Can We Please Build More Prisons?

We have yet another story of a hardened criminal out on parole that, clearly, should not have been on the streets. This time it was in Oakland and, in his desire to go out in a blaze of glory, he killed 4 police officers. This has to be particularly difficult for the family members to accept knowing that the killer should have never been there in the first place.

How many more people need to be murdered, raped, assaulted, or have ANY crime committed against from a repeat offender? I understand that prisons are full and that we, as a society, love to forgive people of their past sins. That’s all fine until someone you love is a victim of one of these repeat offenders.

The simple solution is to build more prisons. Since I am paying significant taxes already, I have no problem with some of that money going to bigger prisons. Just think of it as an infrastructure job. You have construction work plus you will need more prison guards. See? It’s a winner for everyone!

Oh wait, what about the poor criminals that are only in jail because “the man” put it to them or they grew up poor. Maybe they even come from a broken home and didn’t finish high school. Too fu**in bad…I am over it. There was a time when I believed in rehabilitation and, in some cases, I still do. Any non-violent criminal probably does deserve a second chance. Violent offenders, however, should never see the streets again.

Why? Because they are hard wired to always be violent. Study after study tells us this. They have no place in our society…period. If you want to visit them in prison or bake them cookies, knock yourself out. Hell, I am even ok with giving them cable TV and hookers if it keeps them happy. I just don’t want them out in the real world where hard working, innocent people (like the 4 Oakland police officers) can be negatively impacted by their actions.

I am sure the murderer here has a sob story and we will hear how he should have never been pulled over in the first place. Bull crap. Whatever judge or penal system employee that let this dirt bag out now has the deaths of 4 people hanging over their head. Of course, they will say they had no choice…it is the “system”. Fine; here is the answer. Build more jails and do not let violent offenders back out. You can even raise my taxes to do it. Now make it happen.

One last thing. There have been reports of people in Oakland celebrating and honking their horns over the murders. If there are bigger pussies out in the world than this group, I can’t imagine where they exist.


16 Responses to Can We Please Build More Prisons?

  1. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Build more prisons: workable short term solution. For long term, it’s time for a radical and progressive shift in thinking. Instead of focusing on re-habilitation, we need to start brainstorming about HABILITATION. We spay and neuter pets and yet allow the dregs of society to procreate often with disastrous results. Think that is crossing a line? There is a HUGE correlation between crime and child abuse/neglect. Children are beaten, maimed, burned, raped, microwaved and tossed live into rivers and clothes dryers. If they die, they may be the lucky ones. Criminals do have an excuse of sorts to turn out as badly as they do. Yes, they need to be locked away. But, what about future generations? I will never forget a lecture by a child abuse specialist who advocated having to get a license to bear children. Prospective parents would have to take parenting classes and prove basic parenting skills. And how about having them prove financial responsibility? You can’t drive a car without documenting financial responsibility yet a citizen can bring a vulnerable newborn into this world with an immature nervous system with sometimes cataclysmic consequences (some of which will not be fully realized until 4 cops are shot down in a blaze of glory). Child abuse and crime will continue to flourish until society puts a halt to it. The US has the highest incarceration rate in the world…our culture the genesis of this crime? Perhaps our societal ills would fade away if every child arrived welcomed, nourished (in every sense of the word) and cherished. That means making some very tough decisions and a radical shift in social policies. The ASPCA could probably offer up some good suggestions.

  2. “The US has the highest incarceration rate in the world”

    Compared to many countries, its because they pull out the death penalty (many times erroneously) more often.

  3. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Some things I found online in reference to ADOPTING A PET:

    What are the requirements to adopt a pet from your shelter?

    First of all you must be 18 years of age or older. You must own your own home or be able to provide proof of landlord (or parental) approval to house the pet where you live. If you live in a condominium or other type of planned development with association bylaws or regulations regarding pets you must provide a copy of those regulations showing any restrictions or requirements of pet owners. You must complete our “Pet Match” questionnaire and watch “Welcome Home Your New Dog/Cat” video that we provide. One of our Adoption Specialists will interview you and discuss the information provided on the questionnaire as well as any questions you may have or that relate to the particular pet you have chosen. After the interview the pet will be taken to the veterinarian of your choice for sterilization. You will be able to pick the pet up from the veterinarian at the end of the next business day following your interview.

    Animals are expensive to care for. They require food, toys, grooming supplies, and veterinary care.

    Animals are work. They are completely reliant on you to provide for them. You have to clean up after their messes and protect them from anything that might harm them. Many require training, which takes patience, love, and commitment.

    Animals require attention. Some may require less than others, but all need time and a lot of positive interactions with their owner(s).

    Animals live a long time. You must be ready to keep and care for your pet for their entire lifespan.
    Most importantly, make sure you have the resources and room in your lifestyle to provide all of these things for your pet!

    Pets require LOVE and ATTENTION.

    If we could only apply the above to having babies (an application, an interview and proof of financial responsibility)…

  4. womaninblack says:

    Cable TV, hookers AND cookies? I’m booking myself a flight and starting a new life as a hardened criminal.
    No one brings me cookies. And the ones I bake myself are barely fit to give to the kids. I still do, though.
    I’m back. Been working. Click on my eye, you handsome, crazy devil.

  5. that | chick says:

    i read that he killed them because he didn’t want to go to jail.

    the system is messed up. building more jails won’t ever fix that.

  6. elizabeth3hersh says:

    TL, people could not imagine cell phones, DVR’s, lasers, satellites, the atom bomb, jet planes or the intricacies of quantum mechanics just 150 years ago. Social change is coming…it’s most certainly coming. At some point, we will evolve to have the same requirements (or more!) to have a child as to adopt a pet from a shelter: an application, an interview, a stable home and proof of financial responsibility.

    Do you know that there were animal abuse laws before child abuse laws?

    American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals founded in 1866

    American Humane Society founded in 1875 (which protected both animals and children).

  7. antonio mixon says:

    screw you all!!!!! he was my cousin. not sayin wut he did was right but now im at a loss of a family member just like the familys of those cops.
    in the end were all effected!!!! grow the heck up

  8. antonio mixon says:

    he used to be a good guy.
    every body has people in there family that arent rightous either.
    so y descrimanate against my cousin?
    everyone makes mistakes!!!! some are worse then other but its still the same….

    • tannerleah says:

      antonio – CLEARLY, your cousin was a troubled dude. He should not have been on the street. He should have either been in jail or been getting mental health treatment. And yes, I have some bad people in my family but no cop killers.

      You are correct that it is sad for all involved.

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