Fox TV Tells Obama, “Oh Hell No!”

Fox TV, showing the kind of leadership that is so often missing in network television, told Barry to go scrub his a** when he requested they carry his “100 day” news conference. This is Barry’s third primetime speech in the same 100 days. What new info can he possibly have? 

Fox will air that “Lie to me” show instead (or whatever it’s called). Sure, no one is going to watch that piece of crap show either but at least it gives the impression that people have a choice. Honestly, other than ObamaISAmerica, who needs more primetime Barry? 

Don’t answer…it was a rhetorical question. We know who needs the attention. Barack Obama, that’s who. Barry just loves attention! Sure, he is a good looking guy and seems to be smart but c’mon. He is all over the freakin’ place. Even Dubya wasn’t this vain. 

If you think it is not out of control, how do you explain Air Force One buzzing New York City yesterday? In my nearly 50 years of life, I have NEVER seen AF1 do that little trick. Supposedly, they wanted a new photo of AF1 with the Statue of Liberty in it. Do they not have PhotoShop? Do you think that might have been slightly cheaper than a real plane plus a fighter jet in tow? Who paid for this stunt? Oh, we did. Brilliant! 

I want Barry to do well and I wish him nothing but the best. But he really needs to dial his ego down several notches. We get it Black Jesus…you are the man. But if you keep rubbing our collective noses in it, we are going to get sick of you pretty soon. You will make Dubya downright loveable at this pace. 

So please, stop buzzing national monuments with Air Force One and stop being on TV all of the time. At least American TV. Go spend some primetime with the Brits or French. They have terrible TV so it would be a step up for them. We love you brother but you have got to hide that big eared head of yours…at least a little. 

Of course, if we would have elected Sarah Palin as VP (President to be when old dude kicked), I would have expected a weekly, primetime show. She could have done some song and dance stuff or just sat there looking into the camera and letting us fawn over her incredible beauty. But, I won’t beat that dead horse…yet. However, Sarah’s day is coming and you would be well served to ride that maverick. I know I would ride her all…day…long.


28 Responses to Fox TV Tells Obama, “Oh Hell No!”

  1. kudos.

    air force one over nyc is just a bad idea. im really wondering how that meeting went, how no one thought twice.

  2. Era says:

    Hi, I’m new to your blog and enjoying the posts. Sooo funny.

  3. Davis says:

    you know, of course, he wasn’t on the plane

  4. art vandelay says:

    The plane flying over NYC was absolute IDIOCY. Did you see the video of the poor people on the streets running frantically–terrified that it could be another terrorist attack? Can you imagine of W pulled that stunt? I also heard there is a huge poster of him in Union Square in NYC today with a laurel wreath on his head…a la Caesar. (in honor of his first 100 days) We did not pay for the Air Force one photo op….your great-great grandchildren did. If this weren’t so sad it would be laughable but there’s too much at stake I can’t laugh anymore and personally I’d do Sarah over Barry anyday. His arrogance has far outweighed his charm.

  5. art – please know that most nyc’ers are degenerate morons and they were running because a) they are new to the city and don’t know any better and b) they are brainwashed. they are everything but poor. nyc really is the hub of stupidity, particularly union square, where rich kids hailing from the midwest come to nyu and want to make a difference. they are roaming sheep and its sickening.

    • tannerleah says:

      that chick lives there so her opinion trumps Art’s. Case closed.

      (that chick – you might want to consider moving).

      • this is my home. my family and friends are here. i simply wish people would stop coming to live here. you know the nyc of the 70s? its nothing like that. its very safe and very clean. everything is fake and there is no originality. disney world on prescription drugs if you will. but i guess its cool to those who grew up on a farm.

        okay. im done. do you have an email? i see so many stories i think you’d like to write about. also my friend gene likes your blog. he told me on sunday.

        • tannerleah says:

          So you miss the Taxi Driver feel of the city? You weren’t even alive in the 70’s so how can you miss something you didn’t experience? I am confused. If you want dirty and nasty, move on over to Jersey.

          My e-mail is I am going to try to figure out how to put it on my main page. (*sigh* Another difficult task I have to take on).

          Gene doesn’t like me in a “funny” way, does he?

  6. panama says:

    Obama is “a good looking guy”? Wow, you must get a real woodie for Alfred E. Neuman. Just remove the freckles.
    “What me worry”? Even their philosophy is the same.

  7. art vandelay says:

    So “that chick”, were you calm and collected on 9/11? I can tell you I would’ve been puckered and running.
    I’m afraid as a country we have become lackadaisical with the fact there are still terrorists that want to kill us. That still doesn’t excuse the fact the president allowed Air Force One to fly that close into the city–I’m glad Bloomberg is pissed, someone ought to be.

    • art, im glad you asked. i was actually in hs (in bk) at the time. a girl ran in and said someone crashed into the wtc. we laughed bc we didnt know the whole story but we did see the smoke. after class i tried to take the train into the city. my internship was 1 block south of canal st, 20 blocks north of the wtc. they rerouted trains back to bk and people were pissed off. that night i watched from my bedroom window the smoke from the city. 3 weeks later i went back to my internship but needed a pass stating i was authorized to go into “the zone” and breathe the good air.

      since then, every job ive had has conducted emergency drills 2x a year. ive worked in grand central and near rockafellar center. all the “awesome” places. one thing ive learned is that you don’t always have to evacuate. sometimes, what is outside is more dangerous than inside. and just because there is a plane circling doesnt automatically mean its a terrorist. im just as pissed off but sometimes, mass panic is just as bad. watch the videos. these people are retarded.

      but where are you from?

  8. Thanks for the shout out. Trying to figure out how to get some logic out into the world. Perhaps this is a lost cause? I sure hope not, otherwise I really don’t look forward to aging…..

    I have decided I am going to meet Barry this year and share some of my thoughts with him on the job he is doing. Anything you want me to tell him?

    • tannerleah says:

      It’s a lost cause for old, jaded people like me. Not for you! The future can be, within reason, whatever you work to make it.

      My only suggestion to Barry is for him to dial down the celebrity. It has only been 100 days and I am already starting to get sick of listening to him. This is not good. He is smart enough to solve a lot of problems but needs the good will of the American people. If they get “Obama fatigue” a year or two into his term, he will be sunk.

      Also, ask him if I can be part of his posse. I have never been in a posse and want to be. Thanks.

  9. SpunkRansomette says:

    I love this post, hysterical! And I agree eith Art I have been personally turned off by his arrogance since the beginning, well before he was elected. I have even bought a shirt from cafepress that says the arrogance of inexperiance.

    • tannerleah says:

      I just don’t understand why his “handlers” don’t dial him down. It would be the best thing he could do.

      (I need to call you SR because I refuse to call you Spunk).

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