Lance Armstrong Sucks

I am very busy this week but I wanted to just offer this thought. How come Lance can “beat” cancer but can’t “beat” a simple collar bone injury. What a pussy.

Put some tape on it and get back on your candy a** bike you whiny baby. By the way, when I was banging Sheryl Crow last night, she didn’t mention your name once…not once. How do you like me now, Bike Boy?

That is all. Just a quick hit and run. Sorry for the rip off.


25 Responses to Lance Armstrong Sucks

  1. I too am really busy this week, so I don’t have time to leave a proper comment. If I did have time to leave a suitable comment worthy of this blog, then I would, but like I said, I just don’t have the time. But I would if I could. You’ll just have to get by on this until such a time as I can fully respond in a cogent manner. I am sorry I can’t be of more help.

    • tannerleah says:

      I do appreciate the effort. I can imagine with the way you nod off constantly that your time is quite precious. Hell, you probably plopped on your keyboard 10 times just writing your comment. I respect your gallant attitude!

  2. nursemyra says:

    how many ways did you have her?

  3. Myra!!!!! I am blushing.

  4. Kevinjohn says:

    Yea, Tannerleah i know what you mean.

    Just last night I mentioned it to “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” babe Khloe Kardashian while she was giving me some much needed head.
    Her response?

    “Tchhu es shfanse?”

    Cancer, smancer.. what a whimp.

  5. sweatsmodel says:

    Well done, you drive-by-taunter, you.
    Thank you for starting my morning off with a bang.

    p.s. Please send graphic illustration of “the bicycle”

  6. squirrel says:

    Sick. There is an unneeded i at the beginning of the how do you like me now sentence.

  7. squirrel says:

    No it’s not. Plus mom won’t let me save an animal that could die and it’s very sad. Also I talked to pep and she said she wants/needs a friend because she is bored with us. Well I could argue the point forever, but I will just wait until you guys realize how much you can save animals and it’s time to get another one. PLUS mom got a new cat months after delilah and where is the next pup after Lucy. That’s throwing off the balance.

    • tannerleah says:

      I have an idea. Quit school, get your OWN place (after you land your job at McD’s) then FILL your house with sick animals. You can be the female Noah…two of every danged thing.

  8. squirrel says:

    You have no soul/heart.

  9. squirrel says:

    Well, if you ever need any rescue animal I’ll tell them you don’t need it. Too much hassle.

  10. Kevinjohn says:

    do you guys ever, like, work?
    just asking.

  11. squirrel says:

    Your wonderful and great rescue animal needs her own rescue animal.

  12. squirrel says:

    Grr. That’s not what I needed/wanted to hear.

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