Drew Peterson Engaged To Another Widow-To-Be (Updated)

I don’t know if I am more appalled or amazed at the continuing story of Mr. Peterson. Maybe a little bit of both. Just a year after the disappearance of his 24 year old wife Stacy, Drew is once again engaged to another 24 year old woman. It can’t be his awesome looks or rock hard abs…so what the hell is it?


Why do attractive young women find this guy appealing, particularly after they already know that his previous relationships generally end up with the wife being dead?

Maybe I should recap Drew’s track record so far. Drew is currently married to his 4th wife, Stacy. I should say technically married because she has been missing for a year and, as near as anyone can tell, she has been murdered. (Although Drew is not exactly spending his weekends looking for her). Drew’s 3rd wife, Kathleen Savio, was found dead in a bath tub in 2004. At the time, her death was ruled an accidental drowning. So I can kind of understand why Stacy was not overly concerned.

However, even at the innocent age of 24, you would think the young lady could work out the math equation. Wives 1 and 2, allegedly beaten on a regular basis. Wives 3 and 4, not so allegedly dead. What can wife number 5 expect? At the very least probably several good a** kicking’s but, more than likely, a date with a blue 55 gallon drum. Hopefully, her parents have a deprogrammer kidnap her and fix her head.

What is most fascinating is Drew’s sociopathic behavior and complete and utter disdain for his fellow man. He is the center of his own universe and we are merely pawns in his game. Even calling him a narcissist would be a compliment. When Drew dies, he should definitely leave his brain to science so they can try to figure out where it all went so wrong.

My hope is that his new bride also has some sort of  “master plan”. How ironic would it be for her to become a widow at the expense of poor Drew? Hopefully, she has been brushing up on her CSI reruns and is up to the task. If not, we will be reading about the terrible tragedy that befell Drew’s poor young wife. She will be lucky to see 25.

Of course it is always conceivable that Drew has just had a string of really, really bad luck. Maybe Kathleen really did die accidentally (in spite of the new evidence found when she was exhumed). Maybe Stacy ran off with a younger man to Mexico and knew that Drew would hurt her if he found out. Maybe Drew really loves this new girl and wants to treat her like a queen.

Eh, who am I kidding? This guy makes OJ look like a good husband.

EDIT: I guess “widow-to-be” actually is incorrect. I just couldn’t think of a catchier way to say “dead wife”.

UPDATE: Looks like fun time might be over for Drew. He is being indicted today for the death of his 3rd wife, Kathleen Savio. This should come as extremely good news to the as yet undead new fiancé.

As always, Drew handled the arrest with class and contrition. “I guess I should have returned those library books,” was his statement as we was being lead away. Stay classy Drew…stay classy.


24 Responses to Drew Peterson Engaged To Another Widow-To-Be (Updated)

  1. OliveOil122341 says:

    How about “Corpse- To- Be”? The girl needs to have her head examined. You are right. He lacks charm, looks, etc so what the heck is it? The only thing I can figure is she wants to be a headline. Sadly it will probably be “Missing” or “Accidental Death”.

  2. Paul in PG BC says:

    Hey StOOpId,you are as dumber then you look,bets anyone ??Where the hell are her parents?? Make a case against this guy he’s dangerous!!

  3. Aces n Eights says:

    We said Paul. OK, not really. But after a couple passes through it, I think I know what you’re saying.

    I say “Fu*k her.” If she is that stupid to get involved with this guy, that’s her fault. Quit trying to save all the dumb people. Let “Natural Selection” run it’s course and the world will be a better place damn it.

  4. tannerleah says:

    Yeah, I think Paul probably had a few drinks when he wrote his comments. However, I was impressed by the way he made the word “stupid” look like it had big boobs.

    Aces – Should we even let really, really hot looking stupid people die? What if we are stuck with a world full of smart, ugly people? That would completely suck.

  5. Just to chime in, abusers have “charming” in their repitoire. They normally take someone gullable (23 yr olds), promise the moon to them, and then after she is in the house the control begins! Her father is furious and is now sending the cops over to give her well-being checks! You go Dad!

    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  6. Era says:

    As usual, young starry eyed lover thinks that her love is strong enough to conquer all.

  7. “I guess I should have returned those library books…but I think I put them in the 55-gallon drum with Stacy.”

  8. Bart says:

    Good one CLT!!

  9. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Maybe he and Shelly Koontz had a thang goin’ on.

  10. nursemyra says:

    if the 24 year old new girlfriend likes jailbirds, maybe she could be persuaded to put out for Ram?

  11. Thanks TL for providing your update, which happens to be the feel good story of the Mother’s Day weekend. I am not sure Hallmark would be interested, but still.

  12. How does this guy have so much game and where can I get some? Oh yeah, I have had several wives missing or dead…what to go out?

  13. I somehow can’t help but think if her parents were astute or healthy enough to try to rescue her, she wouldn’t be in this fix to begin with.

    From the outside it looks like stupidity, but people don’t normally intentionally hurt themselves or put themselves in dangerous situations unless they don’t like themselves; so it’s that, or some other need is getting met by fearing for her life. Maybe he’s just that good.

    And man, the crazies love a fixer-upper.

  14. I meant that the gals are the crazies. You men should just act broken in some way. Or be so charming or good in bed that nothing else matters.

  15. It has been said the cardinal sin for men (with respect to attracting women) is being boring. Drew Peterson will certainly keep any gal on her toes (for a little while at least, until she ends up in a shallow grave somewhere).

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