Obama Deserved The Nobel Peace Prize

Is there really any doubt about this? Have people already forgotten about the amazing success of the “beer summit”? That success alone probably should have sealed the deal but it was much more than that. 

Look at the violence statistics in Chicago, for instance. Barry helped drive violence in Chicago down to almost nothing. I mean really, when is the last time you heard of someone being killed in Chicago? Exactly, it has been a long time. 

Now, I won’t lie. I was deeply disappointed that my personal candidate, Kanye West, did not win the prize. He is all about peace and his efforts to reach out to the country western fans of the world were quite remarkable. I suspect that if Kanye was only half black, like Obama, he would have scored a few more points. 

What is most exciting about this is that the Nobel voters could see what the rest of us can see. No, not what Barack has accomplished so far, although that is more than enough, but rather what is about to happen around the world. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars? Pretty much over by the end of next week…3 weeks at the latest. Cancer? Cured in the next calendar year. Getting David Hasselhoff sober? Ok, that one is going to take Barry some extra time. 

Critics continue to carp about the fact that President Obama hasn’t actually done anything up to this point. This is just simply not true. He wore “mom jeans” to show his support of portly mothers around the world. He knocked a fly out of mid-air with his cat like reflexes. You never saw Bush do that, did you? He kept all of those nasty foreigners out of our country by throwing the Olympics. And the list goes on and on. 

Let’s face it, those that are upset that Obama won the Nobel hate the black man. That is the only reasonable way to explain their behavior. Barry is the closest thing to Black Jesus that we have and to hate on him just means that you either live in the South or were robbed by a black man…or both. 

I am glad that our President has won such a prestigious prize and look forward to his winning a Grammy and Academy Award next year. He will give a great acceptance speech (they allow teleprompters, don’t they?) and our children will have a true hero to look up to. Finally our children, regardless of faith or gender, can say they want to grow up to be just like Barack Obama. No, not POTUS but rather a semi-black dude with a hot wife, sporting a bangin’ booty.

barry looking Nobel like

(Barry playing “smell my finger” while still looking pensive)


34 Responses to Obama Deserved The Nobel Peace Prize

  1. trishatruly says:

    Spot on! You nailed it!

    I just found you but I will definitely be back!

    Thanks for a great giggle this afternoon. I needed this!

  2. I support you here! I mean why can’t inspiration win over hard work?

    This came as a shock to me – didn’t even know he was nominated. I mean who would have nominated Obama when he didn’t even accomplished anything yet. Oh Just maybe that person was still in awe after a black man became the President – pretty normal.

  3. thats why i love the obama. he made me feel its okay to be portly.

  4. Bilroni says:

    Hasn’t accomplished anything??? Our relationship with Iran and North Korea are the best they’ve ever been….. oh, wait… they still suck…

    At least he got those Asian chicks out of North Korea, right?…. Oh, wait, that was our previous Black President…

    He brought us HOPE, isn’t that enough people?

  5. Well spoken… Though the ‘hate the black man.. live in the South, got robbed” bit was almost, almost lacking in taste!

    So, since Kanye West wasn’t really all that likely.. Who might you have given it to were you the King of Nobel Land?

  6. elizabeth3hersh says:

    “Hot wife…”. Dude, you need to get checked for presbyopia.

  7. art vandelay says:

    Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Barack Obama. I think he fits right in.

  8. art vandelay says:

    P.S. I agree with Liz.

  9. yorksnbeans says:

    TL, you have a way of seeing right through the bullsh*t. We need more people like you in the world in order to keep common sense alive. Give me a T…give me an L…!!

    • tannerleah says:

      Thank you, YnB. Were you wearing your high school cheerleader outfit as you typed your response? It would have more meaning if you did. (Kind of like how I type without pants on…unless there is a party going on).

  10. nonnie9999 says:

    yet that dancing with the stars mirror-ball trophy is still heartbreakingly out of reach. 😦

  11. i was kinda hoping Taylor Swift would get this one…oh well looks like she’s been duped by a black man again.i mean it’s obvious she deserved to win this award just like she deserved to win that award on the MVA’s ..i wonder if while Obama is accepting his award, if Kanye will pop up and say Beyonce deserved to win… im hoping Kanye is just that stupid and they CIA can take his stupid ass out..

  12. greektome says:

    I stumbled into your town on my internet acid trip, usually I am over in the conspiracy neck of the woods and, therefore, I am often taken for the hopelessly serious. So, the photo of Obama is showing one of the not-so-secret hand signals of the nasty Masons. Guess that pretty much explains how someone who does nothing (well, yes, he did catch a fly, but reptiles are good at that) wins the coveted prize. Thanks for the reprieve!

    • elizabeth3hersh says:

      I’m usually not at a loss for words, but I think “Internet acid trip” sums up nicely my contributions on this blog.

    • tannerleah says:

      Welcome greektome. He doesn’t look like a Mason (Perry most readily comes to mind). Maybe he is in the glass jar black market? Sadly, my ignorance of Masonry is pretty obvious.

      Liz, stop stalking the new guests.

  13. Donald Mills says:

    I had $50 on Bono. I should have known better. The Noble folks hate tiny Irish men.


  15. elizabeth3hersh says:

    This letter was printed in today’s Las Vegas Review-Journal:

    “To the editor:

    I’ve been thinking of inventing stable metallic hydrogen (the Holy Grail of physics). In fact, I’ve given a few speeches here and there during the past 10 months about how great things will be for the comity of nations once I get around to doing something to invent it. Would you please refer me to the suitable point of contact at the Norwegian Nobel Committee?

    I’m confident, based upon its recent announcement concerning President Obama and its annual peace prize, that my intentions qualify me to win the physics prize. And for your kind referral, I’ll be sure to invite you along when I accept my award.

    Thanking you in advance.”

    Robert C. Tauber

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