The Book Is Finally Finished

July 17, 2009

For any of you still lurking around here, my book (Booze, Baptists, and Bedlam), which has been stuck in neutral for some time, is finished. You can order it at the link below for the amazing price of $12.56. (Shipping, on the other hand, is ridiculous. I think in several more weeks it will be available on Amazon which should have a much cheaper shipping cost).

But wait, there’s more! (Ok, not really. I just thought I should try to make it sound more exciting.)

Here are some early reviews of the book…

” Am I ever going to get my money back on this deal? ” – Frank

” If I knew you were going to write this crap, I would have beat you even harder. Love, Dad ”

” I would have beat you too. By the way, can you sing and dance? I have a new record label that is going to be the shizzle. Oh, and I am still sad about Mike.” – Joe Jackson

” I can’t wait to be with you. I dumped the job and Todd is next.” – Sarah Palin

” Seriously…where the fu** is my money? ”  – Frank

Pretty awesome reviews, no? For those of you who would prefer a free, electronic copy, just e-mail me and I will send you the PDF version.

I miss you guys and gals but still have no desire to return to the fold…at least for the time being. TL

EDIT: I posted the complete book on the Booze, Baptists, and Bedlam tab. (I couldn’t figure out how to post it as a PDF. The formatting is probably off but it’s close enough.) Now, you can order the book or just read it here if you are so inclined. Personally, I wouldn’t take my laptop into the toilet with me but I won’t judge you.