Lemon Law For Adopted Kids

March 8, 2009

A few months ago I watched a news show about adopted children. Not a warm and cuddly show talking about how great it was to have adopted children. No, this show was about adoptions gone bad. Simply put, the kids that were adopted were lunatics. Of course, the families that adopts the kids, particularly from overseas, have no knowledge of what they just walked into. And, in their defense, they go to amazing lengths to help these young children overcome their nuttiness.

Unfortunately, too often these families are getting hurt…literally. Such was the case for Shannon Renfro from Morrison, OK. According to police reports, Shannon had a twelve year old adopted son. The story does not say where the kid came from but does say that he had “mental issues”. In this case, mental issues means that he was crazy enough to shoot his adoptive mother in the stomach and kill her. Yeah, I could see how that might be considered mental issues.

By all accounts, Shannon was a loving mother and did everything she could do to provide for her kid. At this point, it is unknown what happened that set him off. Do you remember the 4 year old that shot his babysitter for stepping on his toes? With that kind of stuff happening in the world, she might have done something as simple as bought the wrong flavored ice cream. Lunatic kids today are a whole different breed of crazy. Never mind slinging poop on the wall or cursing…these kids are killing their siblings and parents.

So, what to do? Simple, give the kid back to the state, country or agency it came from. And make it mandatory. These kind parents would probably rather die than give their kid up but that shouldn’t be a choice. The show I watched showed a camp in Montana or somewhere where they try to rehabilitate these kids or, at the very least, keep them from hurting someone. But why should these parents bare the burden emotionally and financially? Just enact a lemon law for kids and be done with it.

I know that might seem harsh but, let’s be honest…all kids are just not keepers. Some need to be institutionalized and some need to be imprisoned. It is just not safe to take any less action. And since I am thinking of it, the law should apply to biological children as well. If they suck, and many do, there should be a “sucky children” farm that the government runs. Then, we would just be surrounded by the good kids of the world.

Think of it as kind of a reverse Logan’s Run. Instead off killing people as they get older, get rid of the defective ones while they are younger. (And, for my money, the sooner the better). I am not saying kill them, just put them on an island somewhere. You know, the island I wouldn’t give to sex offenders.

These young psycho kids have got to be brought down. I have just given you the plan on how to do it. As always, you are welcome. Love and kisses to all the non-defective children out there, TL.

Here is a young Farrah back in the Logan’s Run era. Ah, the good old days when bad kids stole candy instead of shooting people.