I Love Being A Lemming

May 2, 2009

It makes my life so simple. Everyday, I am told what to do, how to do it, where to do it, and when to do it. Take the new flu. I am just waiting for CNN to give the word that we should all wear surgical masks so I can see all of my fellow lemmings in their masks. (I am going to get one that looks like Batman).

Or maybe it will be some new information or emergency. “The water is toxic…only drink bottles water or boil tap water for 30 minutes”. And just like that, that is exactly what we would do. Whatever the media or government tells us to do, we follow without question. One by one walking over the critical thinking edge.

How about this. How about I don’t give a sh** about the swine flu, monkey pox, bird flu, bubonic plague, or whatever the hell else that is on the horizon. I am not worried about a meteor hitting the earth or the planet ripping itself to shreds due to global warming. I am not concerned about toxins in the water or the air that I breath. Nothing worries me…nothing.

How can I have this cavalier attitude? Simple, I have Jesus. (Ok, not really). No, I am just sick of being manipulated on a daily basis by the powers that rule the world. They have a financial interest in all of this silliness and I choose not to play. Might my ignorance lead to some sort of impending peril? Maybe, but I am not sweating it. I might have been one of 36,000 people that died from the “common” flu last year. Or been hit by lightening or killed by a tornado. I might die tomorrow by a home invader or, more likely, in a car crash.

I get it. Danger is all around us just waiting to attack. I don’t care!!! I am sick of hearing about it and living in this repressed, worried, nervous world. I am so agitated I might not even wear my seat belt tomorrow. (Ok, that’s crazy talk but I hope you can see how frazzled I am). 99% of the stuff we worry about doesn’t happen and the other 1% can’t be stopped. I realize that sometimes things DO happen. Who can ever forget the horror of the first day of the year 2000? It still sends shivers down my spine.

Now that I have that off of my chest, please excuse. I need to set my house alarm, check my guns, put on my bullet proof vest, my surgical mask, wash my hands, disinfect my cell phone, and on and on. All for the privilege of maybe making it one more day in this beautiful world…maybe. Wish me luck!

(On a side note. I apologize to all of the people that found my site by searching “do I have the swine flu”. Although I am no longer allowed to practice medicine, my guess is that you do not. Thanks for visiting my fellow lemmings. I appreciate it. LOOK OUT – A METEOR!!! Eh…just kidding.)