Do You Love TOFU? Who Doesn’t?

Oh wait…you mean the food tofu. Kelley Coffman-Lee, from Denver, got into trouble with the Colorado Dept of Revenue for her license plate that reads, “ILOVETOFU”.


Clearly, she is saying, “I love to fu**” or possibly, “I love to fu** you”. Either way, it is very clear to see where her potty brain is located. Of course, Kelley completely denies the allegation. She claims that she really does love tofu. 

Puh-leeze. First of all, no one in the free world even likes tofu, let alone loves it. Second, even if you did love it, would you love it enough to put it on a license plate? Of course not. No, Kelley wanted to brag about getting her freak on and got caught.   

Now, I don’t begrudge Kelley for trying. I tried to get a license plate that said, “stopaanoyingme”. Unfortunately, it is just too many letters. So, I tried to slide in the ubiquitous “F*** Y**”. Turns out the state does not do the * symbol. No matter how much I complained that I wanted to support the Ford Company by having the “Ford Yes” tag, they weren’t buying it. (I wanted to use *’s because I drive a Porsche and didn’t want to confuse people). 

Here is what Kelley had to say about why she wanted the plate, “I’m very expressive. I’m anti-fur, anti-rodeo, anti-circus when they come to Denver, and I thought, ‘Here’s a chance to be positive and say I love something,” Hey Kelley, all I see is that you are anti-American! You hate furs, rodeos, and the circus? Pack your sh** and get out of our country today! What the hell? 

It seems Colorado has kind of a big problem with license plates in general. There are 250 letter combinations that are not appropriate. 250? Are you FKM? WTF? JFC, that is some crazy stuff. 

Another plate that read 3RDFNGR, that was no doubt for a proctologist, was also refused as it could be interpreted as the “middle finger”. (My 3rd finger is my ring finger but that is because I have 6 fingers. You have not experienced “the shocker” unless 6 fingers are involved).

Anyway, Colorado has clearly turned into a police state and haven for PETA lovers. My suggestion? GTFO…ASAP.


18 Responses to Do You Love TOFU? Who Doesn’t?

  1. I wonder if you could get


    in Colorado?

  2. Davis says:

    This made it to HLN this morning, and even Robin Meade took it the wrong way.

  3. O.G. says:

    I say either way she’s bringing joy to the world…let it be.

  4. I’m very expressive, I’m anti-tofu, anti-Colorado, and anti-Kelley.

  5. RTIST2B…
    thats what i wanted mine to say..and then i realized no one gave a “FU”

  6. Michael says:

    My dream would be lined up to that plate with my personalized “THTSWHTSHSED” vanity plate, but they told me it was too many letters.

  7. i heart tofu. especially with thai noodles. ive actually gotten quite good at making it, except last time i burned plastic tupperware because i forgot to move it away from the stove. im sorrying for writing a blog post in your comments.

    • tannerleah says:

      You should probably stay away from the stove before someone gets hurt. And please, write all of the comments you would like. For me, that’s the best part of the blog.

  8. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Since there is no “U” in my life, I guess I love tofu too (and I am not about to begrudge this woman her vanity plate).

  9. Sheila Dickens says:

    Kelly is a vegan activist. Check out her facebook page, she’s been doing it for years. She really did mean tofu. The only one with the potty attitude is you.

    I’m not just guessing, we are from the same hometown, and were in the same grade in school. It was a mistake brought on by her desire to promote compassion.

    So stop being an idiot.

  10. elizabeth3hersh says:

    The new comment provided me the opportunity to re-read your post…loved it even more the second time around!!

    • tannerleah says:

      Sometimes I think I should take my blog down because it is so old but I guess people still stumble across it now and then. I wonder if I still agree with half of the stuff I wrote 3 years ago? You know, when I was still full on crazy.

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