Rihanna To Become Full Time Punching Bag

In what can only be described as a truly heartwarming story, Rihanna and Chris Brown have apparently gotten back together. Ri-Ri needed the love and devotion of such an exemplary man and Chris needed…well…a human punching bag.

For those of you that have not experienced any quality time with a woman beater, let me help you out. First, it is NEVER the guys fault. It is always something that the woman said or did that provoked the male to behave in such a poor manner. Also, you can bet your bottom dollar that he is going to punch the hell out of another woman sooner or later. It might be the first girlfriend or someone new.

The bottom line is that once you go black, you never go back. It’s the same for punching women. Once you experience the rush of your knuckles caving in a female’s soft flesh and delicate bone structure, nothing is ever quite as satisfying again. Know this about young Chris…he has tasted blood and will taste it again. The odds are stacked very high in favor of that someone being Rihanna.

Before anyone even THINKS of running to the rescue of Mr. Brown, they need to rethink their position. If his punch had been on any number of pressure points on here face, he could have easily killed her. Would he “need a second chance” then? Also, once you are a punk ass bitch that hits women, you always will be. There is no scenario where he will not feel the need to show his power through physical aggression. I don’t know this, but I bet good old Chris is a little fella. Maybe 5’7″ or something like that? Little guys that punch women are the worst. They need to be sent to prison and ass raped as soon as possible to get there head back on straight again. Call it “tough love”.

So Rhianna, I am sorry that the people that are supposed to care about you let you down. I am sure they have convinced you that somehow the incident was partly your fault. They are wrong. There is nothing you can do or say that should cause a man to raise his fists to you. Period. It’s a very simple law that has been around for a very long time. However, since you are not being supported by intelligent people, I can only hope that after one of these beatings you will say, “enough is enough”.

One last thing, Rihanna. While you may be ok with being his sparring partner, do NOT under ANY circumstances bring children into this relationship. If you want to punish yourself and play the victim, fine. But no kid deserves to be brought up in that kind of dysfunctional mess. Uh-oh. I think I hear Chris calling you for your tea time ass whippin’. Try not to bruise so much this time. Much love. TL.

PS: You need to get used to your new look. It will be something like this. Enjoy.


18 Responses to Rihanna To Become Full Time Punching Bag

  1. I have say that I have heard from unnamed sources close to Rihanna that she is seriously considering quitting show business altogether and resuming her previous career as a speed bump.

  2. Yeah I’d love to see Brown and his petite little ass to do some quality time in a 4X8 cell with a couple of hard timers named Leroy and Juan. But of course he’ll probably just do some community service…maybe for Nancy Pelosi.

  3. Mike says:

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    • tannerleah says:

      Thanks Mike. Stop by anytime!

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      • Ram Venkatararam says:

        I’m hurt. Mike left the same message on my blog. It’s a slap in the face I tell you. (Sorry, poor choice of words given the subject matter).

        • tannerleah says:

          Wait a minute…do you think there is something fishy with this Mike person? I should have known when he said “you website” that he wasn’t being sincere. If Mike was a woman, I would beat the crap out of him. (Just trying to take some heat for you, Ram).

  4. unfortunately people sometimes have to go through something on their own to realize the truth. and rihanna gets smacked around and suddenly the world is in dissaray. what about the women who are abused daily and much worse. i dont feel bad for her at all. i feel bad for the real women who can’t escape to diddys house when their life hits a rough patch. seriously. wah rihanna. WAH.

  5. it is the chicken and the cornbread that made her thighs look that way, too.

  6. fxfanatic says:

    TMZ was interviewing celebrities about this and so many, ESPECIALLY WOMAN, said, “Well, we don’t know what she did to provoke this.”
    WTF! However, SOMETIMES mental abuse is worse because it’s not always so obvious.

    • tannerleah says:

      fx – It is sad that people will listen to celebrities as if what they say has some intrinsic value. Like the rest of the world, I guess some are smart and some are not so smart. My opinion is that the level of vanity it takes to be a celebrity uses up a lot of learnin’ time. But it’s ok…pretty and stupid are good for tv. (Not so much for the real world).

      I would go one step further and say that mental and physical abuse are almost always linked. Women that are abused are already in a vulnerable position and are devasted by the mental and physical toll.

      Let’s see which “stars” have the sack to stand up to this type of abuse. After the crickets I heard when Alec Baldwin called his daughter a “fat pig”, I suspect we won’t hear much. Save the whales? Oh, hell yeah! Save another human? Not my job.

  7. omg. TL. you are so intense. also, commenters, you too are so intense. i have no comment on this. just reading and thinking. well i guess i do have a comment (since i have a comment on pretty much everything). comment is: i wonder how many young women are going to be impacted by this. how many who love rihanna will be involved in abusive relationships and see her as some sort of perverse role model ‘well…she took it…she stayed with him cuz she loved him….so i guess i should too…maybe he will change one day.” seriously, rihanna should be thinking about how her decision to stay with that ASSHOLE is going to impact her fans, even if she doesn’t think about how it will impact her.

    • tannerleah says:

      Obama IS America – We agree 100%. My only hope is that someone will beat him the way he beat her. I am not normally pro violence but every once in a great while, it takes a a** whippin’ to learn a lesson.

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