How Will We Ever Solve The “Sexting” Problem?

This is such a difficult problem for parents and authorities. As you no doubt are aware, “sexting” is the act of sending provocative photos of yourself through your cell phone. Specifically, this has been a fad for under aged school kids. It is quite the conundrum. 

Fortunately, as usual, I have come up with a solution. Take the damned phone away from them!!! My God, is this really that complicated? If your kid is too irresponsible to handle a cell phone, they shouldn’t have one. The same goes for Internet access. Where in the hell are the parents? 

Oh wait; if you take the phone away the kid might be mad at you. Then your relationship as their best buddy might be sullied. Get over it you, you lazy mouth breather. You are NOT supposed to be a buddy; you are supposed to be a parent. Start acting like one. 

Recently, a 14 year old girl in New Jersey (of course) was arrested for child pornography for posting nude photos of herself on her MySpace page. Are you kidding me? They actually arrested a 14 year old? Again I ask, why are the parent(s) not being arrested? Why does this kid have access to the Internet? How about instead of arresting her you get her some counseling and some parenting classes for the useless parents? 

When I was a kid I wanted a machine gun for Christmas that shot plastic bullets. On Christmas morning, I got up at about 5am and found that Santa had brought the machine gun. I proceeded to shoot off every bulb off of the tree. Why? Because no one bothered to get out of bed to stop me. Eventually, the gun was confiscated from me and I never so it again. But that was ok, the damage was already done. 

Kids will do whatever you let them do. That’s why they are kids. Can we please stop blaming them for their mistakes and start holding the parents accountable? Rarely is a kid truly a “bad kid”. The vast majority of time they just need love and direction from someone. So you lazy a** parents that don’t know what your kids are doing need to wake up. Will it prevent stupid things from happening? Not always but at least you will find out about it before the state police are banging on your door. 

Now I, as a consenting adult, need to go post some more nude photos of myself on my MySpace page. This batch is going to be extra hot!


31 Responses to How Will We Ever Solve The “Sexting” Problem?

  1. Davis says:

    looking foward to the fotos

  2. Maybe if all us parents started posting photos of our naughty bits, then kids would find the whole thing boring and stop it. I admit there is a downside to this ploy.

  3. squirrel says:

    hahahaha … is this why little one’s fb will be looked ay weekly by mom … maybe the parents just didn’t see it, because their child is otherwise GREAT.

  4. pobept says:

    Well said. Teens have lived thousands of years without a cell phone. They are not so important that the world will end if they do not have a cell phone.

    OR how about get the little exhibitionist a plain cell phone that Won’t take pictures!!!! No picture… Problem solved!!!

  5. womaninblack says:

    Heading over to your MySpace. Have bottle of wine ready and mood lighting on. Am expecting big things. And by big things, I mean the gun you still own. If you know what I’m saying.

  6. Ram Venkatararam says:

    You know where I stand on this stuff TL. The police should arrest the kids, take their phones and then beat the parents over the head with them repeatedly.

    Now…two questions.

    1) So what’s up with you and Squirrel anyway?

    2) And, what happened to funky friday? I was expecting some Parliament or Curtis Mayfield and I get images of you naked on MySpace. Both are fine but I was expecting funk.

    • tannerleah says:

      1. Squirrel is a little retarded child who my wife and I took in that has the brain of, well…a squirrel.

      2. I BEGGED for people to step forward and knock Liz’s request off of the list. But noooo….no one stepped up. Just be thankful I didn’t cave in to her Partridge Family request.

  7. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Oops, my bad RAM. I felt compelled to send Doug a message. We need him back.

  8. Blame the parents. Blame the parents.

    I am tired of you bleading hearts saying “it can’t be poor Jane’s fault. We must lay blame on the parents” The kid is 14. I wasn’t the smartest kid but I knew at that age if I sent anything “private” to any one of my friends it would be all over school within 24 hours. Quit blaming parents when their kids get drunk, sext, do drugs (unless of course that is where they learned the behavior”

    ha ha

    • tannerleah says:

      Bearman, 14 is still idiot age. I no more trust a 14 year olds decision making than my own. I am an idiot and so are 14 year olds.

      By the way, I don’t blame the parents for kids doing stupid things, I blame them for not catching them. The police never came to my house no matter what I did. I was always caught by a parent or ratted out by a neighborhood adult. It was not the responsibility of my teachers or the police to raise me…it was my useless parents.

      Now put down the crack pipe and get on the right side of this argument.

  9. nursemyra says:

    you’re so sexy when you’re serious

  10. George says:

    Hey! I couldn’t find any nekkid pictures of you on MySpace! Umm…not that I went looking or anything.

    • tannerleah says:

      Busted. I talk a good game but I am really a coward. (My thong photo was my only real effort in this department).

      But thanks for looking…makes you a little creepy which means you fit right in with this crowd.

  11. George says:

    My wife, with her sweet obliviousness, hinks that our kids are perfect angels. I spend more time catching them scheming and conniving than I do surfing

    I guess I think like a dirty cop or something. Wifey’s all surprised that they would pull nefarious stuff, but I don’t put nuthin’ by ’em. Parents need to remember what they were like at that age.

  12. TL…obviously I forgot to say SNARK or whatever the kids are saying these days. ha ha

    We are in agreement with the exception that I was a smart 14 year old.

  13. art vandelay says:

    There is a freshman girl at my son’s school that recently sent a “sext video” of herself masturbating with a spatula and a curling iron. The boy and three others that she sent it to were arrested…nothing happened to her. She’s a cheerleader and at the next basketball game the fans all brought spatulas to the game…WTF is wrong with this world?????

  14. how about teach them not to be slutty whores?

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