Finally, A Drunk Who Doesn’t Use 911

Doreen L. DeTroye was pissed off and more than a little drunk. She was mad at her ex and wanted to give him an earful. So, she called him over and over in the middle of the night and let him have it. (Although I guess they somehow kept getting disconnected which would explain the numerous dials).

Unfortunately, these calls were just not quite satisfying her and quenching her drunken rage. In a moment of brilliance, she called the police. (Too her full credit, she did not dial 911). Knowing that the police are here to serve, she asked if they could possibly give her a ride over to her ex’s house so she could “beat the crap” out of his new girlfriend.

The police, not being nearly as helpful as Doreen hoped they would be, proceeded to drive over to her house and arrest her for “phone harassment”. Since when is drunk dialing a crime? Do we have enough jails in America to hold all of the drunk dialers and drunk texters out there? The Sheboygan police really must have been having a slow night. 

Here is a really nice photo of Doreen taken by her always helpful local police.

Doreen L. DeTroye 

(Really police people? You couldn’t have taken one with her eyes open? I think digital photo’s can be retaken for free so you might want to consider a new photographer). 

I guess, technically, Doreen also threatened to kill someone and shook her drunk fist at the cops. Again, should you expect anything less from a drunken, jilted ex? Where is the compassion? Maybe the girlfriend needed a good beat down. 

Before FJ asks, no, I would not do Doreen. I hate when people call me in the middle of the night. I mean, sure she is hot and everything…I just couldn’t deal with the aggravation. 

Doreen, I am sorry that the man is holding you down. We, out here in the free world, support you and hope that you break out of jail. We also appreciate that you did not use 911 and are sorry that the Sheboygan police are obviously a bunch of ill humored meanies. Good luck on your future beat downs. Much love, TL.


5 Responses to Finally, A Drunk Who Doesn’t Use 911

  1. yorksnbeans says:

    Possibly a hand written letter from you might lift her spirits. Even though Ram didn’t necessarily appreciate his letter from Lawrene, I think most inmates do enjoy receiving mail from the outside.

  2. I am with you on the pic…isn’t it required they have their eyes open for identification purposes. I can’t imaging the photog at the Sheboygan prison is that backlogged that he couldn’t take it again.

  3. Ram Venkatararam says:

    I believe her eyes are open and that she is suffering from a rare form of disease know as “myeyesropia.” It’s characterized by pupils that appear to look like eyelids. Rare, tragic and essentially untreatable.

    All the more reason that the police should have taken pity on the woman, driven her to the liquor store to “refuel”, then taken her to meet up with new girlfriend and given her one of their tasers to use on her.

    A community service and a nice night our for the local police. They usually pay big money to see women of this class pull each others hair out.

  4. She must know the the 911 lines are to be left open for fast-food customer and fast-food employees.

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