What’s Wrong With “Obama Fried Chicken”?

A couple of restaurants in New York City have decided to try to take advantage of the Obama name. One named itself, “Obama Fried Chicken” and the other named itself, “Obama Fried Chicken and Pizza”. 


Both restaurants are in predominantly black neighborhoods so it makes sense that they are trying to promote the Obama name. (Although I must say, I really don’t get the connection between fried chicken and pizza). 

Anyway, this has caused an uproar among community activists. Apparently, these names are being viewed as racist and are an affront to the black community. Now, as you all know, I am quite sensitive to racial matters but I fail to see the connection. 

Some have said that you wouldn’t use McCain’s name in such a place. Of course not…what does McCain have to do with the black community? You DID see Bush’s name used with barbeque places and at hole in the wall joints in Texas. If McCain were still alive, I am sure he would get a restaurant named after him somewhere. 

Personally, I am thinking of opening a fish food restaurant named after Sarah Palin. Something like, “Sarah Palin’s Smelly Fish”. Ok, that’s not a great title but I am not a marketing guy. I am sure one of you will have a much better suggestion. 

Back to Obama and chicken. Do only black people eat chicken? Cause when I was chowing down on some of the Colonels best the other day I am pretty sure I was surrounded by whitey. (Not that they bother me…much). 

The workers at both restaurants say that the names were used to celebrate the new president. No they weren’t…they were used to make money. But what is wrong with that? Isn’t that the American way? Why would you begrudge anyone from earning an extra buck or two in these times? 

I know Barry and he is not offended by such things. If you said he had a crappy jump shot or small ding-ding, THEN he would be offended. A chicken shack? He could care less. 

So those of you that are all revved up over this non-issue, relax. Besides, from what I hear, both Obama chicken places only serve dark meat. (Or was it white meat?)


23 Responses to What’s Wrong With “Obama Fried Chicken”?

  1. Bart says:

    Nothing wrong with it at all. In fact, I eat at Strom Thurmond’s Cracker Barrel restaurant whenever I fly to the mid-west.

  2. Ram Venkatararam says:

    Hey TL, I’ll be happy to work on some names for you but in the interim have a few slogans for you to think over.

    1) “Come get scrod by Sarah Palin.”

    2) “Sink your teeth into Sarah’s Palin’s gigantic bass!”

    3) “Sarah Palin – the other whitefish!”

    I trust that my help will entitle me to 10% off a Palin tuna melt…


  3. Sweats Model says:

    Mmhmm…the owner of Popeye’s Fried Chicken has tattooed oversized ape arms,too.

    To add to Ram’s list of slogans: “The Whiter Shade of Palin”

    We miss you Ram.

  4. new time in in the hood of NY..i will most definitely get my some fried chicken..and perhaps a half and half while im added..i wonder if they sell chitterlings, or as my grandma calls them..CHITLINs..

  5. here in ny, its a stereotype that black people like fried chicken. i think chris rock jokes about it.

  6. I am surprised pork hasn’t garnered more attention. Pulled stimulus pork seems like a slam dunk.

  7. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Sorry, but I associate Barry with something along the lines of Poulet Rôti Contiser à la Truffle Noire rather than fried chicken. The purveyor (of fried chicken establishment) must not have remembered Barry lamenting over the price of arugula (that’s an ‘uppity’ lettuce for those not familiar with arugula) while campaigning. Sautéed poulet, perhaps…fried chicken, I think not.

    TL, ding-ding in French is le pénis or in Barry’s case le bazooka (although I much prefer le doigt qui n’a pas d’ongle/the finger without a nail).

  8. art vandelay says:

    I have been in D.C. all week…do you know they sell “Obama” chocolate bars only in milk and dark chocolate?? I am quite offended they don’t come in white chocolate..now THAT is racism!

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