PETA Angry With First Lady’s Costume

The animal advocacy group PETA released the following statement after seeing Michelle Obama dressed in the costume below.

Barry and Michelle

While we appreciate that Mrs. Obama was trying to go for the “cat woman” look with her Halloween costume, she has only opened the door for the continued slaughter of leopards. How many children will see the First Lady and decide that they too want such a costume? The likelihood of massive groups of children flying to Africa and killing leopards is terrifying.

Beyond this issue, the Cat Woman actually wore black leather. While PETA does not endorse the wearing of leather, we believe that Mrs. Obama should have at least made the effort to get it right.

The criticism of the Obama Halloween gathering at the White House did not stop there. The NAACP also released a scathing memo regarding the attire of President Obama.

We at the NAACP were deeply distressed to see Barack Obama dressed as a “black man” for Halloween. It appears he was wearing some sort of Bill Cosby costume and we found this to neither be humorous or accurate. For instance, Mr. Cosby always wears colorful sweaters. Mr. Obama’s failure to meet this basic criteria is deplorable. More disconcerting is the “blackface” that the President thought would be humorous to wear. (Or, in this case, “brownface”).

Although we understand that President Obama is allegedly “partially” black, his effort to portray a real modern day black man falls woefully short of the mark. Where are the gold chains or teeth? Where is the entourage of scantily clothed women? How come Kanye wasn’t invited to the event?

There are a litany of questions we will prepare and present to Mr. Obama once Al and Jesse are back from their vacation in Cabo. We will demand answers.

Lastly, there were several complaints from the children at the event. In keeping with his campaign to improve the health of US citizens, the President and First Lady handed out vegetables from their organic garden to the young trick or treater’s. Young Bubba Stump had this to say. “My daddy drove me all the way from Texas to get a carrot stick? Are you fu**ing kidding me?”

Overall, a tragic Halloween for the First Family. In a bit of good news, the Obama children were not at the event as they were attending a large party at the abandoned Bernie Madoff estate. Miley Cyrus provided entertainment while actor extraordinaire David Hasselhoff did drunken magic tricks. It is reported a good time was had by all.


28 Responses to PETA Angry With First Lady’s Costume

  1. prehistoric rocket science says:

    I feel it was inhumane to give Bubba Stump a carrot stick. What, were they all out of cauliflower?

  2. bschooled says:

    Haha! Tremendous post, TL.

    Although at first I was a little confused. I thought they had dressed up as Suzanne Sugarbaker and Anthony Bouvier from Designing Women.

  3. yorksnbeans says:

    I would have much preferred Barack to dress up as Georgie boy.

  4. He looks like a complete “square” and she looks like an “amateur hooker.” They’re the original “Odd Couple!”

    Hell of a costume contest, too. Apparently the winner heads home with a Nobel Prize. Of course, the Norwegians are not particularly known for their taste. Or their eyesight. Or their hindsight.

  5. elizabeth3hersh says:

    The annoyingly breathy Jackie-O (I always felt an urge to slap her silly) was the only true fashion maven the White House has ever known and who could actually carry off haute couture, look good in it and make you want to own a piece of it. Michelle Obama’s frequent garish costumery (is that a word?) makes me wince. This leads me to the recent revelation I had as to why Mrs. Kennedy’s sheets were washed twice daily (took me decades to form a hypothesis…TL knows I can mentally ‘work’ a problem for years). At first, I thought it was OCD-y or too many years at Miss Porter’s, then realized what was going on in the boudoir. Jackie-O could wear (and look alluring in) leopard. Michelle should strive for subtle and understated. I can’t imagine her having her sheets changed more once a week.

  6. PETA can suck it..its like..they are so annoying. they just, they popped up out of no where harassing people..and just so you know i went as a cat this year too…i didn’t take it to “big foots”(ms obama) extreme, but i was a cute cat if i don’t say so myself. Also my birthday was on Halloween and you didn’t wish me happy birthday, that makes me could of atleast sent me some cash…geeze…anyhow you know what else is annoying me, lately there have been people protesting abortion lately..when ever i’m on my way to therapy i see all these people standing on the side of the 4 lane high way holding up really gross signs of babies who were aborted, and the signs are HUGE..its makes me wanna hurl…like i wanna see that while i’m trying to get my therapy on…listen i’ve already taken most of my meds so i’m about to stumble and fall like a bouncy ball so sorry if none of this makes any sense, i tried…Peace out, Shalom!
    ps..bill cosby frightens me in so many ways..the way he sounds, those freaky colorful sweaters and the way he is always talking to small children…that screams pedophile to me..and of course there is those jello commercials….don’t get me started…

    • tannerleah says:

      Happy Birthday, TLS!

      Don’t worry about your comments going off target. I often think of abortion on Halloween. Goes together like vodka and ketchup.

      Now if you will excuse, I have a sudden urge for pudding.

  7. nursemyra says:

    I could gather together a plane load of old people and fly them to Africa to play at being leopard hunters. Save the children from doing it…..

  8. frigginloon says:

    And there was no need for Obama to dress like Urkel!

  9. Bubba should shut up. I hate when parents ship their kids in for trick or treating to another neighborhood and then are rude when you give them ladels of soup.

  10. art vandelay says:

    Oh but those arms! So saddened she didn’t bare those perfect arms! Agree with Liz–Jackie O had it going on–but I also felt the urge to smack her, too. This crew at the White House is the most nauseating group EVER. TL, please post something on Robert Gibbs and David Axlerod, the both give me the heebie-jeebies.

  11. art vandelay says:

    i told you i was depressed and now you call me fat. now THAT’S petty, not to mention extremely rude.

  12. I am surprised that they didn’t get a strong letter from the American Gallbladder Society.

  13. Bilroni says:

    Barry actually looks frightened in that picture. She must be a pretty vicious cat. Unless that’s just his Bill Cosby face? If so, that’s pretty bad.

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