Be Prepared To Duck At Radio Shack

Leigh Carey was trying to return something at his local Radio Shack in Wisconsin. The kind clerk behind the counter, James Knol, politely told Mr. Carey that he could not return this object. 

Undeterred, Mr. Carey asked to speak to Mr. Knol’s manager. At this point, Mr. Knol proceeded to beat the crap out of Mr. Carey. How awesome is this? I can just here James now…”You want to return a cable? I got your fu**in’ cable right here.” POW! – punches him right in the kisser.

Here is a photo of the disagreeable clerk.


A couple of things. First, who the hell shops at Radio Shack anymore? Didn’t they go out of business like 20 years ago? No wonder the guy’s doo hickey didn’t work. It went out of style a century ago and they probably don’t make it anymore…which is why he can’t return it. 

Second, isn’t it awesome that an employee just decided he wasn’t going to take crap from a customer anymore? I am not sure when the saying “the customer is always right” came about but what a load of bull sh**. The customer is rarely, if ever, right. We have become a nation of whiny, complaining, “it’s never good enough” consumers. A quick right cross is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

I hope I see more of this in the future. Your steak is not cooked exactly right? Complain but expect to be punched. In fact, that is the new rule. Anytime you return something or complain, you have to take a punch to the head. Employees working the return lines would all be 6’5″ and 350 pounds. I would pull up a lawn chair and just watch all day long. 

I am especially offended when the item being returned is worth like a buck. “Hey, this pen doesn’t work”. So what? It’s a freakin’ pen for Oz sake! Don’t you have more important worries like how are you going to get that rusted car off of your front lawn or the crappy couch off of your front porch? 

So, Radio Shack consumers…you have been warned. Return items at your own risk. Good luck.


21 Responses to Be Prepared To Duck At Radio Shack

  1. elizabeth3hersh says:

    I will think twice before making my weekly grocery store returns…

  2. Reminds me of the women in college who bought a dress for a formal, kept the tag on it and then returned it the next weekend.

  3. elizabeth3hersh says:

    I wouldn’t even stoop that low…

  4. Dear Mr. Tannerleah,
    I am writing to inform you that I am dissatisfied with the service I have received here at Stop Annoying Me. I have conferred with my credit card company and have begun the process of obtaining a full refund of my money. I wanted to give you a heads up so you can start saving now for the settlement. In the event that you disagree with my assessment, I expect a good ass whooping and you better deliver or I’ll send it back. Again, and again, and again.

  5. elizabeth3hersh says:

    If you call him Robin, I guarantee you’ll get that ass whoopin’.

  6. This is the kind of customer service I can get behind. We need a Returns Cage…a customer and salesperson enter, only one leaves. Funny TL, I’m tapping out.

  7. tannerleah says:

    You stare down rattle snakes but are afraid of a cage match? Coward.

  8. squirrel says:

    Customers are normally wrong this is true, but when it comes to having your food cooked correctly… I’m pretty sure I would send it back if the meat was chargrilled to the point of no return no matter what. The salesperson at walmart doesn’t make the product so therefore they shouldn’t be yelled at when the item doesn’t work, but the cook is responsible for my meat being cooked right… so he will get yelled at and a spanking. Thank you.

  9. I deal with customers calling in everyday who discovered at some point that when there was mistake on their bill they got money credited back to their account and maybe even some extra minutes added to their phone. Then they decided that free money and minutes was a great thing to get (and who can blame them) but quickly become bitter monsters for getting a free taste then discovering that they can’t get anymore. Then the withdraw rage sets in and I become a verbal punching bag. One of these days that type of person is going to cost me my job when I snap and cancel their phone lines with hundreds of dollars worth of fees added in right before I take all my pent up abuse and pound it out on one poor soul who just wanted to try to get a $3 credit.

  10. Perhaps this is a new angle on their ever-popular “Battery Club.”

  11. jerry says:

    Man u guys r incred yo. This kind hearted gentleman came in to return something and got punched. And the modern day saint radio shack guy punched him. So, behold in the event if trading more words than not, both or neither cannont live comfortably as neighbors. Which means a great deal to all of us. We find that daily shopping relieves and increases stress tensions both in spirit and mind. But the day will come when we create and face this situation. Radio shack is place to buy stuff. We cannot stop that. The customer goes to buy stuff. We cannot stop that either. It comes down to noisy neighbors with loud bass. We have all been there. Sometimes while driving I will ponder over this case. What would I have done if I was both of them. Hard to think about but we all have been quized on this in grade school. Sometimes I jist wonder if the sun is at fault. It shines too bright for us. Anyway. Long live the radio shack guy and his customer.

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