And For No Particular Reason….

I present Elizabeth Montgomery. Man, I loved her.



3 Responses to And For No Particular Reason….

  1. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Some spells by the Bewitched star:

    (…to make someone come to you:)

    “Hummingbird and dragonfly wings
    Palm and Burango Springs
    Timbuctu and Irish Stew
    Where ever you are…”

    (Turning Darwin back from a statue to a mortal:)

    “Witches Council, no belate
    Clearly hear me ask I state.
    In haste I’ll fly to do my task
    But release the spell so I may ask.”

    and my favourite (in regards to getting rid of grass):

    “Thunder, dunder, seven day wonder
    Look below and see this blunder.
    Spirits all who roam the night
    Take this greenery from my sight.”

    (…then to bring back some bare patches in the lawn):

    “Haddle, faddle, rooster’s cry
    As the sun climbs in the sky.
    Spirit of Light, bring back the lawn
    That these mortal fools did spawn.”

    (yet another attempt to completely renew it):

    “Haddle, faddle, rooster’s cry
    As the sun climbs in the sky
    Whose spirits of the day are seen
    Change this lawn to burdent green.”

    (yet ANOTHER try to finish it):

    “Fiddleson, faddleson, spirits that fly
    Let me give it another try.
    Replace this velveety carpet of green
    With artificial grass of wax and sheen.”

    We can all safely assume this last try worked.

  2. Despite your Richard Spotts debacle, you are correct on this one. Barbara Eden had a better rack, but Liz was sexier.

    • tannerleah says:

      Agree 100%.

      By the way, since your feigned narcolepsy and Dick Spotts scam, I am starting to think you just might have a compulsive lying issue. I respect that.

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