Yet Another Gun Nut Makes The News (Updated)

EDIT: Sadly, this story did not have a happy ending. Meleanie and her husband Scott were both found dead from gunshot wounds in an apparent murder-suicide. Nothing funny about it as their 3 children are now parentless.


Let me start by saying that, in general, I have no problem with gun ownership. I own a gun as do many, many sane and rational people. That’s not what this article is about. This is about those gun owners that make other gun owners look like zealots and extremists.

In this case, the pistol packin’ mama is named  Meleanie Hain. (I always get distressed when I see an easy to spell name skewed all to hell). Anyway, Mel (as I will refer to her) has decided that she is going to carry her Glock 26 anywhere she goes. Here is a photo of Mrs. Hain locked and loaded:


Mel, like too many people, is convinced that she and her family are always in the path of danger. So, to be prepared when this potential catastrophe happens, she carries the gun. The problem is, while this might make Mel more comfortable, it is making many others in her community less comfortable. When Mel shows up at a soccer game or Wal Mart with her gun it, not surprisingly, tends to make other folks nervous.

Mel runs a daycare but, for some mysterious reason, 2 of the 3 families she worked for have taken their kids out of her custody. My guess is it is because of the gun but shouldn’t they have known this before they sent their kids to Mrs. “shoot first, ask later” Haim? You know, kind of like due diligence?

Since this has gone on for a few months now, Mel has decided she has  had enough of the mocking and mean spirited feedback. She has filed a lawsuit against Lebanon County and Mike DeLeo, the sheriff that revoked her gun permit, for a cool one million dollars. (A judge has since reinstated her license). Mel said the sheriff’s comments made people think she was “still an idiot”. Um…Mel? What do you mean by “still an idiot”. Do you mean you were an idiot but have since been cured? Ok. Whatever you say.

Here is my problem with all of these gun toting, vigilante, “the sky is falling”, apocalypse loving types. Why are they so selective in their protection? For instance, Mel is much more likely to die from drowning. Why not carry around an air tank on her back all day just in case? What about just walking down the street and getting hit by a car? John Travolta isn’t wearing his “Boy in a bubble” outfit so maybe Mel could wear it. She also is much more likely to choke to death. Where is her portable Cuisinart to chop up her food into tiny pieces? Christ, even a tornado is a possibility. Why no bricks in her pants to stop her from blowing away? The list is endless.

It is clear that Mel has some serious security issues that need to be addressed. I am sure that the gun makes her feel more secure but I doubt it is helping with the core problem. I truly hope that she doesn’t “Plaxico” herself or one of her children. I also hope that the judge throws her ridiculous case out of court and chastises her for wasting taxpayer money. Lastly, I hope Mel doesn’t come across an equally unstable person that is carrying a firearm. I am pretty confidant that the story would not have a happy ending.

Ok, gun loving lunatics. It’s your turn to tell me how wrong I am and how the world we be a safer place if everyone had a gun. Fire away! (Pun intended).


23 Responses to Yet Another Gun Nut Makes The News (Updated)

  1. elizabeth3hersh says:

    From a psychiatric viewpoint (I am in the field), it makes you wonder why the need to annex their bodies with a deadly weapon in such an in-your-face fashion. I have the same question for pit bull owners and other attack dog owners. On the flip side, what about those who have concealed weapon permits and are packing their heat surreptitiously? You ask some pointed questions TL. Nice job.

  2. art vandelay says:

    I had someone break into my house once….I packed visible heat for awhile..of course I was off my meds then

  3. tannerleah says:

    Liz – I have no problem with a concealed permit. (Unless your name is Plaxico). It is not a provocative action like wearing a gun on your hip.

  4. tannerleah says:

    Art – So that would be BAFJ? (Before Art found Jesus) Cause no way a true Bible reader like yourself carries a gun. I think the only weapon the Bible allows is a slingshot.

  5. art vandelay says:

    Yes, it was BAFJ, however, I still pack heat…I’m just more discreet these days.
    Keep that in mind Mr. Tannerleah!

  6. I don’t understand why the fact that I carry a gun makes me dangerous or foolish or likely to shoot someone for no reason, or any of the other outlandish claims made here. BTW, how many references to swords are there in the Bible (for those of you who claim to have read it)?

  7. tannerleah says:

    Scrapple – I have no problem with you carrying a gun. The problem with this lady is a) she is wearing it to events involving children and b) brandishing a weapon, legal or not, is provocative.

    As to the sword question, I will leave that up to the Bible Bunch.

    My biggest concern is that anyone would have a name like “scrapplesandwich”. My dad made me eat scrapple as a kid and I have still not forgiven him for it.

    • Great post, TL. Dead on take on these gun nuts.

      Note 1: I am against gun control. One needs to look no further than Washington, DC to see how it doesn’t work. However, that means I support responsible gun usage, which this is definitely not.

      Note 2: I am not a standing member of the Bible Bunch, but I was raised by them for 18 years, so here’s my take.

      Scrapple, I’m really not sure what point you were trying to make with Mel’s gun usage via the Bible mentioning swords.

      First of all, you have to get over the fact that a lot of people are not going to consider the Bible a good source of reference material when it comes to real life.

      That being said, if I may extrapolate what I think you were trying to say from what you actually dumped into the comment thread: the Bible supports the carrying of weapons because a lot of people in the Bible carried swords.

      This comparison leaves a lot to be desired for several reasons. The Old Testament holds the most mentions, mainly because during this period most of the area was in the middle of various “land grabs” by warring factions.

      The Israelites were nomadic due to the fact that nearly everyone either wanted to enslave them or kill them.

      When you deal with this kind of reality, it behooves you to carry a weapon. Not only did you have various burgeoning cultures trying to wipe you off the face of the planet, but you had wild animals to either kill for food or kill so as not to be killed by them.

      Consequently, lots of swords. Mel’s situation hardly compares to this, seeing as the white middle class has never really been the target of mass annihilation by pretty much near everybody.

      You also may note that while New Jersey has its share of undesirable people (85% as of last census), it rarely is home to killer animals.

      What seems most common for those who toss the Bible around like it’s a be-all, end-all argument winner, is that they all like the Old Testament.

      The Old Testament was full of rules and regulations and lots of acts of a self-proclaimed “wrathful” God. A lot of these (also self-proclaimed) “God’s people” like their Bible to be full of easy-to-spot villians and lots of heavy-handed judgment.

      Contrast this to the New Testament and Jesus’ arrival. He said himself that he was bringing about an end to the Old Testament way of living. His teachings were based on love and compassion, rather than dense, meaningless rules handed out by self-appointed representatives of God.

      You will find hardly any “sword” references in the New Testament as this was not the point of those stories. The message that rarely gets through is that God is trying to save the world via His Son. He did not send yet another destructive force to continue the old habits of judgment and punishment.

      What’s my point with this? Just that people who use the Bible as a weapon prefer to do so with the convictions of the past, instead of the new way Jesus presented. All judgment, no forgiveness and forget about treating people as human.

      Point 2: A sword and a gun are hardly comparable.

      If you wish to take someone’s life with a sword, you HAVE to mean it. It takes physical effort to cut through muscle and skin. It takes a willingness to put yourself within the blood of those you are killing.

      To kill with a gun, you need none of these things. You only need the will to pull the trigger. The gun itself allows you the disconnect from the actual killing.

      When you wear your gun visibly, you are telling the world that a.) you are possibly unstable, and b.) that you are willing to injure or kill for any reason that seems sane to you.

      When Mel made a practice of carrying around her gun, she was looking for a reason to pull the trigger. Her paranoia gave her the impetus and it looks as if her husband finally gave her the excuse she needed to start pulling the trigger.

      And as for hoverman, you try to paint her as responsible mother, but most mothers don’t end up as part of a murder-suicide.

      Obviously her husband (the police officer, thx hoverman) had a problem with her behavior as they were separated at the time of the shooting.

      So I am in agreement with TL on this: she (and people like her) are gun nuts. To risk the lives and safety of others under the pretense of being a protective mom is inherent bullshit. The kind of bullshit that stems from an unbalanced paranoia.

      Millions of parents are concerned for their childrens’ safety. Only one felt it was necessary to head to social events packing visible heat.

      (My apologies for the length, TL. This is not meant to detract from your post, but these commenters got my blood all angried up.)

      • tannerleah says:

        As always CLT, quite eloquent and well thought out. I think I am going to go out and get a really big sword because I am in the mood to do some choppin’! Praise Jesus!

  8. hoverman says:

    I love the way you SLANT all of your replies to comments here to insinuate that she is looking for trouble, insecure, brandishing (she was not brandishing, that involves intentionally displaying her weapon out of the holster). She is a mother, that realizes that bad things happen to good people EVERY DAY in this country, and the police can’t be everywhere to help us.. Did you also notice that her husband is a sworn ploice officer? DDo you not think that she has had considerable guidance in safety, carry, public law, and other considerations that carrying a weapon entails? No, probably not. You are too busy trying to paint her (and the other 25 MILLION concealed carry licensees) as some sort of deranged, mal-addjusted sociopath that could come unhinged at any time. You need to get a grip.

    • tannerleah says:

      hoverman – She is not carrying concealed. As I have already stated, I don’t have a problem with that. However, anytime you are publically carrying a weapon, there is an IMPLIED threat. Maybe you want people carrying firearms around your children…I don’t. I realize that you and your ilk are convinced that the boogey man is around every corner, but he is not. Just like invisible Jesus is not going to decide what cereal I eat this morning. Get out of the US and see how many other societies don’t live in the kind of fear mongering world we do.

      Also, if you read her story, she readily admits that she carries the gun due to insecurity she started to feel after she was involved in an automobile accident. That is a mental health problem. She should have used the money she spent on the Glock to get some counseling. She needs it.

  9. Bart says:

    The kids are lucky to still be alive and are probably better off in the long run.

  10. Dearest TL,
    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’ve been carrying my new pink handled derringer in my bra and now I understand why one of my cats is nervously spraying all over my kitchen. He fears for his life! Poor pussy.

    If Jesus, or God or whoever mentioned carrying a sword so much then I’m going to give my gun away to the deranged chick outside of my favorite coffee shop and buy a sword. Then I’ll be right with the Lord– not sure about the NRA– and the cat will stop stinking up the house. Admittedly I’ll probably have to find an alternative place to stash it, the bra might be dangerous.. hate to lose a nipple.
    thanks for helping me figure this out.. I’ve paid umpteen dollars to the Vet and now we know what was wrong.

    Suggestions on a good sword shop?

    ps, isn’t it kinda a moot point to discuss whether Mel is a sociopath? She’s dead due in part, I bet, to the gun she was carrying and the honest, upright, mentally balanced cop, also gun carrying, she was married to. Is there more to say? ( just noted that the comments were from first running of post. oh well I’m sticking with my thoughts!)

  11. I think Delicate Flower is way too pretty for the circus, but being able to cut fruit for my tropical drinks and my Carmen Miranda hat … great idea.

  12. Bilroni says:

    Decided to look her up, and found an interesting website talking about her (Pre-death).

    I enjoy the bad hillbilly english and pictures of dead animals on this website.

  13. elizabeth3hersh says:

    After 20 years of gun ownership, I sold my last gun two months ago with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it was ‘scary’ having a gun in the house (I’d long forgotten how to handle one after blowing a hole in the bedroom wall horsing around with my boyfriend while drinking (he thought it was ‘cute’). Then again, it’s every man for themselves out here in the Wild Wild West (that would definitely be Las Vegas). I used the money for SAT tutoring. I think ultimately it was a good investment, that is, unless the burglars come back or a Rottweiler charges me.

  14. i want a gun real bad now…

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