Lemon Law For Adopted Kids

A few months ago I watched a news show about adopted children. Not a warm and cuddly show talking about how great it was to have adopted children. No, this show was about adoptions gone bad. Simply put, the kids that were adopted were lunatics. Of course, the families that adopts the kids, particularly from overseas, have no knowledge of what they just walked into. And, in their defense, they go to amazing lengths to help these young children overcome their nuttiness.

Unfortunately, too often these families are getting hurt…literally. Such was the case for Shannon Renfro from Morrison, OK. According to police reports, Shannon had a twelve year old adopted son. The story does not say where the kid came from but does say that he had “mental issues”. In this case, mental issues means that he was crazy enough to shoot his adoptive mother in the stomach and kill her. Yeah, I could see how that might be considered mental issues.

By all accounts, Shannon was a loving mother and did everything she could do to provide for her kid. At this point, it is unknown what happened that set him off. Do you remember the 4 year old that shot his babysitter for stepping on his toes? With that kind of stuff happening in the world, she might have done something as simple as bought the wrong flavored ice cream. Lunatic kids today are a whole different breed of crazy. Never mind slinging poop on the wall or cursing…these kids are killing their siblings and parents.

So, what to do? Simple, give the kid back to the state, country or agency it came from. And make it mandatory. These kind parents would probably rather die than give their kid up but that shouldn’t be a choice. The show I watched showed a camp in Montana or somewhere where they try to rehabilitate these kids or, at the very least, keep them from hurting someone. But why should these parents bare the burden emotionally and financially? Just enact a lemon law for kids and be done with it.

I know that might seem harsh but, let’s be honest…all kids are just not keepers. Some need to be institutionalized and some need to be imprisoned. It is just not safe to take any less action. And since I am thinking of it, the law should apply to biological children as well. If they suck, and many do, there should be a “sucky children” farm that the government runs. Then, we would just be surrounded by the good kids of the world.

Think of it as kind of a reverse Logan’s Run. Instead off killing people as they get older, get rid of the defective ones while they are younger. (And, for my money, the sooner the better). I am not saying kill them, just put them on an island somewhere. You know, the island I wouldn’t give to sex offenders.

These young psycho kids have got to be brought down. I have just given you the plan on how to do it. As always, you are welcome. Love and kisses to all the non-defective children out there, TL.

Here is a young Farrah back in the Logan’s Run era. Ah, the good old days when bad kids stole candy instead of shooting people.


21 Responses to Lemon Law For Adopted Kids

  1. pobept says:

    Now thats one of the best Ideas I have heard in sometime.
    Lemon Law For Adopted Kids, I vote yes on this proposed law.

    • tannerleah says:

      I second. We just need Obama to sign and we are in business.

    • anonymous says:

      You were right…I knew Shannon personally. She wouldn’t ever have given her kids back. She said, “They are a gift from God.” She also said that the parents made a sacrifice to give them up. Unless you are someone who cannot have children I doubt you would ever understand this. You don’t ever give children back! Take responsibility & teach your children how to become responsible adults. If they have problems, whatever they may be…get them professional help, there are ways to help you accomplish this. Remember – God never ever gives us more than we can handle. It’s just too bad that our country has turned into a country of, “If it’s broken – don’t fix it, just get something new.” Learn how to handle problems & “fix” them, don’t create more of a problem or try and burden someone else with it.

      • tannerleah says:

        But if these kids are trying to kill you, or your other kids, shouldn’t you have recourse? Most of the time, these parents have significant information hidden from them. And, let’s be honest, there are human beings that are beyond being “fixed”. Why allow the entire family to be fractured over this? Makes no sense to me.

  2. art vandelay says:

    It may already be tucked in the stimulus package somewhere..who would know

  3. elizabeth3hersh says:

    I latched right on to the island plan for sucky kids (particularly, TEENAGE sucky kids). I would have shipped out my oldest had there been such a place several years ago. She drove me INSANE for a year (I’m a psychiatric nurse and if I say insane I mean insane…like I wanted to eviscerate her). No punishment, gentle persuasion, bribe, lecture or written essay could deter her from making a sarcastic remark whenever she opened her mouth (allow me to share an example: every morning when I got up [cheerful and offering a good morning hug] she would take one look at me and say “eewwww” and it only got worse as the day progressed). I even threatened to send her to my “adopted” Uncle Bobby in Miami Beach. Uncle Bobby was the black sheep in an otherwise high achieving family of CPA’s, prosecutors, jewelers and business owners (did I mention he keeps an Uzi in his closet, ran with the mob most of his life and whose first wife disappeared off the face of the Earth and who would, in the imitable words of Alec Baldwin, “straighten her ass out”?). I am happy to report that I did not send her to Uncle Bobby, that all of her “issues” have been resolved, she has become quite loving and scholarly and now plans on attending med school. I could not ask for a more PERFECT daughter. But, it took well over a year to get to this happy idyllic place. That island would have been a welcome respite in the interim.

  4. nursemyra says:

    seeing as how I was adopted as a two week old baby I think I’m more than qualified to have an opinion on this.

    Why wasn’t I given the option of living on an island when I trod on my babysitter’s toes for taking away my spud gun?

    • tannerleah says:

      nursemyra – No offense, but after viewing your website, you would have qualified for the lemon law.

      I thought you already lived on an island? Did you think that was just a coincidence?

  5. Yet another reason never to throw away receipts. Documentation, documentation, documentation. When will people learn.

  6. Ram Venkatararam says:

    I agree. Something must be done. The current practice of sending troubled kids to hang out in front of convenience stores is simply unsustainable.

    An island is an excellent solution. You’ll need a big one though, it’s getting so that us respectable folks can’t swing a dead cat without swatting some misguided youth.

    I’d suggest Australia. It’s roomy and has some history in housing trouble makers.

  7. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Great idea Ram…a la Lord of the Flies. Even better than Australia would be Tasmania (too bad the Brits killed off the last of the Tasmanian aborigines…think of the possibilities for a surly teen boot camp!!).

  8. womaninblack says:

    To be fair, we sent them our convicts, they sent us their poorly-made drama series (Neighbours, Cell Block H). I think it a fair swap.
    In the UK, we had a case in the news this week about a family who had an 18-year-old placed with them who had – unbeknown to them – a history of sexual attacks on children. He sexually attacked their children. Full marks, British Social Services!

  9. womaninblack says:

    Being an island is a state of mind. Here, we prefer the word: ’empire’.

  10. standing in for kids everywhere who grew up in the foster care system..not saying kids have the right to kill or whatever because they had a sucky life..but sucky children usually equals sucky parenting by someone….and adoptive parents shouldn’t be so stupid as to adopt a child they have no history on. and usually once a kid gets over like 7 they are lemons espeacially if they grew up in the system. so if more people would adopt children so that they don’t spend the really important years getting the crap beat out of them, and being “daddys” lil toy, you wouldn’t have so many bad lemons…imho.

    • tannerleah says:

      thelittlestsurvivor – You make a very good point. Being bounced around for years in the foster care system and being separated from your siblings is quite destructive, mentally. I have never understood why the government makes it so difficult to adopt. I understand trying to find “good” parents but, in the meantime, many children are being devastated by a system that doesn’t care for, or protect them. Thanks for the insight.

      • no prob..just doing my former foster kid duties..you know whats worst than growing up in foster care? aging out. there is no support, they basically pat you on the bum and say good luck kid. on a bit of a personal..i was not a lemon kid. i was a good kid that made great grades regardless of where i was located and am now in college. i guess i should also let you know that i am rather lemonish now…lol…

  11. oh my! i know i am late but how lovely so see familiar faces.

    you never know what type of child you will get. the mother may have been a drug addict, had mental issues, etc and that is why the child may not be the best. sometimes it doesn’t matter how well you treat someone. if they have issues in the head, they have issues in the head.

    on that note – the littlest survivor – how wonderful for you! keep up the good work. you’re an inspiration that everything is possible.

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