Should Pedophiles Be Protected?

I ask because Tammy Gibson tried to beat the crap out of one with a baseball bat last summer and was given 90 days for her efforts. If she had taken that same bat to pretty much any other person, her visit to jail would have likely been substantially longer.

William Baldwin is a convicted sex offender. According to Tammy, he made the mistake of trying to chat up Tammy’s daughter. Tammy, being old school apparently, took out her bat to have a “conversation” with Billy Baldwin (not the one you are thinking of…I think). Good thing Tammy doesn’t carry a .38 instead.

While I have no tolerance for child molesters, does that give the average citizen the right to attack them based on a perceived threat? The easy answer is, yes. If it was my kid, I would have done the same thing but with my fists. But would I have been justified in doing so?

Some of those that oppose Tammy’s reaction point out that she is no angel. She has had her own run-ins with the law regarding drug charges. So, if I know Tammy sells drugs and I see her talking to my kid, can I blast her with a bat? Where does the line get to be drawn and who exactly is going to draw it?

I would like to think that, in most cases; I would call law enforcement and let them deal with it. Of course, if you live in pretty much any urban area, enjoy whiling away your time as you wait for the po-po to show up. And what if you did do nothing and later that same individual did assault your child? How in the world would you cope with such a thing?   

After careful consideration, I have a plan. Kill all sex offenders. Sure, at first blush this might seem like a slightly over the top reaction. But why not? What possible function do they serve that benefits their fellow man? I would give them an island because, even with the price of real estate depressed, they are not worth it.

The other option would be to lock them away forever. But that is going to cost a ton of money and, frankly, they are not worth it. You might think that these guys getting gang raped on a regular basis might be a good punishment but I suspect they would learn to enjoy it.

No, my mind is made up…kill all sex offenders. I just ask this. When you do “the deed”, please do not give me any credit for your courage. I am not interested in being anyone’s Jim Jones. (Unless large quantities of money are involved).

Yet another large social issue resolved by Tannerleah. You are welcome.


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  1. I agree with you in general, but I believe that the term sex offender can apply to an 18 year old guy having consensual sex with his 17 year old girlfriend, and can even apply to some guy taking a leak beside the road…not flagrant…standing behind his car. But when it comes to pedophiles I agree completely except that I’d like to see a little torture involved there first, and I’m not talking water-boarding, I’m talking a splintered baseball bat. Use your imagination. Of course you’re going to get your apologists that say you might be mistaken and with the death sentence that person can never be found innocent. Yeah OK, well shit happens.

    Good for Tammy.

    Billy Baldwin, he’s not one of the fat brothers, or the newborn Christian right?

  2. womaninblack says:

    Good crikey on a horseless carriage: “Of course you’re going to get your apologists that say that you might be mistaken and with the death penalty that person can never be found innocent. Yeah, Ok, well shit happens.”

    You Americans rule at justice.

    PS Just so you know for the future, I am the one who draws the line. I draw it real nice.

  3. Geronimorex says:

    I don’t know all Americans, but I don’t give a damn about justice…revenge is what I want. And I don’t mean “get even” revenge, I mean full on kill ’em all and let God separate them.

    • tannerleah and geranimo,

      I received your response through the rss feed tanner. Of course, you draw an illogical parallel. You also make the common error in this hysteria. Murderers do indeed get released and are not put on a public registry. For all I know, you may have been convicted of murder and are now threatening death by jihad or murder through your confused cry to Allah, Jesus, Joseph, and Mary (to quote.) I cannot follow your thread when it comes from a brain that cannot decide3 where it stands with the Judeo, Christian, Islaam belief system.

      If you chose to take a moment to do some research you would find that there is a disturbingly increasing number of cases where false accusation has been proven and persons released after serving many years. Of course, these false convictions come from hysterics like yourself who obviously believe in the legal theory of guilt by accusation.

      I believe your closing comment is correct, you should block all comments on this topic and then you could sit at your computer and talk to yourself or maybe geranimo. The pair of you could reason that the death penalty for anything worse than insufficient postage is how justice should be served and then hang out at the post office and merely beat those people to near death.

      Do not complain that ‘these people don’t have jobs’. You seem to be right here with us, or are you stealing from your employer by blogging when you are supposed to be working? I wonder, what did you say when the Gestapo rounded up the Jews? Where is your white sheet? I have attempted to engage you in dialog so we could work together to find an answer. That cannot obtain, because you are unable to see beyond your self righteous hatred. The only saving grace is that that hatred will consume you.

      Please have the courage to identify yourself. You have nothing to fear, by your own statement, you have not committed any crime. And do take your own advice and ‘keep it in your pants’, we certainly do not need more of your ilk.

      Kelly R Piercy

  4. elizabeth3hersh says:

    This reminds me of the Ellie Nessler case. She was a woman from California who shot her son’s accused molester during the preliminary hearing. This in turn ignited a national debate on vigilante justice. I remember sending this woman a small donation to help in her legal defense (she ended up serving three years). On the other hand, the psychiatric nurse side of me knows there is a neurological basis for some pedophilia: often these abusers were abused themselves as children. They were hard-wired to associate sex with children. Having been the victim of childhood sexual abuse myself, I strongly identified with Ellie Nessler because I could visualize what that abuse may have entailed and I was a mother. Now that I am older (and wiser and a whole lot calmer) I also see the victim in the molester. My understanding of the issue is that many cannot be rehabilitated. So, what do you do? Long term institutional commitment, chemical castration, GPS monitoring, the bat? From a professional perspective, this is far more pervasive in our culture than one would like to think.

  5. art vandelay says:

    Oh now this is just getting ridiculous…I agree again with you. I’m also a big fan of castration

  6. Momof2 says:

    I am the mother of a registered sex offender. He was 22 and was chatting with a 15 year old. NEVER met her, NEVER touched her, NEVER intended to meet her. She (the young lady, I refuse to call a 15 year old a CHILD) was doing the same with at least 4 other young men. Now, she’s a victim, my son is an rso. If you killed him, I’d come and make sure you paid, because SOME of the rso’s out there these days are NOT dangerous, but chatted or had sex with their girlfriend or LESS…..move to the South, almost all our young men are rso’s now. Please remember, vigilante justice is horrible and a nightmare for us parents who have young men on the registry for such STUPID laws.

  7. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Penectomies (in conjunction with castration) sometimes work too…

  8. cfcamerica says:

    Let me get this straight… all you people here are good law abiding citizens right?

    All of you have perfectly clean lives, right?

    You all believe it is great that a known felon, and crazy woman can grab a bat and go attempt to murder a man who was harming no one and breaking no laws.

    A man who committed a crime at the age of 14 years old, still a child him self.


    Lets just see what we can look into about your lives….

    Maybe we have some criminals right here posting or writing articles. This will really be interesting when it all plays out.

  9. You website have great content.

    • Ram Venkatararam says:

      Voice of reason, fundamentaljelly.

      Hey TL, how about “personality crisis” on Friday?

  10. elizabeth3hersh says:

    cfcamerica, a little perspective, please. I took the liberty of looking up the definition for a level 3 sex offender in the state of Washington (William Baldwin was classified as a level 3 offender):

    “Level 3 – These offenders pose a potential high risk to the community and are a threat to re-offend if provided the opportunity. Most have prior sex crime convictions as well as other criminal convictions. Their lifestyles and choices place them in this classification. Some have predatory characteristics and may seek out victims. They may have refused or failed to complete approved treatment programs. Fewer than 3% of all registered sex offenders in Pierce County are classified as Level 3 offenders.”

    I think the “fewer than 3% of all registered sex offenders in Pierce County are classified as Level 3 offenders” is a dead give-away that this guy is in a league of his own, no?

    • Elizabeth,

      I came here because someone said that a poster had said that all pedophiles should be murdered. I haven’t found that post as yet. Of course, my intention was to see if the person identified themselves and suggest that the local police might want to consider that person’s safety with respect to the community.

      I am blind, so searching this out became academic. However, I did come across your post. This is exactly the point. Persons with prior convictions of violent crime, persons who either receive no treatment or refuse treatment are dangerous and must be supervised. I am sickened by what happened to Alycia Nipp.

      My concern is that this person, a known level three risk was not supervised. I have to ask if it is because so many resources are being wasted supervising the other 97%.

      Would it not be more sane, and more effective if the community, instead of asking for more restrictions on those determined not to be a risk, were to demand that the possibly 6% or so who are a risk be supervised more closely?

      If the community demanded their law makers put effective laws in place instead of ‘feel good’ ‘one size fits all’ laws, Alycia might be alive today. There might be money for education and treatment for the 95% of all sex offenses that are committed by first time offenders. There might be money for programs that actually work to prevent the 80% of offenses against children that happen in their own home.

      I appreciate your comments and reason. I invite you to view our website at and to open a dialog with me so we can find a solution that works instead of leaving it to mindless lawmakers who only want votes and a media only concerned with selling soap.

      Kelly R Piercy
      Georgians for Sex Offender Registry and Residency Restriction Reform
      P. O. Box 180
      Hull, GA 30646
      (706) 955 2009

      • tannerleah says:

        Kelly – I am the offending party. I am not going to explain my “killing them” for the n’th time because people are too lazy to read the thread. I say again, and listen closely; anybody that has been arrested AND CONVICTED of sexual offenses should learn to deal with it. Saying you only want to worry about the worst offenders is ridiculous.

        Should murderers that “only” kill one person be considered any less of a danger than people that have killed several? You people are seriously getting on my last nerve. Please, for the love of Allah, take this somewhere else or I will just block all comments. Or worse, I will call a Jihad on all of you.

        And not to worry, the FBI are already on the case. Jesus, Joseph and Mary, don’t ANY of you have a real job?

  11. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Wow, I just realized after clicking “submit comment” that my father was 22 and my mother was 15 (exactly!) when my parents married and I was conceived. My, how times have changed!! TL, does that my father some sort of pervert?

    • Momof2 says:

      Funny thing is when I was young (I’m 46 now) I only dated guys in their 20’s. I was 16….one guy was 28! In Texas it is considered “Aggravated Assault of a Child” for KISSING a 16 year old if you are more than 3 years older than that 16 year old. OH MY, I’d have put a LOT of young men in prison and on the registry according to today’s laws in Texas. PLEASE KNOW that not all rso’s are dangerous – it’s A VERY FEW (and don’t go by the Tier Level, that is WAY screwed up — Level or Tier III here in Texas is as explained by that cfcamerica person, it’s VERY EASY to be a Level III in Texas AND Louisiana.) My son..the 22 year old who is the rso, is a Level II (Tier II) and remember, he never met anyone, this is ONLY CHAT on his computer, nothing more! In Texas he’d be a Level III!!!!! I’m not saying let him off .. but for chatting, it should be a misdemeanor, not PRISON (oh yeah, forgot to say he went to prison for chat too) and registration – never been in trouble before. WAKE UP, all young men in this country are in DANGER of becoming a “victim” of the SYSTEM. Believe me, it’s EASY to become a sex offender, especially in the Southern States!

  12. Jay says:

    No Elizabeth, your father is not a pervert, but you have definitely been brainwashed. Make sure you look under all the beds and in all the closets for sex offenders tonight before you go to bed. You know there is a 3% chance you will find one.

  13. Jay says:

    For your information Elizabeth, Ellie Nessler’s son is serving a long prison sentence for killing a man over some tools. His mother set a great example didn’t she? I don’t like your opinions, maybe I’ll come over there and kill you! Where does it end Elizabeth? Fool!

  14. cfcamerica says:

    Level 3 offender can be anyone…
    Any child 0f 13 who takes nude photos of another child of 13 or less would be level 3.

    A man who had sex with a teen, if he was 18, 30 years ago, and was convicted of any type of charge for sex with that teen, would now be a level 3

    How about this, for a crime, how about a hate crime Do you know what a Hate crime is?

    Explain to me what a hate crime is please.

  15. cfcamerica says:

    So, you are saying, everyone who has a lever 3 sex offender in their neighborhood should do as the owner of this website says he plans to do, and go kill them?

    What method are you going to use, gun, knife, baseball bat?

    Are you going to get some of your neighbors to come with you or are you going to do it your self?

  16. Caroline says:

    Some of you people are really as sick as the pedophiles you speak of. There are thousands of young adults on the registry who had consensual sex with their teen girlfriends. It does not matter if they later marry, it does not matter if the 19 year old guy thought she was 17. These young guys are labeled for life. Any reasonable person would see the difference between a true pedophile and a young guy who made a mistake or thinks he’s in love. Get a grip. The dangerous ones are slipping through the cracks as the states keep adding misdemeanor type offenders to the registry.

  17. elizabeth3hersh says:

    No cfcamerica, I am not advocating vigilante justice. The examples you quoted are NO WHERE NEAR Level 3 classification (you need to look up and digest the classification system). All I am saying, is that I understand why someone might resort to vigilantism, the same as I understand a crime of passion (for instance, the husband who kills his wife’s lover after catching them in bed together [and she’s on top]). Who’s side are you on anyway?? It’s so nice to hear the offenders have such stauch advocates. I was getting worried that they were not being properly represented.

  18. Michael says:

    One thing that is uniquely American is the use of violence as a problem solver of first resort, but I think that is due to historical origin, the U.S. obtained nation state status through violent means, ultimately ratified the constitution through violence, violence as foreign policy, popular culture ripe with violence in every medium.

    Not opining on your post, just wanted to hack America for being really, really, really, really, really, violent.

  19. Momof2 says:

    Level III is WAY different in EACH STATE — down South it’s VERY easy to be a Level III, I promise you that. Just a 4 year age difference or more is a Level III, even consensual sex with a boyfriend/girlfriend scenario, or online chat! The “static 99” testing they use is EXTREMELY outdated and WRONG to use. It puts my son as a Tier III EASY plus some..and he chatted! They ask questions on this Static test that are WAYY out of date for today’s young people.

  20. elizabeth3hersh says:

    One more thing cfcamerica, from reading your comments, it is obvious that this topic is very personal to you (boyfriend…husband…or are YOU the offender)? You should come clean so we can judge if there is a bias in your analysis. Thanks for looking out for the offenders though (have you thought about becoming their lobbyist)?

  21. cfcamerica says:

    Someone emailed me the link to this page and really, did not see anything significant about it until I read:

    “After careful consideration, I have a plan. Kill all sex offenders.

    The other option would be to lock them away forever. But that is going to cost a ton of money and, frankly, they are not worth it. You might think that these guys getting gang raped on a regular basis might be a good punishment but I suspect they would learn to enjoy it.” QUOTE FROM THE ABOVE ARTICLE.

    And when I correlate that with knowing of over a hundred persons who have been killed due to being on the registries, It makes me wonder… Is the writer of this one of the person who has already struck and killed, or is he just now working up his plan?

    And then I think of the people whom I know personally, level 3 who have NOT harmed any child or raped anyone. And the quote in the above article says, KILL ALL SEX OFFENDERS, it does not differentiate between level 1, 2 or 3.

    That to me, speaks of vigilante murder, hate crimes and is a clear and present threat to murder.

    That is my interest and bias.

  22. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Michael, it is our god-given right to resort to violence (it says so in the Bible…an eye for an eye or a bat for a pric* or something like that) and we are a nation of believers. Art will back me up on that.

    BTW, I have a Canadian neighbor who contrasts our countries during infrequent but memorable dinner dates. I love to hear him rail against socialism. You Canadians rock and make the BEST neighbors!!

  23. elizabeth3hersh says:

    TL, shouldn’t you have said “kill only the Level 3 offenders” and leave Level 1 and 2 alone? Learn to differentiate!!

    cfcamerica, by all means send this link to law enforcement…I’m sure they would want to know what TL is up to. At the very least, he is inciting violence and is a clear danger to the community at large. Thanks for caring and sharing.

  24. buckshot says:

    I think we should give them the benifit of the doubt,you get one chance and one chance only,if you mess up a second time”OFF WITH HIS(HER)HEAD”.

  25. Michael says:

    Thank you Elizabeth! The core difference between Americans and Canadians, having lived on both sides of the border, is that Canadians have an inferiority complex from living next the world’s biggest dog on the block, when in fact, they are just as good, and Americans have a superiority complex, when in fact, they are no better.

  26. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Interesting perspective Michael. I find that Americans know astonishingly little about the rest of the world (unless of course, they live in urban centers). I really didn’t know that much about Canada until my neighbor filled me in. He is a thoroughly entrenched capitalist and does not like socialism or the health care system in Canada. Other than that, he loves (and is loyal to) Canada and flies up there every month. This man embodies moral excellence and has a work ethic that is fierce and ferocious. Honest to God, I could not ask for a better neighbor or friend. He does a fine job representing his country.

  27. IMO opinion Gibson was wrong and anyone can be a level 3 sex offender and looking at a registry does not tell the public the facts nor truths behind the case. Politicians continue, knowingly, to pass laws which are ineffective and are doing more harm then good (report) and many therapists, police and prosecutors feel its out of control cause we as a concerned public no longer can tell who turly is dangeorus cause one shoe size fits all. Example: my 16 yr old son had consensual teen sex with a young lady who admits to D.A. she lied about her real did not matter Ricky was charged as a adult and received two years probation on a deferred sentence (no conviction). Well October last year Ricky received a letter from the judge expunging him of his record and yet Oklahoma refuses to release him from the registry or following the court order. They have my child over consensual sex as a aggravated, violent offender not do to any assessment (which says he is zero threat) or a hearing but simply cause of a law and he was three years older then the young lady which automatically makes you aggravated. Now I cannot even get politicians to meet with me like Attorney General Drew Edmonson as his secretary says he does NOT meet with the public. Do we as taxpayers not pay his salary? Reading the Gibson story and public notiification made me realize how sick this world is and how full of pure hate we have become as a ndation…this Baldwin could be my son even though they are miles apart in “crimes” the reigstry does not state this..with cases of our youths on the registry as dangerous how does the public know who to truly monitor? The police? If we contnue to take their homes, jobs and network of support then recidivism rates run higher according to Dr. Fox on my radio show…we must reform the registry to be accurate it was only meant for the most violent and dangerous and in hands of police for all crimes under the Wetterling act..educate your youths folks or email me for a free brochure to discuss things with your child so we can prevent more from their lives being destroyed like my son ricky email check out: or please educate yourselves to the facts and stop allowing the govt to play us like fiddles in a game of chess with our children. Thank you

  28. Tragicaly many Americans do not know their federal constitution and seem to be unaware of the rights we lose daily with our corrupt Goernment.

  29. tannerleah says:

    Wow…what a great conversation. Sorry I was unavailable. So let me add a couple of thoughts.

    I haven’t killed any sex offenders…yet. However, I am leaving my options open. But, yes, if you are a child rapist, I am ok with the state killing you. What can I say, I’m American.

    It seems some folks have gotten caught up in young relationships and been tagged. I do agree that consensual sex between an 18 year old and 16 year old (or pick any similar numbers) should NOT go on the same registry as rapists and child molesters. But I also understand that once you start making exceptions, the law no longer applies.

    So, to recap, haven’t killed yet but am open to the idea. REAL pervs should be shot. Young people should keep it in their pants.

    And yes, fundamentaljelly is the only sane one, as usual. Christ on a banana covered pogo stick stuck in 6 inches of red mud – (as WIB might say).

    Liz, THIS is why we need you here. Excellent commentary!

  30. […] on sex offender registries, regardless of the fact non-violent people and children are on them . Here is the link to his blog on WordPress […]

    • tannerleah says:

      VigiAlert – I left you a comment at your site. (Trying to drum up some traffic for you).

      By the way, if I am going to be labeled as a vigilante, can I be a good one like Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson. I want to come across as noble. Thanks.

  31. Hateisking says:

    I find it interesting that Hitler did the same things as he came to power. He brain washed the populous with lies. Its easy to take less then half truths and make truth out of them. Tell the story enough times and you have truth from a lie. People wake up. Hitler had a registry. It included all the undesirable people. Criminals by their judgement. Dangerous and needed to be dealt with. Who were they? Jews,mentally handy capped,sex offenders, gypsies,teachers,ministers, and moved on to murder millions. We have the same mind set and doctrine surfacing here .Remember the Nazi youth?Be careful as sex offenders also come from the victims home. One thing leads to another and the 90% of all sex crimes will be reported with no statute of limitation and only a story that won’t be questioned to verified the charge.If you want to fear something fear the reality of that.It did happen and though’s that don’t study history are doomed to repeat it.

  32. Hateisking says:

    Well I guess if you want to take out of context to make a half truth you could say that. Read it as it was intended. But no only stating that this is the start of the same type of doctrine and can apply to who ever they want to include. Hitler had his agenda and so does our government.

    • tannerleah says:

      Hateisking – I would substitute “big money” for “government” but I don’t disagree with you on this point. I was just surprised that you added sex offenders to the list you provided.

      I think we should also draw a distinction between sex offenders and pedophiles. Lumping them together is not helpful to the conversation.

  33. Hateisking says:

    Very true. It is big money and your also right as sex offender is a very broad and all encompassing label. However this is the label that has stuck in the minds of the populous and is fueled by a doctrine of hate. Making anyone with this label less then human. Can you see any similarity with Hitler’s propaganda? We agree that there are some very bad people out there. But do we really know who they are. We blanket 648,000 people with this label. they have not proven that the registry has ever stopped one crime. They add more and more laws and still there isn’t any change in the fear level they have created. So why not solve the problem by killing them all? One thing leads to another and history will repeat as we look at it from a public safety and monetary point of view.It makes no difference who we are talking about. If the fear mongers of the world keep making suggestions as to what should be done and our law makers listen. Its a mob mentality that sinks to the lowest intelligence.

    • tannerleah says:

      Hateisking – A few things. First, thanks for not being a “post and run” type of poster. I appreciate you taking the time to expand your line of thinking.

      Second, my blog is built on satire and black humor. Those who do not visit here often sometimes take my words at face value. I am no more going to kill someone…yet, than I am going to grab a bat and attack someone. The point I was trying to make is similar to yours but not as extreme, in my mind.

      Many justified the woman taking a bat to the guy because he was a sex offender. I merely asked, why stop there? How about we kill them? If I were in a more talkative mood I might have also asked about castrating them and feeding their ding-dings to the fishes.

      Having said that, no LEGAL punishment is too steep for pedophiles. They have no positive role in our society.

      Now please, all of you people trying to make a SERIOUS point on this subject, take the conversation to a more suitable forum. (I need to get ready for my FBI interview now. Buh-bye.)

  34. Hateisking says:

    Well have a good time with the FBI. Not sure if you just invited people to step off if they feel this is something more then just something to laugh about because its so ridiculous to think that we should kill offenders. However it is a very serious thing as you tell something three times and it becomes truth. Really I do appreciate being able to blog and say what is on my mind. Sorry if opening up a subject can lead to a serious comment about a very serious subject. And just for though’s that have a problem with the term sex offender, Not all sex offenders are pedophiles and not all pedophiles are registered sex offenders.

    • tannerleah says:

      You are correct about some subjects just being too dark. I remember saying once anyone that supports the Catholic Church directly supports pedophiles. I got ripped pretty hard for that one. Again, a serious subject that, for many, did not translate into humor very well.

      All I know is that I try to “tweak” the world on a daily basis. I accept it is not always for mass consumption. C’est la vie.

      Again, I do appreciate you stopping by. TL

  35. Tonia says:

    Have you looked at your sex offender registries lately? Have you seen that there are teenagers on there for having “consensual” sex with someone 2 or 3 years younger than are? Have you seen that there are people on there for peeing in public? If this were 40 years ago, my father would have been considered a predator. If this were 20 years ago, my husband would have been considered a predator. The law does not differentiate and people are suffering. Take a good look at the registries before you say that you would like to see all sex offenders killed and I sure hope you dont have any teenagers that may text a nude picture or have sex with someone a year or two younger than they are – otherwise, you may be killing your own.

  36. Ingrid says:

    Tonia is right and Tannerleah is either quite ignorant or trying unsuccessfully to be a wit about a very serious subject. Like so many who come up with these silver bullet answers, he thinks “sex offender” = “predator” or “child molester.” He may very well be a sex offender himself, given all the ways a person can now be mislabeled and punished for life. See, Tannerleah. In fact, get started reading the site if you are interested in facts rather than unfounded opinions.

    • tannerleah says:

      Ingrid – I consider myself more ignorant than funny. Seems the only people worked up about this are people that have been accused of being a sex offender or are related to one. Since I neither have, nor intend to be a sexual offender (lucky for 48 years now!!!), I shall just stay ignorant of the subject.

      I have tried to listen but now I am growing tired of this conversation. My suggestion? Keep it in your damned pants.

  37. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Very tiring indeed. Thanks for pointing out TL “…seems the only people worked up about this are people that have been accused of being a sex offender or are related to one…”. May I make a closing suggestion? There are two organizations that would welcome the pedophile-philes* with outstretched arms: NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) and the good ‘ol ACLU and of course, the state of Vermont.

    *(phile) etymology: Greek for love

  38. Hateisking says:

    Not sure why anyone would want to refer to NAMBLA when it comes to this subject as no one has ever said that to support abuse in anyway.And that’s any abuse for anyone that should not be supported.Be it for the victim or the offender or their family or even the family of the victim. If you think your tired of this conversation I bet your sorry you brought it up.But thanks for letting a few vent here and maybe it is food for thought.

  39. art vandelay says:

    Good golly miss molly!

  40. Hateisking says:

    gee it got quiet. I see posts coming through on my e-mail but they are not here. Hope some are not being edited out as they have made some good points. Let it role and see where it goes.

  41. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Hateisking, they have all skidaddled on over to the NAMBLA and ACLU web sites. TL does not edit out posts.

  42. Hateisking says:

    Darn and i was just getting warmed up.

    • tannerleah says:

      And Hateisking gets the last word on this subject. If any of you have a blog you want to continue this conversation on, feel free to do so.

      To my regular viewers, sorry for dragging you through all of this stuff. Please read about the stoned cat. TL

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