Using A Bus To Discipline Kids

I came across a heart warming story about a novel way to help our young people improve their behavior. It involves a school bus but I am sure you can improvise. 

School bus driver Lili Guillet was tired of the unruly behavior of the kids on her bus. She had tried everything, including the recommended practice of “pulling the bus over”. (If you want a sure way to scare kids, pull the bus over…sure). 

Lili, unable to take it any more, simply slammed on the breaks one day. This threw all of the little terrors forward so that their heads banged the seat in front of them. (I guess the nerds in the front seat went into the windshield?) 

This so confused the brats that Lili started using this on a regular basis. The kids get loud and…BOOM…smacked right in the forehead. This is the kind of leadership I like to see in our bus drivers. Instead of complaining, she fixed it. 

Naturally, one of the little brats cried to their parents and Lili was charged with careless and negligent operation. What a load of crap. The article does not say whether any other disciplinary action was taken. I sure hope not. Shame on the parents for not supporting the bus driver. 

This got me to thinking, however. Wouldn’t this method work even better in a car? When you slam on the brakes in your car, the seat belt will lock. The shoulder strap sits right under a kid’s neck so you could have a temporary strangle hold. How awesome is that. 

“I told you to be quiet!”…screech….ack…”mommy, I couldn’t breathe for a second”. “Good, you little sh**. That’ll learn ya”. 

Now I would only do this if you are not in heavy traffic. Strangling the kid a little is one thing. Getting your bumper dinged by someone on your tail would be unacceptable. Also, I wouldn’t do it too often or you might bruise the little angels. 

Now I am sure that someone like Tizzle will say this is bad parenting. (Like making your kid eat out of the trash can). Of course, Tizzle doesn’t have kids so he would not know brilliant parenting if I slammed on the breaks and slapped his big head into a wall. (No offense, Tizzle). 

If you have any other good parenting tips, please share them. It is too late for my kids, (already in prison), but it might help someone else.


20 Responses to Using A Bus To Discipline Kids

  1. Davis says:

    you could make ’em watch “Speed”

  2. squirrel says:

    Sorry about your kids. Truly sad.

  3. Tizzle says:

    WOW I was so ready to just throw you under the bus… Get it under the bus? Classic… You are correct, I don’t have any kids, but I do have a dog. And he is a terrible little spoiled punk. So everyone should just be happy I am childless. Otherwise, it would have been little Tizzle Jr. acting all ghetto on the bus and I would be forced to file a civil claim against that lady.

  4. Kali says:

    My parents were too overprotective for me to take the bus except for one year of junior high, and it was pretty amazing how much the bus driver was tortured by all the kid. He would yell and rant and all that but I just thought he was old and annoying (and *I* was a nerd, so you can imagine what the other kids were thinking). Now, I look back, and feel sorry for that poor working stiff.

  5. Ram Venkatararam says:

    Hello TL,

    The use of a bus as an implement of discipline is long overdue and slamming on the brakes is a good place to start.

    While using the bus to run down bratty kids might be too harsh – I would suggest that another tactic might be to use the hydraulic passenger doors. I suspect they could be very handy in trapping and lightly crushing misbehaving kids at entrance or exit.

  6. Maybe I am wrong, but I thought the Stimulus Package had hundreds of millions of dollars set aside for Bus Marshals…you know undercover midgets who could taser these little F**kers.

  7. elizabeth3hersh says:

    I think the bus driver is on to something. But, as we all know, some of these little f**kers (as jelly calls them) can be recalcitrant. This calls for a plan modification or as I call it Plan B: if the start and stop method does not result in a full cessation of unruly behaviour after a two week trial period, then I would mount spike strips (tire deflation devices) along the back of each seat. One robust impalement should do the trick. This would have the desired effect of teaching the little f**kers the meaning of causality (this might be considered child abuse if there was no teaching involved).

  8. tannerleah says:

    Wow…all of you people are just wrong. I make a tiny joke about correcting our beautiful young people and you all find several ways to torture them.

    Jesus is not going to be happy with you. (Or Carl Sagan for you, Liz).

  9. whats up with crazy bus drivers? they should all take mental exams before hired.

    i thought you might enjoy this:

  10. sd says:


    It’s been a few days since I’ve been around but I know there was a comment on the blog (maybe you even said it)…something about what would be wrong with a parent taking a cell phone away from their child as an act of discipline? LOL – this Dad took care of a little texting problem and I figured you’d get a kick out of it!!!

    • tannerleah says:

      Just another “parent of the year” candidate.

      My Oz, so much to write about. The guy with 2 ding-dings, this guy, and a woman in Indy that was killed in a sword fight. What to do?

  11. sd says:

    whoa…you’re going to love this one ;o)

    • tannerleah says:

      She is always on the top ten at YouTube. Funny what a pretty face and accent will do for a gal. (And peroxide, 20 gallons of paint, and boob implants that look like small basketballs taped to a wall).

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