Maybe I Was Too Hard On Lulu

July 2, 2009

After all, I went on a rant recently about their incompetence and how frustrating they were to deal with. I had lost hope in their ability to perform even the most simple of tasks.

Yesterday, my friend Frank changed my thinking. He was so anxious to get my book that he went ahead and ordered it. (Although I had mentioned that it doesn’t really exist yet). Lulu, being the professional organization that it is, swiftly printed the book and mailed it to Frank.

He was so kind as to make a brief movie of this first copy of the first edition. Very heady and exciting stuff, I must tell you. Here now, in all of its glory, is a quick look at my book:

Wow, pretty amazing, eh? I would say Frank got quite a deal only paying $20+ dollars for such an instant classic. He should enjoy reading it on his upcoming vacation.

As you can see from the video, I tend to write with few words…very few. I believe that being succinct is a key to good writing. You may also notice that the cover says “temporary cover”. I used this in case people disliked the cover. ThenĀ I could always tell them that it wasn’t the “real” one.

Thank you Lulu for doing me proud. Your professional work has been a breath of fresh air. (And Frank, don’t even think about selling that copy on E-Bay for a fortune!)