Catholics Sure Do Have Selective Memories

May 12, 2009

How else can you explain their complaining about Obama giving a commencement speech at Notre Dame? The whole point of contention is Obama’s “pro-abortion” stance. This has lead to the following billboard being put up in South Bend.

notre dame billboard

The truth is, if there was even a hint of consistent behavior from these people, I might be inclined to understand and support their grievance. But, of course, this is little more than political hogwash. 

Where was the outrage when Dubya gave his commencement in 2001 at Notre Dame? You know, the same Dubya that has different views from the Catholic Church on small items such as nuke-u-lar proliferation, labor, the environment, the death penalty, etc. Where was the mock outrage at that event? 

Of course, there was none. Why? Because the core Catholic Church has turned into little more than a shill for the Republican Party. This is why you see moderate Catholics fleeing the Church in droves. They simply can’t take it any more. 

Even the Vatican couldn’t come out with a comment on the Obama speech scandal because the premise is so ridiculous. And this is where they fail their flock. Instead of sitting silently by to avoid incurring the wrath of the lunatic fringe, they should be speaking out boldly about this subject. But they won’t. They never do. 

There was a time, in my lifetime, when the Catholic Church was admired and the Vatican had true power in the United States. Those days are over as politics and religion have become so inbred that there is simply no separating the two. The core tenants of the Church are so diluted, or antiquated, that there is little left to hold onto. I suppose that is why these splinter groups within the Church feverishly cling to particular beliefs. 

How about instead of ignoring Barry at Notre Dame, you listen to him? And then you engage him in a conversation that is in the best interests of mankind. For instance, how about supporting single mothers and adoption? (Something that the last 5 Republican and Democratic regimes have done absolutely nothing about). 

Or, continue to stick your fingers in your ears and ignore the world around you. Yeah, that seems to be working really well for you. Good luck with that.