Tannerleah Has Left The Building

Until my friend Ram rises from the ashes (like a big Indian Phoenix), I am going underground. Deep, deep underground. When Ram rises from the ashes, so will I. I just can’t go on without him.

I love you all, TL


19 Responses to Tannerleah Has Left The Building

  1. O.G. says:

    good luck with the hibernation

  2. squirrel says:


  3. You’re just going to have to man up TL and work through it.

  4. also, wanted to send you an interesting article. why dont you have an email up? anywho, here it is: http://nymag.com/nymetro/news/culture/features/1478/

    its about how jews are smarter than everyone. thought you might enjoy it.

    • tannerleah says:

      that chick – Very interesting article. I would say Chinamen are smarter but are clearly worse drivers.

      Actually, if the article were true, blacks would be the smartest in America, no? Seems they have been slightly more persecuted for a longer period of time.

      Also, what about Indians? Didn’t you see Slumdog? Those guys are wicked smart.

      • Chinamen are smart because they focus heavily on education but they have no social skills. They are the quiet kids in class who you think are mute. Sure, they pass math tests but who gives a sh*t? Don’t get me started on their train manners.

        Indians are very smart and awesome. I’m reading “Interpreter of maladies” by Jhumpa Lahari (great read) and I’d like to go there one day. Perhaps 2010.

  5. elizabeth3hersh says:

    It’s a long article, but a riveting read…thanks for the link that chick! I guess it is a free for all until TL puts on his bounty hunter hat and brings Ram back from Mexico. Word is the D.A. is willing to negotiate a plea bargain.

  6. womaninblack says:

    What, so I’m not good enough for you? Eh? EH?
    If you go under, who will leave Ram-pantly outrageous comments on my blog. I need you, man, come back this instant.

  7. Interesting that you never see Ram and TL together…I am just saying.

  8. tannerleah says:

    Jesus, Joseph, and Barry…don’t get your knickers in a twist. I am back. I just needed to take a really, really long bathroom break (damned burritos).

    Plus, I had to mourn a little for our lost friend, Ram. But, as is my style, I am over it. I will be back later today with something new to complain about.


    Bearman & FJ – I only wish I was Ram. That dude was the Shizzle.

  9. nursemyra says:

    thank god for that! I thought I was going to have to pack my whip and my instruments and come over there to make a man of you

  10. squirrel says:

    When Ram said he was leaving he received 33 comments, you only 15. Sorry.

  11. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Does that mean that Ram is twice as popular or that TL’s readers care half as much?

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