Turn Out The Lights, the Party’s Over

It was one year ago that I started this blog and I figure it’s as good of time as any to take an extended (permanent?) vacation. The truth is, I simply have nothing new to say.

I have had a great time interacting with you and will continue to visit you at your house from time to time. 

Thanks for sharing your time with me and maybe I will see you somewhere down the road. As always, much love. TL


38 Responses to Turn Out The Lights, the Party’s Over

  1. I feel as though I was just getting to know you.

    Please drop by any time. The door is always open and your wit brightens the room.

  2. I hope you’re pulling our collective legs, TL.

  3. i dont think this is a good idea. there is plenty to write about. please don’t go.

  4. yorksnbeans says:

    WTF!! This isn’t April 1st, is it?? TL, no way…you always have things to say! Please reconsider.

  5. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Does this “announcement” have anything to do with Sarah resigning?

  6. elizabeth3hersh says:

    If this is true, I am going to have to sit shiva for a week.

  7. yorksnbeans says:

    How can you say you don’t have anything to say after showing us your fabulous new book! 🙂

  8. I think his wife is shutting it down b/c he has too many female fans.

  9. Pompous Andrew says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Say it ain’t so, TL. C’mon, I got on here to see what you had to say about your girl Sarah, not this! I get it, you figure if she can give up, so can you. But she will be back, and so, I hope, will you.

  10. nonnie9999 says:

    tell the truth, tl! you’re slipping away to visit your mistress in argentina, aren’t you?

  11. art vandelay says:

    He’s just trying to be like Sarah…stepping down, acting all mysterious about his future. WHAT-EV!

  12. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Turns out, this sitting shiva business is quite involved: in preparation, I have covered my mirrors, purchased a Ner Daluk (mourning candle), scattered cushions of the floor, prepared a Seudat Havra’ah (mourning meal), and found a pebble to put in my shoes in the unlikely event I must leave the house during the requisite seven day bereavement period. I can assure you there will be much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    Now, if you need a sabbatical in order to work on Sarah’s PAC, I completely understand. I do not begrudge you a temporary respite from blogging to work on Sarah’s surreptitious Phase II. But, PLEASE don’t tell your legions of fans that you are finished with Stop Annoying Me! Turn the lights back on!!

  13. Sarah says:

    Although I have not been reading your blog all that long (a couple of months, maybe), I just cannot believe that *you* have nothing to say.

    Please, say it ain’t so!

  14. nursemyra says:

    I’m heading over to Elizabeth’s house to sit shiva with her. This is a calamity of enormous proportions

    • Can you sit Shiva with a Shiksa?

      • elizabeth3hersh says:

        Shiksas, shegetz, Chasidim, cartoonists, lion tamers, randy nurses, the incarcerated, San Francisco liberals, Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin (as guest of honor) are all welcome. There is kugel for everyone. Hmmm, kugel may be too festive. Somehow, I don’t think TL would mind. In any event, I have been ruminating about this “exit” for the last 24 hours and it is putting me in a funk. Can’t you just gently wean us from the blog rather than dropping the curtain? I haven’t felt this bad since “The Wire” ended.

  15. G says:


    Why is it that as soon as I find a nifty blog the read, the owner decides to take a powder?

    So disappointed.

  16. I blame Lulu. And society.

    If this is truly goodbye, thanks for the entertainment, TL. I wish there was more to come.

  17. Bart says:

    In the words of the esteemed Rayford Long: “straight up? for real? no lie?” “Maaaaahhn. I be trippin.”

  18. QueenO'Green says:

    FTW! Tannerleah you had almost created peace in the Middle East (OK well it seems that way since Liz and Art have begun to bond) – Seriously you CANNOT end this!!!!

    • elizabeth3hersh says:

      TL, I will convert to Christianity and allow Art to put me on her prayer list if you come back!! Actually, I won’t, but I will pledge to pray (to Carl Sagan?) that Art discovers evolution, skeptical inquiry, rationalism, and secular humanism. I might even let those cute Mormon missionaries in the next time they ring my bell (if you know what I mean).

  19. Ram Venkatararam says:

    I’ve said it before, TL, but you’re a very funny man. I’ve always enjoyed my time here immensely.

    All the best.


    (I’m not breaking the news to Mother V. You’re on your own there, brother.)

  20. When you get bored of life without us, we will welcome you back with open arms. Hmm.. Open eyes. Open blogs?

    Open.. minds?

    Something will be open.

  21. nursemyra says:

    Not your legs though Claire. I mean you’re married and all aren’t you?

    • OH no Nurse. I am absolutely happily married for many many years and I have 4 kids. The legs have been permanantly sealed closed for many years. Once I figured out what was causing all of those kids, I fixed that problem! 🙂

      I’ll greet dear TL with open arms, an open mind, but that’s it!

  22. Wow. I’m speechless. Did you get in trouble for flirting? I did.

    Please don’t go. Was it something we said? Or didn’t say? Do you need affirmation?

    Tannerleah, you are lovable and capable. You make us laugh and smile and feel warm inside. Now take a deep breath, sit yoga style (whatever the hell that’s called), count to ten and reconsider this whole nasty business.

    P.S. Will you autograph every page of my copy of your book?

  23. tannerleah says:

    Thank you all for the comments. I wish I could tell you there was some specific reason for closing shop but there really isn’t. I simply have lost the desire to write…at least for the time being.

    The best part of the blog has always been your feedback and I will miss that part more than anything else.

    You guys / gals are funny beyond words. Truthfully, most of you really need to seek help from a mental health expert.

    Thanks again for sharing your valuable time and, hopefully, I will be back at it at some point in the future. TL

  24. Say it ain’t so TL. Thanks for the laughs, you will be missed.

  25. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Today is TL’s birthday (Happy Birthday baby brother!!). My daughter wrote a poem in honor of the occasion.


    You might think that you’re old and gray,
    but you still haven’t passed away.
    Jacko’s dead, and Farah, too!
    Let’s see who’s next! Could it be you?

    As you age, you’ll go beserk,
    Your skin will wrinkle and might need work.
    But as far as plastic surgery goes…
    make sure that you don’t lose your nose.

    But aging isn’t all that bad,
    Ms. Palin loves an older lad!
    The wiser men are much more fun-
    you KNOW she’d love to cock your gun…

    Enough with death, here’s to a year!
    Your mind is sharp and thoughts are clear!
    In fact, you’re too young to retire…
    so why’d you set your blog afire?

    YNB and Art and Ram,
    would like to think its just a sham.
    So please come back at our request,
    Can’t you tell we’re quite obsessed?

    We’ve been sitting shiva all week long,
    and to celebrate your birthday would just be wrong.
    Though many are dead, your blog must revive,
    And together we’ll toast to all that’s alive.


  26. dammit i’m too late to say good bye…
    “i never can say good bye no, no no no why?..
    even though the pain of loosing you…lalalalalla”
    okay i don’t all the words..but good luck in the future and hope you come back soon and share your awesomeness with us…
    ps..did you know Lallygag was a real word?

  27. Aces n Eights says:

    This saddens me TL….you brought many smiles to me each morning when it hit my Inbox. I wish you the best, and thanks for providing the much needed humor every week. Cheers


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