Would You Like Some Fries With That Placenta?

(Now, to be fair, this story could be a complete hoax but I found it just disgusting enough to write about).

Chrissy Schilling is the proud mom of a brand new baby. She felt so close to the baby, that she wanted to experience everything that the birthing ritual could offer. In looking on-line (possibly the worst place to look) she came across the practice of placentophagia. This is the ritual of eating the placenta after the birth.

Now, I know this sounds a little crazy but Chrissy said it was a way to say goodbye to her being pregnant and hello to being a mother. Personally, I would think ditching the maternity clothes would be enough but I admire someone that takes it a step further. Here are a few photos of the meals that Chrissy’s twin sister Kathy cooked up. Keep in kind that her placenta weighed in at 6 pounds so there were plenty of vittles for everyone.


Mmmm….a nice placenta pasta and a scrumptious placenta panini. I am getting hungry just looking at the yummy clotted bits of meat.

At first, this struck me a s cannibalism of some sort…eating ones own organs. But the more I thought about it, the more I became convinced that, yeah…it’s cannibalism. Seriously Chrissy, how freakin’ disgusting can you be? Do you squeeze a fresh glass of boob milk to wash down the pasta? Or maybe a nice urine tea or poopy tarts for desert? What in the hell is going on in your crazy mind?

Of course, the crazy sister probably isn’t helping the cause. “Oh Chrissy, if we keep it I will be happy to fry it up for you!” Oh well, the family that eats placenta together…well, I have no idea how such a sentence should end. In any case, if you hurry, there might still be some placenta pancakes available.

When I had my liver taken out (I had an artificial one put in) naturally I ate it. (Do I need to even point out it tasted like chicken?) This was logical because liver is a real food. If placenta were a real food, men would have one. Kind of like a penis. (Also delectable if you swing that way). 

Wow, and you thought I had a problem with mothers giving someone else’s baby their breast milk. Who knew what level of craziness new moms could sink to?



13 Responses to Would You Like Some Fries With That Placenta?

  1. sd says:

    I remember a kid in 3rd grade who ate his boogers and scabs. Boogers, scabs, placenta..it’s all pretty gross….unless you’re a cow.

  2. sd says:

    You know TL you have a lot of freakin power…moderating my comments. Let’s see NOPE SD I don’t like it so you don’t get to comment…daaaaang!!! YOU RULE!!!

  3. elizabeth3hersh says:

    This tops anything I have seen on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations or Anthony Zimern’s Bizarre Food (courtesy of the Travel Channel). Didja have to post photos TL?!!? How do we excise these images from our memory banks? If that doesn’t whet your appetite, here are more photos of a placenta before cooking:


    I-have-to-go H-U-R-R-R-R-L now…

  4. It’s a slippery slope from here, soon you could be discussing other organs, like, say, gallbladders. Tread lightly TL.

  5. rd says:

    did u no placenta is a delicacy in china??

  6. sweatsmodel says:

    Yeesh. The gross-out factor was compounded by my dyslexic reading of the post title. Imagine my shock when realizing this was not a dish of polenta.

  7. O.G. says:

    Read this right before lunch…thanks!

  8. Kali says:

    This is really kind of common among a certain subset of people. In fact, I remember being a really little kid and some old timey ’60s celebrity/new dad was on TV — like, David Crosby or John Phillips or something, I don’t rememeber — talking about how he’d eaten the placenta. Hippies love this kinda stuff. I don’t think this is a dish I could fall in love w/, but the pasta doesn’t look half bad. The sandwich looks like someone cut a roll down the center, called Earl (as they say) into it, put the top on and then served it on a nice plate.

  9. Wasn’t there some kind of group that did this regularly (ie sect, appalachia type, or foreign tribe)??

  10. Nana says:

    Ummm, a young hippie-dippie I know did this…but had the decency to have the placenta dried and put into caplets. Which is another weird all its own.

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