Sex With A Horse Is Illegal. So Quit It.

A South Carolina man was arrested after a horse owner videotaped him having sex with her horse. Rodell Vereen (maybe or maybe not a relative of Ben Vereen) was convicted of “buggery” and sentenced to 5 years in jail. Oh, and he is never allowed to go to that stable again.

Accused Horse Molester

(Rodell looking really, really sad over the loss of his horse lover).

Rodell was also arrested in 2007 for “buggery”…with the same damned horse. That offense earned him probation and he had to file as a sex offender. I am not sure if there is an animal sexual offender list or if everyone is just lumped into together. Clearly, Rodell is in love with this animal.

Some of you may be thinking, “didn’t I just read about this a few months ago?” Indeed you did. Except that was an entirely different case. James Michael Tait was charged with having sex with a horse in Tennessee. Actually, several horses as it turns out.

Like Rodell, James also has a history with the ponies. In 2005, he was caught filming Kenneth Pinyan having sex with a horse. Unfortunately for Kenneth, the horse did not appreciate his lovemaking skills and kicked the crap out of him. He died later from internal injuries. Although police found over 100 bestiality videos in Tait’s home, there was no bestiality law in place at the time so he was charged with trespassing and fined $300.


(James thinking about how the other animal loving inmates are going to deal with him. Tossed salad, anyone?)

In both cases, it would appear that the men were “pitchers” rather than “catchers”. This was probably good thinking on their part. To their credit, they both must be hung like horses to be having sex with them. I have seen the documentaries where the doctor sticks his whole arm inside the horse. Obviously, these guys were too big to have sex with women so what were they supposed to do? Somewhere, John Holmes is nodding his head thinking, “I feel their pain”.

As for the horses, the only apparent injuries they sustained were infections. Still, they are no doubt humiliated and, for that reason, their identities have been concealed. However, thanks to my inside connections, I was able to get a photo of one of the horses that may have been involved.

sarah j parker

It is rumored that Matthew Broderick is quite distressed over the entire incident.

27 Responses to Sex With A Horse Is Illegal. So Quit It.

  1. So was the owner of the horse videotaping for evidence or pleasure?

  2. Bilroni says:

    Funny, it’s always the normal looking guys…. Who would have ever suspected these two clean cut, well manicured indviduals. And I’m sure the Horses were leading them on….. bitches…

  3. yorksnbeans says:

    Oh, TL, I was working on a witty comment while reading your post and then when I saw Sarah Jessica, all my thoughts went out the window.

  4. bschooled says:

    Unfortunately, Matthew found out when SJP came home and he asked her, “Why the long face?”

    • tannerleah says:

      To which she replied:

      “Fu** you, Matthew. I am sick of you living off of my fame and spending my money. Get out, you drunk driving, talentless piece of sh**”.

      She then whinnied and galloped away.

  5. nonnie9999 says:

    hay! hay! hay! don’t pick on these poor guys. they’re clearly unstable and don’t need to be saddled with guilt.

  6. nursemyra says:

    did any of these mares get pregnant?

    • tannerleah says:

      Not by me! I have never seen these ladies before and if something did happen, and I am not saying it did, I was drunk out of my mind and cannot be held accountable for my actions.

  7. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Reminds me of the following exchange:

    Mister Ed: [impatiently] Let’s go, Wilbur!
    Wilbur Post: Go? You’re on the bottom!
    Mister Ed: Sorry! I forgot!

    Guess there was some pre-mare-ital horsing around in the barn (I read somewhere he had a ‘thang’ for that particular horse).

  8. laughing too hard to comment….

  9. It is truly fortunate that these two horse-fuckers went out and fucked horses, drawing attention to the fact that most states’ anti-bestiality laws had either lapsed or never been written.

    It may be too soon to call this a “moral panic,” but I would imagine the release of Grand Theft Auto: Horse Fucker for the Wii will push this over the edge.

    Seeing as most casual gamers will have to come up with $49 for the game and $25-50,000 for the Wii horse (not optional), I would imagine sales will be limited by more than the horrible name or the pitched whining of our nation’s busybodies.

    I say whatever happens between consenting adults and not-trying-too-hard-to-object farm animals is between them, the animal, the fans of bestiality porn and the coroner. Clearly, being kicked to death would equal a “No, thanks. I’m saving myself for marriage.”

    However, repeated horse fuckery should be acceptable unless a.) the horse is of the same sex (esp. in California and Utah) or b.) the proper common-law marriage forms have been forwarded to both the fucker and fuckee.

    Thanks for the excellent post and for leaving most of it to our imaginations (except for the last photo, of course). I’m sure my comment should now get you tagged as “offensive” and relegated to the dark malware ridden corners of the blogosphere.

  10. I bet you both of these guys voted for John Kerry.

  11. Jay-Jay says:

    At least from the two photos provided we can see that fucking a Horse is the kind of pursuit accessable to all ethnic groups. Although, as-per-usual the white guy got away with it. The one filming, anyway….

    • tannerleah says:

      I am pretty sure that Chinamen eat horses…not have sex with them. Midgets would also be excluded but I am not sure they are an ethnic group.

      Welcome and thanks for visisting.

  12. StevenX says:

    The horse did not kick Pinyan. Pinyan died from peritonitis due to a perforated colon. Google much?

  13. Linda Terry says:

    You’re wrong I know for sure that Tait And his friends were catchers. That’s how Pinyan died from internal injuries. For a long time they had been sneaking into the neighbors born to have sex with their horses. The neighbors didn’t know until the man was killed and the police found the videos and showed them to the neighbors. The police ask them if they recognized the barn or the horses. They were shocked to see it was their own.

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