Husband Calls 911 After Wife Called “Fat”

May 29, 2009

In the never ending pursuit of ways to abuse the 911 emergency line, a Fort Worth, Texas husband called police to report that 2 men had called his wife fat. That’s it. Not that they beat her or were chasing her or stole her purse…just that they called her fat. 

Apparently, a couple of guys were handing out flyers to a gym in a residential neighborhood. It appears they tried to get the woman’s attention as she was walking her baby. After she ignored them, I think their feelings got hurt. At that point they started hurling comments such as, “you’re fat”, “you have a fat gut”, and (my personal favorite) “you eat too many donuts”. 

The wife, now upset, did not say anything in return but rather called her husband. That led to her husband calling 911. Maybe he thought the police would swoop in and take down these two nefarious characters. Obviously, he was under the impression that calling someone a name is a major crime in Texas and might even need to be met with lethal force. 

What is interesting to me is that no one, the woman or her husband, disputed the fact that the woman is fat. So, if she is fat, does the average person have the right to tell her so? Sure, it is rude and callous but that is not the same as illegal. The police decided that no charges could be pressed because the 2 guys had not actually done anything illegal. 

Also in Texas, a woman was asked to remove her “Yankees Suck” t-shirt, or cover it, while attending a Texas Rangers game. This leads me to the obvious question, “When did Texans become such big pussies?” 

When I lived in Texas, any woman you called fat would have simply turned around and punched you. Then her family would have come to your house and pounded the crap out of you. Problem solved. And a t-shirt that said “Yankees Suck”? It would not have registered one little bit. 

I am going to blame Dubya for the pussification of Texas. I am willing to listen to other possible reasons but, since he screwed up everything else, I am blaming him. Not to worry, I am sure that Barry will have Chicago all pussified in no time. Must have something to do with being the POTUS. 

Anyway, for the last time, 911 is not meant to be your personal complaint line. If your Starbucks is cold, or your wife is called fat, or the drive through is slow, DON’T CALL 911. This has been another public service message brought to you by TL. You are welcome.

One For The Young People Friday

May 29, 2009

I thought I would throw a song in from this year just for the heck of it. This is the only one I know.