Where Have All The KKK People Gone?

I was reading an article about David Duke and the article said that the number of KKK members has fallen from about 5 million in the 70’s to 3 to 6 thousand today. Where the hell did they all go? 5 million people is a lot…most must still be alive and they surely didn’t all find Jesus. Why did they get out? Was it the emergence of the Rainbow KKK?


My guess is that the cool hats, ropes, crosses, gas, and robes probably cost more than the average person could afford. When you have a steep trailer payment, those kind of “extras” can be a killer. Still, the hate must still be there…just in an unorganized way. That must make former KKK members crazy. Particularly when you have a kind of black president.

The article about David Duke said that he was on a tour promoting his 10 year old book. Currently, he is in the Czech republic. He was arrested briefly and is being kicked out of the country for denying that the Holocaust ever occurred. So, if I understand this, offering an opinion not sponsored by the government can land you in jail for three years, particularly if you are denying the Holocaust. I can’t quite place my finger on it but there seems to be a bit of irony in there.

Maybe the KKK people are now Nazis or Skinheads. As I have mentioned before, I get confused by the various factions of groups that hate another group. I think they all hate blacks but I also think that Jews get tossed in there somehow. Why not hate the people that are really causing the pain in this world? Circus clowns and bad stand up comics. These two groups inflict much more pain than any other combined group I can think of. (Note: I am not including the Cirque folks in this statement…they rock).

Here is a suggestion to all of you hate mongers out there. Just send me a dollar and allow me to hate people for you. I promise I will go around in a bad mood all day and think really negative thoughts about whatever group you tell me to. By my count, there are just under 5 million of you suffering in silence so just send me a buck and I will free you of that burden. And you don’t have to hate easy targets either. You want to hate brunettes or Eskimos? I can make that happen. Sadly, the only request I cannot fill is hate for Sarah Palin. I just can’t do it.

Another public service message brought to you by Tannerleah.


25 Responses to Where Have All The KKK People Gone?

  1. I’ve got a boatload of money headed your way for some proxy hating on every knee-jerk hater out there.

    For instance: “Hey, did you see David Lynch’s latest?”
    Hater: “That movie sucked.”
    “O…K… I wasn’t really asking your opinion but was starting a conversation, but let’s do it your way.”
    Hater: “His movies have sucked ever since he sold out and started shooting in color. Plus, his haircut is an idiot.”
    “His hair?”
    Hater: “Stuff sucks.” and etc.

  2. pinnythewu says:

    I’ll fill in for the Sarah Palin hate

    • tannerleah says:

      pinny – you obviously have not been able to see the “real” Sarah from so far away. If there was a female Jesus, Sarah would be it. I am getting chubby just thinking about her greatness.

  3. i like this post. very interestingly written. thanks TL

  4. elizabeth3hersh says:

    “…just send me a dollar and allow me to hate people for you…”

    Since I set up a PayPal account for ¡Ram! today, I tried to set one up for you too so as to not show favoritism (tannerleah2004@yahoo.com…password IWillHateForU). Dude, you already have a PayPal account!! I’m sending the first donation right now!

    Let’s see…who can you hate for me…hmmm, not even Nancy Pelosi gets me riled up anymore. Wow, I really have to think about this…how about people like me: Jewish tightwads who hold up the grocery line with their “returns” and fistful of coupons. Yeah, that will do it.

    • tannerleah says:

      You want me to hate Jews? Hasn’t that already been done to death? (Pardon the play on words).

      However, for your dollar, I am putting full on hate for ANYONE screwing up a checkout line anywhere. (Not including drive thru’s…that would cost another buck.

  5. womaninblack says:

    This is new. I normally get paid that kind of cash for some low-grade loving – this is a far better idea.
    How about this, I’ll trade you some unsatisfactory, cheap loving in return for you hating people who say ‘click’ instead of ‘clique’. Man, they bring me down. And I haven’t got time to hate them along with everyone else I need to hate today.

  6. tannerleah says:

    For you, I will do it. I will also throw in people that say “mute point”.

    • tannerleah says:

      The fact that Dubya is getting a coin is silly. (Same for Carter and a whole host of bygone presidents). Unless the US Mint can prove that they will make the US money, it should definitely not happen.

      As to the “10 big ideas”, let me mull those over. Generally speaking, I am not smart enough to know what we should do as a country. I can barely tie my shoes. (Actually, I don’t even do that. I keep them tied and slide them on).

  7. Elizabeth says:

    How about hating on Starbucks. I used to be able to hate enough on them myself and their overpriced nasty coffee swill (give me a $0.50 cup of diner joe anyday) but after working in customer service for cell phones, I discovered the “golden pinnacle of hatred,” iphones. They consume so much of my hatred nowadays that I have started to neglect poor ole Starshumcks.

  8. nursemyra says:

    who hates brunettes?

    esquimaux, though, they’re a different story…..

  9. They don’t need the KKK anymore. They can hide behind the internet and just post hateful comments on blogs anonymously.

  10. art vandelay says:

    I hate Starbucks as well. I get really annoyed with all the fru-fru coffee drinks that take forever to make. All I want is a regular cup of coffee but I guess people need to doctor it up because Starbucks coffee really does taste like crap. And their pastries are stale too. %^&#! STARBUCKS!

  11. tannerleah says:

    Dunkin Donuts makes a good cup plus that have DONUTS!!!

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