You Really Think Domino’s Is The Only One Messing With Your Food?

Wake up people! You know all of the stupid things your teenagers are doing at your house? Well, they are doing the same stupid things at work. Let me rewind a bit in case maybe two of you haven’t heard the story.

A YouTube video popped up of a couple of young people doing disgusting things with the food at Domino’s. Unless you have never worked at a food place, this did not come as a shock to you. Instead, it came as an unwanted reminder of stuff we have all witnessed at one point or another. In fact, a young man was recently convicted of “tainting” the food of a police officer. (I guess if it was just cops, we would be OK with it).

When I was 16, I worked as a dishwasher at a very high end Florida restaurant. The teapots that the rich folks were drinking from were often used as bongs by myself and my fellow dishwashers. Sure, they were washed before they were handed out, but still, just more stupid kids stuff. One day I came in and the head chef was cutting up the meat. He calls me over and says, “stick your finger in here” and pulls apart the meat. He says, “what does that feel like?” I said, “meat”. Quickly, a line of people are gathering to stick their finger in the meat. I’ll spare you the commentary but some lucky high roller got to have the special “feels like a vagina” steak that evening.

So, the real news is that this is happening on a fairly regular basis. The truth is, most of the time it is done out of boredom rather than malice. Most of those kind of jobs suck which is why bored kids fill the payroll sheet. If you want it to stop, give up your job and go work at Wendy’s…problem solved.

One last thing about this story that did upset me. I was sad to see that Kate Jackson, of Charlie’s Angels fame, had fallen on such tough times that her daughter has to work at Domino’s. Maybe she is just trying to teach her a lesson but the looks are a dead giveaway.



Kate, stop being so mean and at least let your daughter work at the Gap or something. (By the way, just a quick shout out to Farrah. I hope you are getting better).

The next time you are out, just remember that someone might have had a little fun with your food during the preparation process. They aren’t trying to poison you or hurt you, they are just trying to keep their sanity. What do you expect for 99 cents or a $5 foot long or 3 pizzas for $5 a pie? You are getting what you paid for. Bon appetit!


15 Responses to You Really Think Domino’s Is The Only One Messing With Your Food?

  1. They are not teenagers. That woman is 31. She is a registered sex offender and was once arrested for breaking into a vending machine.

  2. Three things:
    1. You’ve reinforced my belief that if only we could channel the creativity of pot smokers, we might abolish their bad rep and also (possibly) make useful idiots out of them.
    2. Fingers in meat is better than Tyler Durden in your soup.
    3. Mangoes are much more like…um. Nevermind.

  3. Is that top photo really Kate? How far the mighty have fallen.

  4. elizabeth3hersh says:

    God only knows what biological condiments I have consumed in the distant past as I am one of those “complainers” if things aren’t right (is it too much to ask to expect a memorable experience when dining out?). I once had the waiter bring me my ice cream dessert and ask me if was “too cold?”…maybe those weren’t all pistachios…

  5. Having worked at a sit down restaurant in my teenage years, it took me 7 years after I worked there to eat there again (not the same location) b/c I saw what went on in the kitchen.

  6. womaninblack says:

    I worked at a cafe where we would regularly spit in customer’s food. ONLY, however, if they were rude to us when they ordered. Or if they looked funny. Or if they’d been before and hadn’t tipped.
    I regularly made the boss at another job I had tea using a teabag and moss I scraped off the windowsill. These days, people make me moss tea and spit in my food. I’ve come full circle.

  7. Bob says:

    With recent generational trends towards ignorance, stupidity and immorality, it’s no doubt this stuff would be happening. I can’t say I’d eat at any establishment unless one can easily watch the food being prepared. Bad enough the commercial food industry is poisoning people without worrying about some ass-fuck local smuck trying to harm you. I just stay away from all that crap and eat healthy anyway.
    Most of these type offenses can now be filed as a Federal Offense, thus carrying life changing consequences, to the actual offender and companies under civil suit. So to mess with someone’s food is to risk massively fucking your life up and a lot of other peoples’.

    Have a Soilent Green free day.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ms Jackson does not have a daughter. The picture you have is not of her either.

  9. willyablome says:

    i would hit Kate’s ass hard!!!

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