Hotel Owner Tells Workers To Speak English!

Larry Whitten knows what it takes to whip a failing hotel into shape. He has over 40 years in the hotel industry and has a reputation of taking hotels that are struggling financially and turning them around. 

What is his secret? Upgrading the appliances? Refurnishing the rooms? Nope. His secret is to get Hispanic workers to a) stop speaking Mexican and b) giving them good “white” names. So, for instance, Rafael is now known as Ralph. Jesus is now known as, well, Jesus. (Ok…that’s probably not a good example). 

Naturally, the Hispanic workers at his hotel are throwing a fit over these new rules. They say that they have every right to speak Mexican if they want. They also insist that they have a right to use their given name; regardless of how difficult it is for Anglo’s to pronounce. 

Larry probably should have known he was going to have trouble simply due to the fact that his hotel is located in Taos, New MEXICO! (As if Old Mexico just wasn’t large enough to hold everyone). Apparently, the locals are a bunch of tree huggers and support the illegal immigrants. And let’s be honest. If you work at a hotel or in an orchard of any type, you are illegal. 

I can remember when we went through this with black people. Remember how they came over here with those hard to pronounce names like Mandingo and Kunta Kinte? Remember how we squashed the crap out of that immediately and gave them names like Paul and Toby? That’s the America I know and love. We then had normal names for almost 200 years. Hell, the Jacksons were hugely famous with regular names. (Except Tito. I don’t know what the hell happened there). 

Sure, there has been some backlash and we are back to crazy names for the black folks. Names like Shaniqua, Kanye, Barack. (All of which fail spell check). Still, they speak English and even gave up on trying to make Ebonics a real language. 

This is what our Hispanic friends need to do. Embrace their whiteness and rename themselves after 60’s TV stars. (The only exception being Beaver). Then, learn to speak American! I was shopping in Miami one time and ALL of the people were speaking gibberish. I yelled, “Hey Mexicans! Speak English!” They started flapping their arms, like they do, but continued speaking Mexican because they obviously knew no English. 

Some of this is our fault. When we white people sing “La Bamba” and “Feliz Navidad”, we are only encouraging this type of lawless behavior. Look, if Salma Hayek can speak American, by God, everyone else can too. (Insert gratuitous Salma Hayek photo).  

salma hayek

27 Responses to Hotel Owner Tells Workers To Speak English!

  1. Love it.. you wrote whole post just to justify showing her boobs, didn’t you?
    And, a nice set they are.. I take it you discriminate against tits?

  2. oops! I take it you DON’T discriminate against tits!

    • tannerleah says:

      Not true. I do discriminate. Well, not really against the boobs as much as the people wearing them. For instance, some men have lovely boobs but I discriminate against them because they are against God.

      Same goes for Rosie and certain other manly women.

  3. nonnie9999 says:

    i’m sure mr. whitten will be getting a lot of community support, especially from his congressman, ben luján, the mayor of taos, darren cordova, and the county sheriff, miguel romero. yeah, i think mr. whitten has thought this through thoroughly.

  4. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Those flailing arms were attached to Cubans TL and dammit, I tried (encouraged, cajoled, pleaded, and begged) my Spanish speaking nanny to speak SPANISH to the girls, but she insisted on practicing her ENGLISH instead. So, now I have two teenagers who can speak Spanish gibberish with a flawless Spanish accent.

    Despues que vivir en Miami por 20 años piensas que
    podria escribir un poco de el español. Pero tenia un amigo que me ayudo.

  5. I worked at a ski lodge in Michigan one summer (I preferred to work there during the slower months), and my boss pulled this same stunt, but except changing our names to sound less Mexican, he changed them to sound more Canadian. He changed the spelling of my name from Brian to Bryan to look more like that pantyhose wearing Bryan Adams! If your name was Dave, he changed it to Todd. If your name was Steve, he changed it to Todd. Now that I think about it, we were all named either Bryan or Todd?

    F^cking Canadians…

  6. i was offended for like 5 seconds..and then i got over it because like i said i’m mixed, and according to the race heirarchy it’s whites, mixed, blacks, mexicans…of course i believe i am mixed with black and mexican so i’m not sure where that fits in..i how ever have a very American name: Krystle (which also fails in spell check). so thats gotta count for something, AND..i only speak American…

  7. i thought i’d add, remember that time Selma Hyack pulled out her tits and nursed a starving baby in Africa? i swear to OZ she did that…just thought i’d remind you…

    • tannerleah says:

      How can I forget? Those ugly little babies going where all men want to go. It’s just not right.

      Thank you for showing praise to the mighty and powerful OZ! You are going to go to the Emerald City for sure.

  8. nursemyra says:

    I’ve pulled out my tits and nursed another woman’s starving baby. I’ve also been to Taos, New Mexico.

    Neither of those things happened at the same time

    • tannerleah says:

      Salma? Salma, is that you? You are a world famous actress AND nurse? I love you just that much more.

      (Not Sarah Palin love, mind you, but pretty high up there).

  9. Well, I assume the renaming managed to convince the locals (and Larry himself) that he didn’t actually employ any Mexicans. Did he also upgrade their wages to “white” or was it assumed that this name-change was more of a “lateral promotion?”

    Not like changing the name turns someone white. Case in point, I spent an enjoyable 20 minutes or so being misunderstood by “Customer Service” with a national chain of tax joints (rhymes with Aitch & Our Cock). The gentleman who answered the phone had a heavy Indian accent (of the real Indians, not the I-thought-you-guys-were-from-India indians we have here in the US) and assured me his name was “Daniel” and that he could help me.

    Shortly into the conversation I realized that he was lying about at least two things.

    • tannerleah says:

      Larry also made them wear “I Love America!” t-shirts which pretty much made them 100% white.

      I have dealt with Daniel before. He is an ex-employee of the Food Here Convenience Store. My understanding is that the owner was busted for drug dealing and Daniel was deported back to India. He soon got a shot on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire but dicked up the last question and lost all of his rupees.

      Now he works at A&OC. I guess I am telling his story because it is a sad one. No wonder he has little interest in helping you. His life is fu**ed.

  10. Tizzle says:

    Less talk TL and more BOOB pics!

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