My Apologies

I have been catching a lot of flak lately about the status of my blog. 

“Gee TL, you are not posting as much as you used to”. 

“Hey TL, why don’t you comment as much anymore?” 

“Wow TL, you have been in a dark mood lately. Didn’t you used to be funny?” 

To all of this, I first say, “shut the hell up!” No need to point out the obvious to me. Second, I am sorry that the quality has not been up to speed lately. Here is what is going on. 

I am busy at my “real” job and my employer kind of expects me to put my job before the blog. On this we agree. Also, I have been trying feverishly to finish my book which is merely a memoir of my first 17 years of life. I committed to this assignment 20 years ago and, as I approach fifty, need to make good on the commitment. (I have added a tab to the main page that has a sample chapter. I picked a boring one, about my dad, to keep expectations low). 

So, please hang in there as I try to juggle a variety of projects. I enjoy your patronage and want you to enjoy your visits here. If I had better boobs, I would flash you or something to hold you over. But all I have is this Adonis like body. Sorry. 

(At least I haven’t gone missing for a month like someone we know).


4 Responses to My Apologies

  1. good luck. i did notice you commenting less and i was offended but i understand the demands of an angry the man.

  2. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Damn! I recently threw away my post-implant photos (before I was explanted) or I would have offered up a virtual flash to hold everyone over. Perhaps one of the other “ladies” can help out.

  3. I recently found some post-implant photos in a dumpster, maybe I’ll send them to you.

  4. elizabeth3hersh says:

    I’ve been looking for those everywhere!! There is something to be said for recreational dumpster diving…great job Jelly!

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