Obama Is On TV Again? WTF?

March 24, 2009

When did Barry get his own sitcom? Jesus, Joseph and Allah, when is he NOT on TV these days? We get it…you are the black Jesus. You don’t need to throw it in our face every 2 weeks in prime time. Couldn’t you do Letterman tonight instead? Or perhaps go on The View and argue with those idiots? How many more speeches about the economy do we need to hear? Stop talking and start doing. (Spend a couple or more trillion, or something).

Don’t get me wrong; I like Barry. Sure, he is as dirty as any politician and his constant smile on 60 Minutes was absolutely bizarre but c’mon…he has charisma with capital KKK’s. I just want him to dress it up a little. How about walking out to the podium wearing a Fedora and throwing a gang sign. “East side biyatches! Whitey ain’t on up in here, no mo’. Ya feel me?” That would be awesome.

However, since Barry doesn’t speak “black”, he could just come out sporting an awesome fro.


(See how my Photoshop skills continue to improve? I even added a little soul patch).

This would show that he has a sense of humor and is all virile like Billy Dee Williams. In fact, he should hold up a can of Colt 45 or a bucket of chicken. Then little Gary Coleman could come out after his speech and say, “What you talkin’ bout Barry?” Ah…good times. (Well, not really “good times” or it would have been “dy-no-mite!!!). Then Barry could have said. “You sure are a tiny Mother Fu” – and out pops Lawanda Page to say “shut yo mouth”.

Admit it, you would pay a 60% tax rate if you could get this kind of entertainment on television. And I haven’t even killed anyone or shown boobs…yet.

Sadly, NONE of this is going to happen. He will just drone on and on about the same stuff and then go do whatever his rich cohorts instruct him to do. How tedious. At least Dubya would make faces and wink. (And say nuke-u-lar at least a dozen times). Barry is just boring. I guess I can always watch Sanford and Son to get my Lawanda Page fix. Speaking of which, how awesome would it have been to have Redd Foxx as the POTUS? That dude was old school funny. Not for the kids but still some funny stuff.

And one final thought. If all of you guilty white people would have done the right thing, we could be watching endless coverage of the great Sarah Palin. It might be boring but the tingling would absolutely make it worth it. (Where have you gone Sarah Palin girl, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you, woo woo woo.)