Nancy Pelosi To Have Tom Brady’s Baby

May 24, 2009

Or something like that. I was asked to write about Pelosi and Brady so that’s all I could come up with. After all, what else can be said about these two?

Pelosi is a wealthy, power mongering whore that lies and misleads just like every other veteran politician. By and large, that is exactly how they become veteran politicians. Did she rat out the CIA or know about torture but failed to act? Who cares? If she didn’t do it (or know about it) replace her name with any other dirty politician. It’s all part of the game. Stop having any kind of positive hopes about politicians…even Barry. The money is all that matters. Always has, always will.

As for Brady, of course he got Gisele pregnant. By just gazing into a woman’s eyes, he can get her pregnant. When you ladies see Tom, don’t you wonder what that “popping” sound is? That’s a zillion eggs dropping saying, “Fu** me Tom. Fu** me hard all night long”. (As you may have noticed, your eggs can be somewhat crude and impolite). I would expect he will give Gisele a nifty litter of children.

And, while I am thinking of it, how many people would be naming their kid “Gisele” if it wasn’t for her smoking hot looks? After all, Gisele is just another way to spell gazelle and you wouldn’t name your kid Anteater or Antelope. Beautiful people get away with murder. I bet even her farts smell like fresh made cinnamon rolls. And you know that the BradyBundch baby is going to incredibly attractive. Not all ugly and misshapen like most babies.

I hope I have covered both the Pelosi and Brady issues to your satisfaction. The usual question is, at this point, “TL, would you hit that?” As for Pelosi, no. They way she walks around with a permanent look of shock on her face might make me feel inadequate. As for Tom, I would go gay for him in a minute. I would still be the pitcher, because I have standards, but yeah, we would be making sweet man love.

Before I go, a quick thank you and an I love you to our men and women of the Armed Forces. These are awesome people and should never be taken for granted or ignored. Every day we should be remembering them and taking care of them in any way we can. Much love to my peeps, TL.