Guys, Is It So Hard To Wear Your Wedding Band?

I ask this mostly of men since we are the ones that generally have a million excuses as to why we don’t wear one. We don’t want to get it dirty or we are allergic to metal or we just hate jewelry. 

Here is the truth…not wearing the band keeps us in the game. That’s right. Throw out all of the lame excuses that your spouse is giving you and understand that somewhere, maybe even deep down, your man is holding out for the perfect woman. 

Let’s take a look at our dear friend, Mark Sanford:

Weird Pressers 

See what I mean? Whither the wedding band, Mark? I thought you were contrite and wanted to get back with your wife? Apparently, not at the cost of wearing the albatross that is the wedding band. Who knows what hotty he might meet due to his recent flurry of news activity? 

At least half of the married guys I know don’t wear their wedding band. I would say the same thing goes for celebrities. (I’m sure their excuse is that it might hurt the “brand”). The truth is they all are holding out hope for one thing…the perfect woman. Kind of like the woman from Weird Science or Pretty Woman. And they hope she pops up in pretty much the same way, out of the thin blue air. 

Personally, I wear my wedding band but for the opposite reason. I am so harangued by women that I wear my ring to try to keep women away from me. It doesn’t work that great as I am still highly sought after but what can I do? 

Or, maybe I wear it because I am happy to be married and love my wife. I also have no problem with the world knowing that. Nah, it’s the first reason I gave…I am just overrun by woman wanting some of the TL love. Chicks dig me and men fear me. 

Sorry guys to throw you under the bus and let the secret out but I am just sick of the hypocrisy that I see everyday. Man up and put your damned ring on. Wear it with pride. (Of course, in the event that you do run across the Weird Science chick, it is entirely appropriate to quickly dump the ring into your pocket. Don’t be an idiot).


16 Responses to Guys, Is It So Hard To Wear Your Wedding Band?

  1. elizabeth3hersh says:

    I have had three marriages (three time loser?) and have never felt comfortable wearing a ring. Perhaps if the ring had been a Tiffany, GIA certified D-F, VS-1 3ct solitaire with tapered baguettes in a platinum setting…

    Today, I would settle for CZ. Whether Harry Winston or department store CZ, the ring would still feel stiff and foreign. I would rather bling out with a bracelet or Bertolucci watch.

  2. nonnie9999 says:

    maybe we should ditch the rings and make something more painful a sign that someone is married. maybe getting a pinky toe cut off or something like that. not only will someone not be able to hide the fact that s/he is married, but people will think a lot harder before getting married in the first place.

  3. yorksnbeans says:

    As far as I know Mr. YnB can’t even get his ring off his finger! 🙂

  4. TL, you are such a hot stud. We females are defenseless against you.

    As far as rings go, I made my husband stop wearing his because it was too tight and cutting off circulation. So I guess he’s already found the perfect woman…

  5. nursemyra says:

    Do all married men actually have wedding rings? Perhaps it’s a generational thing, my father never wore one and I can’t recall any of our male patients wearing them either.

    When I got married I remember being surprised that my husband wanted to wear a ring as well. Wonder when the tradition started…….

    • Sarah says:

      Good question.

      I don’t remember if my Dad (born 1931) ever had one, let alone wore it, but working in a factory it was against safety policy to wear one for fear of it getting caught in the machinery. So, unless he wore it on the weekend (which would have been kind of silly), he certainly never wore it during the week.

      My husband and I were married in 1972. Of course, I researched etiquette at the time, which declared that a wedding ring for the man was optional. So, being young and poor, we opted not to waste our money.

      During the late 70’s, I opted to cease wearing mine as I decided it was no one’s business wheter or not I was married. Changed my last name to my mother’s maiden name, too. (Can you say feminism?)

  6. Bob Trusty says:

    I would love to wear a ring if i ever got married, but mum says that i would be allergic to it. Anyway, i wont find a woman as great as her to marry! LOSTL!

    You should wear the ring as a symbol of the marriage. That you ARE married and that your pants are firmly up high for a reason!


  7. art vandelay says:

    I’m sure wearing a wedding ring is as uncool as being married to a person of the opposite sex…that would be a “traditional value” and we all know how wrong that is these days.

  8. Interesting. I find that women tend to be MORE attracted to men with a wedding ring on. It’s like the forbidden fruit.

  9. Interesting read… quite tongue-in-cheek!
    I’ve never married yet…and the thought of marrying some day somehow crawls under my skin with a rather distressing feeling!!

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