Where Have The Baseball Cards In Bicycle Spokes Gone? (BB&B)

I only ask because I never see this anymore. Not baseball cards, Pokémon cards, playing cards…nothing. No sound of the rumbling of a fake motor generated by the thwacking sound 10 Rick Burleson cards made banging against my spokes in an eerily cool rhythm. (Ok, I am lying… a little. I would never use Rick Burleson cards. Rich Gedman? Abso-freakin-lutely. Geddy sucked at the end and I would gladly destroy 10 of his cards in my spokes).

Anyway, back to the issue. I know some kids “trade” cards but they do it like they are mini entrepreneurs. “Well Joe, I will gladly give you a Glaxco for a Fairdom but no way am I throwing in a Nursburt”. Newsflash little kids. Almost none of the cards that you refuse to let be thrashed by your bicycle is worth a stinky crap. Why? Because you cling to them as if they have value…they don’t. The market is flooded with this junk.

It’s a shame that kids collect everything. I can understand coins and a few other items but they have been convinced by adult that everything has value. In one sense, this isn’t terrible. If I valued my Rawlings glove a little more I would have not had that sinking feeling in my gut after finding I left my glove out in the rain overnight…again.

Still while there is a modicum of value in collecting and protecting, what good is it to have a model Ferrari if you never play with the damned thing? Burn that sum bitch to the ground in a spectacular inferno! Now THAT”S how to have some fun.

I didn’t have much as a kid but I sure didn’t worry about it either. Maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing after all?


10 Responses to Where Have The Baseball Cards In Bicycle Spokes Gone? (BB&B)

  1. Davis says:

    possibly because there are no clothes pins anymore?

  2. You know who I could never get enough cards of? Former Detroit Tiger Rusty Kuntz.

  3. nursemyra says:

    is there any such thing as nude basketball player cards? because I’d collect them….

  4. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Reminds me of the six pack of Billy beer I set aside as a collectible (I just KNEW it was going to be worth something some day). It was, but now it’s selling for $30 on eBay. People who knew me in the day (TL) knew I could never “save” a six pack.

  5. imagine2298 says:

    Strange…I was just thinking of CARDS-SPOKES. Growing up in Baltimore it was mandatory to have at least one baseball card clothes-pinned on the front strut of your Schinn…though never an Oriole card…well, maybe a Billie Odell.

    • tannerleah says:

      Today, O’Dell would probably have an autograph card, a card with a piece of his shirt, and who knows what other “special” items. No wonder kids are afraid to damage the damned things.

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