Capital One Says “Fu** You” To Its Credit Card Holders

My wife showed me some sort of pamphlet that Capital One sent us recently. If I read it correctly, the new interest percentage is 29.9%. (I think is used to be 17% or some such thing). Did you see the numbers I just typed? 29.9%!!!

Now, the truth is, we don’t carry a balance on our credit cards so maybe Capital One is just pissed at us for not making them enough money. This is their way to get us off of their books. If I wasn’t so lazy, this ploy might have worked. However, they could make the interest rate 50% and I could care less. 

Still, there is something going on in the credit world that screams deep, deep trouble is near. Besides this ridiculous jump in interest, I also found out that American Express was offering their cardholders $300 if they pay of their balance by the end of April. Again, normally, you WANT people to carry a balance since those interest rates are what drive profit. However, the apparent terror the banks feel about default loans is driving them to this madness.

Today, we find out that the US government is going to take a 35% share of CitiGroup. That’s right; the nationalization of banks is now moving full steam ahead. Hello socialism!!!

What really annoys me about this is that these decisions are being made after some $350 BILLION has already gone to these corrupt organizations. They are literally taking the money and running. And, in spite of the craziness of it all, Barry wants to get them even more! It defies even the most basic logic.

This country is pretty much officially in the crapper. That is the bad news. The good news is that Americans don’t take this kind of stuff too well. Yeah, we got kind of lazy in the last 20 years but you can feel the intensity building. While I don’t think we will see a full on revolution (Don’t you know, we’re talkin’ bout a revolution…sounds…like a whisper), I do think you will see individuals take over more control of their lives.

Hell, if I had the finger strength, I would just cut up my credit cards (all both of them) and pay cash for everything. But that would mean more trips to the bank and my wife already complains about that. If it wasn’t for the fact that Barry promised me a free PhD and house, I might just move to Nicaragua.

Oh, and good folks at Capital One, you can suck my big black (occasionally) sock!!! You are so broke you need to raise interest rates but you just happen to have enough cash to buy Chevy Chase Bank. Um…ok. Douchbags.

8 Responses to Capital One Says “Fu** You” To Its Credit Card Holders

  1. Davis says:

    I’m just glad they have enough money to sponsor a college football bowl game

    • tannerleah says:

      Davis – Thanks for reminding me. My burning hatred just keeps on growing.

      Now that I think of it, all of this crap started to happen just about the time the Vikings took over Cap One. Figures.

    • tannerleah says:

      We are kind of hosed but I am sure we have recourse. Oh wait…we don’t. I swear I am going to start lubing up in the future. This anal probing is really starting to chafe.

      Oh, and by the way Fundamentaljelly, welcome to the blogroll. Well deserved. (And yes, if anyone else wants to be added, just tell me. I am not a blogroll Nazi…yet).

  2. ok…what i dont understand…is how the american people are not out in the streets calling for the blood of the billionaires, bankers, and politicians that have caused this mess, bankrupted and severely indebted the US (to CHINA, who could CARE LESS about human rights), and have caused the ENTIRE WORLD to go into crisis. my wife was out on the bike and had to bike through the ‘hood’ to get to a school she was working at and said that there was a line stretching around the block of at least a hundred people waiting in line to get section 8 applications. according to different articles i have read (and to pull the laziness card…im not gonna look them up) stating that rates of homeless families and homelessness in los angeles have tripled, if not more than tripled. wifey said that the crackheads were out in full force, toking it up in the streets…because really, where else to crackheads have to go. and in a state like CA that has a 3 strikes law where you get arrested twice and the 3rd time you go to jail, crackheads are probably going to jail left and right, especially the ones smoking in the street on a temporary AND permanent basis. which is probably good for the crackheads because it gets them off the street, but bad for the jails because they are already so overcrowded that CA judges recently ruled to let a bunch of people OUT of jail, and also bad b/c california is in such crisis that they are cutting programs, healthcare, salaries, school days, beach clean up, are giving people IOU’s for their tax returns and jay walking tickets to homeless people, etc. with more people likely going to jail, we are now have to shell out $40,000 per person per year to be in jail.

    WTF. BANKERS HAVE WALKED AWAY W MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN SEVERANCE PACKAGES OF OUR FREAKING TAX MONEY!!! AHHHH I AM SO ENRAGED…i don’t even know what to do with myself…..i think there should be a commission that determines who gambled and lost, and they should be tried and put in jail. in darfur. so they can understand what genocide means and what it means that the US is so deeply in debt to the chinese that we can do and say nothing to stop the conflict in darfur, which is being funded by china.

    too bad this beautiful plan will never be more than a vengeful dream on my part….

  3. to clarify:

    especially the ones smoking in the street on a temporary AND permanent basis.

    by this i meant:

    going to jail on a temporary and permanent basis, espeically the ones smoking in the street.

  4. David says:

    Written proof received regarding Capital One now discriminating by ‘redlining’ your city if they do not where you live or when you purchased your home. More on this unethical and bad practice by going here:

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