Obama Is Brainwashing Our Children!

Ok, so I didn’t actually have time to listen to his little speech today but don’t think for a second I am not hip to what his message was.

The edited version talked about doing your homework and staying in school. It talked about responsibility and character. I am sure we can all agree these are good things.

What was left out, however, was the real agenda of President Obama. You know, the “hidden message” that he so cleverly hid from all of us. Well, I for one am on to his little game and have solved the riddle. Let’s look at his real message.

He talked about being healthy. That is just code for “support my Communist health plan”. Why should we support his plan when he is bringing black eyed peas and collard greens into the White House? Is that “healthy” food? He is probably washing it down with grape Kool-Aid.

Next, he talked about the value of extracurricular activities. The hidden message was to play more basketball, and stay away from swimming. (He mentions Michael Jordan but not Michael Phelps). Play baseball if you have to but, really, leave that for the Mexican kids.

He also said to listen to your parents but what he really meant was to listen to Jay-Z or NWA or Nas or Fifty-Cents or one of those other thug rappers. He was saying that these folks should be your real role models. Why not mention Pat Boone or one of the many popular white artists out there?

Shockingly, he also insinuated that all women should be called “bitches and ho’s”. He used the words teachers and role models but it was obvious what he meant. Even I was shocked at how blatant this was.   

Can you now see why people like me and Pat Robertson told you that this was a bad idea? We knew that, given the chance, he would go off on some racist rant that was probably partly written by OJ Simpson and Al Sharpton.

Fortunately, my kids were not exposed to this disgusting display. They are home schooled and learn everything straight out of the Bible…the way Jesus would have told it. Obama also talked that mess about landing on the moon. Good golly, you might as well give the dinosaur or Holocaust speech again if you are just going to be making crap up.

I say it’s a sad day for America when the President of our United States is allowed to talk to our children directly. (Unless it is a white President named Bush or Reagan. That Bush is a real good reader). I knew he would try this kind of tom foolery and sure as white on cotton, he did. I hope you people are happy.


30 Responses to Obama Is Brainwashing Our Children!

  1. art vandelay says:

    This was his “revised” speech, and no, my child did not listen to it today. For the millionth time, it’s NOT about race…EGADS! Have a busy week as I’m preparing to go to Washington this weekend for the 9/12 Rally. Please look for me on FOX news–I’ll be with all the whiteys.

    • tannerleah says:

      Art, first, welcome back! I thought Jesus had abducted you or something.

      If it’s not about race, how come everyone you picket with is white? Black people too busy to get time off from work?

      What rally on 9/12? What’s it for? Is it like the Million Man March except for whitey?

    • Bart says:

      Art – Why weren’t you out protesting when Bush was running up our deficit to record heights on useless wars?

  2. art vandelay says:

    Oh there are plenty of blacks there–they come by large busses and have professionally-made signs. I’ve witnessed it on several occasions. Whitey-man drives his own car there and carries his home-made sign.

    Didn’t realize you were back in business TL. Have missed you.

    Here’s the info on the rally in DC: http://www.912dc.org
    Apparently you don’t listen to Glenn Beck, Truth Czar.

  3. bschooled says:

    Luckily I have an American friend who taped the speech and then played it backwards for me. It was shocking.

    Not only does he insinuate that kids won’t go to hell for lying to their parents about having brushed their teeh before bed, he also implies that as long as they’re in a “committed relationship,” they don’t need to wait until marriage before engaging in intimate activities like dry-humping or “the shocker”.

    The man needs to go.

    Then again, being Canadian, what do I care.

  4. nonnie9999 says:

    no worries, tannerleah. roger stephens, the focus of your last post, will be around to slap the indoctrination right out of the kids victimized by obama.

    • tannerleah says:

      Good point, nonnie. I can sleep better knowing that although the kids might sport corn rows and droopy pants for awhile, Roger will make it all better. It takes a village, you know.

  5. HAHA…i love you…barack obama is my dad btw..seriously..look at a picture of me..and then look at a picture of him…we have the same …complexion..i’m thinking of taking it Maury or Jerry Springer..and Michelle can come out on stage and we can slap each other around..but not too much cus she’s really big and i like living…i also have Obamas lips..
    so from now on call me Krystle Obama…got it?

    • tannerleah says:

      Ah…the missing Obama child. Barry had you out of wedlock with the waitress from Denny’s, didn’t he? (
      I read about it in The Star).

      You hang in there girlfriend. The truth will come out and you will have your own reality show in no time!

  6. jimmyv says:

    What the President really needs to do is hire speech writers who don’t use Wikipedia as a fact-checker.

    Michael Jordan was NEVER cut from his high school basketball team. It’s a myth. Always has been.


    • tannerleah says:

      jimmyv, what good would politics be if people used facts? How boring. It’s much better when they completely fabricate stories. It’s kind of like the present day Brothers Grimm.

  7. I get all my facts from Wikipedia. Don’t bloggers tell the truth?

  8. art vandelay says:

    I was politically asleep then.

  9. art vandelay says:

    I believe Obama is sending troops to fight in Afghanistan. If he thinks we should be there, then I support him on that issue. National security comes first in my book.

    • tannerleah says:

      Have you had a lot of Afghans chasing you around your block lately? (Not including the dog type).

      PS – It’s so nice to have you back. Try to spend more time on-line and less on the side of the road.

  10. It’s easy to see now, using your translation, why everyone was so worried that the most popular president of all time would brainwash the kids.

    Half of the midwest probably thought they were watching Jay-Z.

    My favorite part was his rendition of 99 Problems with current-event lyrics inserted. Michelle looked none too pleased about the chorus though.

  11. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Loved the video thoughtfully provided by CLT! I started watching the movie “The Changeling” yesterday. After 15 slo-mo minutes I hit eject and got the complete plot synopsis from Wiki and imdb.com. The movie takes place between 1928-1930. The set, costumes and props were beautiful (basically the sole reason I taped the movie)…visually stunning. I mention this movie because a lot has changed in eighty years. Imagine sometime in 2089, citizens looking back and marveling at our lack of tolerance/civility (whatever happened to respecting the office of the presidency?), and the actions of ‘concerned’ parents boldly restricting their precious progeny from covert and abominable socialist indoctrination (there ARE more important things to discuss at the dinner table). But, the set, costumes and props will be very pretty.

  12. tannerleah says:

    You should have left it on just to watch Angie’s beautiful lips moving for 2.5 hours.

  13. elizabeth –

    I’ve got nothing wrong with the office. It’s the president. And it’s been that way for years.

    And I would hope that while they’re marvelling at our lack of respect and ridiculous consternation, that they would briefly pause and say, “That CLT was a hell of writer and very thoughtful with his video placement.”

    And when you said “The Changeling,” I was thinking of something completely different.

  14. Geez, you beat Bill Maher to the punch on this – I’m impressed.

    Oh, wait, you mean it. Never mind.

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