When Is Obama Going To Take My Guns?

May 5, 2009

I mean seriously, I can only hoard so much guns and ammo. I am running out of money and room in my house. I was guaranteed that one of the first things Barry would do was either take my guns or tax my guns and ammo some ridiculous amount. Is this going to happen soon? 

Also, when are we going to get attacked again? That was another reason not to vote for Obama. Some impending attack on US soil. I have been avoiding public places for the last 100 days. You can call it paranoid…I call it vigilant. Still, I would like to do some site seeing this summer so, if the evil Taliban is going to do it, I want them to get it over with. 

And when exactly am I supposed to wear a towel on my head and go Muslim? This was pretty high on the list and I have been purposely avoiding towels so I would not be tempted. I have also refused to bend over (like they do) but it is making it hard for me to poop. Let’s just get this one over with. 

I also have been hoarding American flags because Barry is committed to changing us into some North American consortium rather than a stand alone country. I know this because he let that damned swine flu come in unchecked from Mexico. Dubya would have stopped it cold at the border. 

When are my taxes supposed to skyrocket? I am prepared to go underground and not pay any but nothing has happened yet. What is he waiting for? Why is Barry playing all of these mind games with us? You know he is going to do all of these things, as well as kill babies, but he seems to want to drag it out and torture us.

Has Iraq fallen back into a dictatorship yet? What are they waiting for? Barry was supposed to completely screw that deal up and they were going to go back to being a breeding ground for terrorists. Has that started and the liberal media is just choosing to ignore it? Could that explain why all of the above items have been ignored? 

I don’t know what is going on so I will keep stockpiling. Sure, I may look like an idiot at the moment but when all hell breaks lose, and it will, I will be ready and you will not be. Don’t come to me looking for sympathy. You had your chance.