Should Pedophiles Be Protected?

March 2, 2009

I ask because Tammy Gibson tried to beat the crap out of one with a baseball bat last summer and was given 90 days for her efforts. If she had taken that same bat to pretty much any other person, her visit to jail would have likely been substantially longer.

William Baldwin is a convicted sex offender. According to Tammy, he made the mistake of trying to chat up Tammy’s daughter. Tammy, being old school apparently, took out her bat to have a “conversation” with Billy Baldwin (not the one you are thinking of…I think). Good thing Tammy doesn’t carry a .38 instead.

While I have no tolerance for child molesters, does that give the average citizen the right to attack them based on a perceived threat? The easy answer is, yes. If it was my kid, I would have done the same thing but with my fists. But would I have been justified in doing so?

Some of those that oppose Tammy’s reaction point out that she is no angel. She has had her own run-ins with the law regarding drug charges. So, if I know Tammy sells drugs and I see her talking to my kid, can I blast her with a bat? Where does the line get to be drawn and who exactly is going to draw it?

I would like to think that, in most cases; I would call law enforcement and let them deal with it. Of course, if you live in pretty much any urban area, enjoy whiling away your time as you wait for the po-po to show up. And what if you did do nothing and later that same individual did assault your child? How in the world would you cope with such a thing?   

After careful consideration, I have a plan. Kill all sex offenders. Sure, at first blush this might seem like a slightly over the top reaction. But why not? What possible function do they serve that benefits their fellow man? I would give them an island because, even with the price of real estate depressed, they are not worth it.

The other option would be to lock them away forever. But that is going to cost a ton of money and, frankly, they are not worth it. You might think that these guys getting gang raped on a regular basis might be a good punishment but I suspect they would learn to enjoy it.

No, my mind is made up…kill all sex offenders. I just ask this. When you do “the deed”, please do not give me any credit for your courage. I am not interested in being anyone’s Jim Jones. (Unless large quantities of money are involved).

Yet another large social issue resolved by Tannerleah. You are welcome.