Carrie, the judges were all flaming liberals and scored her low for her answer. Due to this obvious chicanery, she was robbed of the title. Worse still, she was made a pariah in the liberal media for supporting the proud tradition of marriage. In essence, she was scorned for her religious beliefs.

As if losing wasn’t enough, more allegations were made to sully her name. First, semi-nude photos started popping up on the Internet. This was done to make her look slutty. As those of us who read the Good Book know, Jesus had no problem with nudity. In fact, his best friend Mary Magdalene often walked around with her boobs hanging out. Jesus was no prude.

Next, she was criticized for taking money from the California pageant committee to get breast implants. They gave her this money to improve her chances of winning Miss America. Let’s be honest, you do need a decent rack to win. However, again, this is not inconsistent with her religious upbringing. Leviticus 3:12 says, “Women should provide their men with ample and bountiful boobage. If such boobage does not exist, thou shall go forward and purchase said item(s)”.

The most recent attack against her was made regarding a solo sex tape she had made for her boyfriend. Surely, this would prove she is a Jezebel. Not so fast, my friends. I present to you Copernicus 2:09, “A woman shall provide pleasure to herself in times of solitude. If recording equipment is available, thou shall tape said session for her mate. While instruments are not strictly forbidden, using thou fist shall not be acceptable”.

As you can see, every time the liberal media tries to hurt her reputation, the only word that matters refutes their claims. The evil and dirty Larry King tried to get Carrie to talk about all of this but insisted on asking “inappropriate” questions. The following video is only part of the story.

The following questions were edited out.

Carrie, when you were doing yourself, did you use both hands at once or just one?

Did you ever fantasize about me while you were tearing it up?

Have you ever used the backdoor in your solo lovemaking?

Do you go at the taint very much in your sessions?

And it went on and on. Please, for the love of Pete, stop badgering this fine Christian woman. She has done nothing wrong and we would all be so lucky to have a daughter like her. Well, we would be luckier to have her as a neighbor with lots of big, uncovered windows in her house but that is neither here nor there.

God bless you, Carrie. Keep up the great work.


29 Responses to Please Stop Bashing Carrie Prejean

  1. The media also edited out the part where Carrie asks Larry King, “Are those your real shoulders?”

  2. yorksnbeans says:

    That poor girl. Who could blame her for getting upset with Dirty Larry asking those inappropriate questions. If I were her, I would be talking to one of those high falutin’ LA lawyers to get him off the air.

  3. bschooled says:

    You forgot a couple…

    “Carrie, have you ever played Tune-in Tokyo?”

    “Carrie, do you have any Jewish in you? Would you like some?”

  4. Bilroni says:

    I don’t understand what the liberals could hate…. besides the gay marriage thing.

    One, she is obviously a very outgoing, independent woman (solo sex tape…. didn’t have to depend a man), and usually the liberals are all for independent woman.

    Took a handout (boobs), and liberals love to give handouts, correct?

    Seems like a pretty hypocritical bunch to me. At least I know I can trust the conservatives… like Arnold.

    • yorksnbeans says:

      Funny how when conservatives visit a blog they don’t agree with, they don’t give a link.

      • Bilroni says:

        Are you TELLING me I’m a conservative? Funny, I was unaware of it. Thanks for letting me know though. And…. a link to what???

        Warmest Regards,


        • tannerleah says:

          You strike me as a liberal conservative. I don’t think YnB has seen your work before and took your comments at face value.

          And she wanted you to leave a link where there are pictures of Sarah Palin pics…I think.

  5. nonnie9999 says:

    let’s face it, the liberal media just don’t know how to deal with down-to-earth real people like poor carrie. if i were her, i’d take my silicon-filled boobs, chiclet-sized veneers, hubcap earrings, and ghost-written book, and go home.

  6. Holy fuck! Larry King is still alive?!? He must’ve signed a death pact with Abe Vigoda.

    TL, you need to arrange an interview with Carrie if only to determine whether or not her lips move when she reads. The other lips, TL. Not the ones she keeps showing off while chastely “riding the dolphin” or “punching the bunny” or whatever the hell free-thinking women are calling it these days.

  7. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Holy shit!! There is a book of Copernicus in the Bible?!? There must also be a book of Galileo and Newton as well! Now I’m interested!

  8. You know, TL, people don’t often enough recognize your compassion. But in this piece, it pours out of you.

  9. Donald Mills says:

    The much overlooked book of Copernicus. You’re obviously more of a religious scholar than I had given you credit for. Isn’t that the book that also says, and I believe it is 6:49

    “Make my funk the P.Funk, Lord,
    I want my funk uncut (make mine the P)
    Make my funk the P.Funk, Lord,
    I wants to get funked up. (wants to get funked up)
    I want the bomb,
    I want the P.Funk (yeah)
    I want my funk uncut.”

    • elizabeth3hersh says:

      Every year on my birthday, my daughters make me homemade birthday cards. The theme for this year’s card was Twitter. On the front of one of the cards were greetings from five followers. One of the followers was Don Mills (every now and then I ‘force’ them to read your blog for another perspective on life). The card was titled “birthday greetings in 140 characters or less.” You can see the card if you link into QuantumGrl on Twitter. Funny as hell. The inside of the card was even funnier, but I could not Twitpic it since it was a little too personal.

      I’ve got to get back to the book of Copernicus (also funny as hell).

    • tannerleah says:

      Don, bringing the P funk to the hizzle.

      Shut the funk up.

  10. Mama Cakes says:

    Was it with the Rabbit or Dolphin?

  11. art vandelay says:

    doubled over!

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