Why Do Black Men Keep Kidnapping White People?

Well, not actually kidnapping them…just being accused of kidnapping them. The latest case involves Bonnie Sweeten and her daughter, Julia Rakoczy. Bonnie called 911 to say that she and her daughter had been carjacked by 2 black men and stuffed into a trunk. 

Of course, this never happened. Bonnie and Julia were tracked down at the Grand Floridian Hotel in Orlando. (Maybe the black guys wanted them to enjoy their kidnapping by taking them to Disney). She is being extradited from Florida and will be charged with making false police reports and identity theft. (She bought her airplane tickets with a friends ID). 

By the way, here is a photo of the lily white Bonnie. (Looks a little like Liz, doesn’t she?).

Victims In Trunk

This story really pisses me off. As an occasional black man, I am tired of my brothers always getting blamed for kidnapping or killing whitey. How come the Mexicans never get blamed for anything? They are way better at smuggling people so they would be natural born kidnappers. Yet they never get blamed. 

What about Indians or China men? What about the French? Except for nannies, they hardly get blamed for anything. And let’s not forget the most nefarious criminals of all…midgets. (Or dwarves, as they preferred to be called). They are up to no good all of the time. But, since they are so damned cute, they always get off of the hook. 

And what about Albino people and Eskimos? They are always sneaking around acting all guilty. My point is, there are a litany of other choices to be made when deciding on who you are going to try to frame. You don’t always have to choose the black man. In fact, it is so played out, that you lose credibility almost immediately. 

Now, if she had accused black men of stealing from her, well, that is totally believable. Everyone knows that they steal crap all day, every day. It is as if their swimming gene was replaced with the stealing gene. Funny how God made that happen. Just his little joke, I suppose. 

Well, I think I have pretty much offended everyone except clowns and monkeys so my work here is done. Please, leave my brothers alone. Fo shizzle.

another crazy white woman


12 Responses to Why Do Black Men Keep Kidnapping White People?

  1. Era says:

    Funny and pointed observation!

  2. yorksnbeans says:

    You’ve got every right to be upset TL, it’s about time Caucaso-Americans start pointing their fingers at other minorities.

  3. pak31 says:

    People need to just get skin color out of their minds(wishful thinking). Or not let it bother them so much. It’s wrong to accuse someone of doing something they didn’t whether they be labled black, white, yellow or pink. I think people just do it because it makes it sound worse, and that is wrong but I don’t think getting all upset about it is the right thing to do. Like I said, people need to stop using the adjectives in their language to describe people. We are all human. Who cares if a guy is hispanic or black, if he’s nice he is nice, if he’s a killer he’s a killer but it has nothing to do with skin color.

  4. ediva75 says:

    I thought what you said was funny. My comments on it was on how the Susan Smith Playbook still lives!!!

  5. art vandelay says:

    My daughter just made cheerleading for 7th grade and one of her classmates (who happens to be a midget) made the squad also. She yelled at me for referring to her as a “midget” and said that was mean—they are called “fun size”…I thought THAT was hilarious!

  6. elizabeth3hersh says:

    …hmmm, I do not see the resemblance TL, and, had it been me, the press would have found me in St. Moritz, Switzerland, not at the Grand Floridian in Orlando (seriously, Disney World?…she would have quickly discovered Six Degrees of Separation on the It’s a Small World attraction). Sounds like a submission for the annals of stupid criminals. Jeeez…

  7. nursemyra says:

    “Fun size”? That’s what I call my vibrator….

  8. Tim says:

    Get rid of all mexicans and blacks in USA. Close off all borders to them and deport ones here.

  9. So, why do Black men continue to lust after white women? Just desserts, perhaps?


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